Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Interesting fried snack joint called the Red Penguin

This joint used to be some Italian do, but not anymore.

Seemingly Japanese, it is called Red Penguin which doesn't sound quite Japanese which was how I noticed it.

Upon entering, there were fried snacks in the glass cabinet.

I only wanted to try the potatoes which cost $10 for 4 pieces.

There are a choice of three sauces and I opted for the tomato because that one seemed to go well with fried potatoes.

Fried potatoes:

The potatoes were nice and crispy. They had an extra coating of starch which made them extra crispy.
I had no expectation for the tomato sauce because the colour was not the usual red colour but the taste actually made the potatoes taste divine because it had a vinegary taste with a hint of tomato.
The bill: $10
Service: OK
Yummy factor: ok
English Menu: Yes

Scones at La Bohéme

I was drawn to the counter because of the pistachio cakes but then I was attracted to the scones because they had four different flavours.

I was told the square ones were American ones and the round ones were British scones.

I wanted to get the British scones but they didn't look appetizing so I went for the cinnamon and walnut scone which was the square one.

Walnut cinnamon scone:

The scone tasted quite nice with a strong cinnamon taste and pieces of walnuts in it but it was the dough taste was too heavy.

Naked with fun

Since the last visit, the menu has improved.

I liked the way, the menu has been divided into different sections such as
-Let's get it on

The decor could have been more daring with lace patterns to match the menu.

Here was what I had.
Thai style:
Fried garlic, lime, fish sauce, sweet chili paste and sea grapes.

The oyster was plump and fresh which went well with the fried garlic and sauces but the sauces could have been stronger.
Black truffle root chips:

Crispy lotus root slices paired with Yuzu garlic cream and black truffle paste.
The lotus root chips tasted like crisps but I couldn't quite taste the Yuzu in the dip but the truffle was nice and strong.
Tomato paired with quinoa and uni budo:
Sea grapes, bonita flakes, beetroot, red radish, endives, cucumber, creamy shisho dressing.

This was an interesting salad because there were Japanese elements and western elements paired together.
The quinoa was soft and delicious smothered in creamy shiso dressing with refreshing tomatoes.
Tuna tartar:

Poached quail egg, big eye tuna, cucumber, ginger cilantro truffle oil served on a Crispy wonton wrap.
Delicious minced tartar packed with flavours from the ginger and truffle topped with a perfectly runny quail egg.
Chipotle mekajiki belly:

This was swordfish belly which had an interesting texture, it was like marbled beef which melted in your mouth but it was actually fish.
It was paired with delicious Chipotle sauce which was spicy and balanced the fish oils.
Braised short rib:

This was juicy chunks of beef paired with chunky pieces of beetroot and asparagus.
I loved the chunky sweet pieces of beetroot.
Bird's Nest with Naked Milk Pudding:

To finish off, had the birds nest milk pudding which was beautifully decorated with purple potato powder.

Nice veggie burger at Burger deli

Tried the new veggie patty but as I didn't want the bun I had it without just like Beef and Liberty.
I had it with guacamole which was really nice because the veggie patty and the guacamole went deliciously well together.

The veggie patty had rice and cheese in it and it was not too crispy so the cheese in the middle was slightly stringy.
The patty tasted like the one at Texas burger and Fat burger.

As usual, I was tempted by their little tuck shop selling poptarts, gobstoppers, Nerds etc.

Push Pops Dessert from Lucullus Gourmet Shop

Push Pops are an 80s hard candy contained in a simple cylindrical stick a plastic tube.
It allows you to control the amount of candy you have by pushing the candy up from the bottom of the base.

I am not sure if this was available in Hong Kong but you can google it to see what it looks like.

Anyway, when I walked past Lucullus I was surprised to see they had desserts in a Push Pop form!!!

At Lucullus, they are called DESSERT TUBES.

There were three flavours: Strawberry mousse, mango mousse and chocolate.

Strawberry mousse:

The strawberry one was quite sweet but the strawberry flavour was strong with delicious strawberry jelly on top.
Chocolate mousse:

The chocolate was my favourite because there was a delicious layer of tart berries in the middle which went nicely with the chocolate mousse and cake layers.
Mango mousse:

I didn't try this but my friend said it was very fruity with a strong mango taste and mango fruit pieces in the middle layer.

The container was really cool so I have kept it for making jellies!!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Who ate Miffy? I ate Miffy!

It was my colleague's birthday so she got the Miffy cake from Arome Bakery.
From the cross section it reminds me of Maxim's [POP] cake launched a while ago for Father's day.

The cake was quite nice with rich chocolate mousse and sweet chocolate cake in the middle with soft chewy chocolate pieces and a creamy pudding layer.

Below, you can still see Miffy's chocolate nose!!!

Tsuen Wan's Icecream Brothers

Wandered into this mall because my friend needed the loo.

So while I was waiting, I had the tofu icecream.

The icecream was really hard and the spoon could have been bigger.
However the icecream did have a strong soybean taste.
The menu is in English, Indonesian as well as Filipino.

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