Wednesday, October 15, 2008

[Singmalay Part 6] Prawn Noodle Shop 蝦麵店

[Singmalay Part 6]

After the disaster I had at Pho26 which Openrice rejected my review, I decided to try the Prawn noodle restaurant next door.

Before I tried this, I compared their menu against Katong, prices here a cheaper.
However they are relatively cheaper because of their ingredients, ie seafood because Prawn noodle shop offers mussels, crabsticks, fish balls which are frozen goods and readily available.
Katong is more expensive as it contains big prawns, and cockles, where they need to be sourced.

The most expensive prawn mee offered by Katong is 70 dollars while Prawn noodle shop costs 43 dollars.

Anyway, walking in the shop, there is a strong prawn smell, which is reassuring, as they specialize in Prawn noodles.

I ordered the Prawn noodles, which I was told was spicy by the staff.
However it was not that spicy, just like the other reviewers said, so I would recommend this place for people who can't have it that spicy.
The soup base is strong in prawn, and not so sweet as the other places, and it doesn't have black pepper taste either.

Noodle wise, they have the basics, Cambodian noodles, vermicelli, and oil noodles. But I don't like the vermicelli here, as it is thicker than the ones in Katong, and sweeter.

For the main ingredients, the pork was good, not too dry and had flavour to it, prawn wise, a little less in quantity than Katong, in Katong, one prawn is sliced into two pieces, however here, the prawn is sliced into four pieces.

Prawn Noodle Shop 蝦麵店
Shop 4, G/F, Rialto Building, No. 2 Landale St, Wan Chai

Friday, July 04, 2008

[Singmalay Part 5] Pasar Singaporean Flavour 巴沙新加坡小品

[Singmalay Part 5]
I think this is my third time eating in a Singaporean restaurant.

Ordered fried quay teo, Prawn noodles (vermicelli) and pandan cake, barley water and salted lemon drink.
In my opinion I think the food here is a little over priced in comparison with the other two I've tried.

Fried quay teo: tasted ok , reasonable portion size.
Prawn noodles: the soup base didn't have much prawn taste, just peppery.
Also it didn't have a big prawn like Katong, considering it was priced more than Katong.

The drinks were ok, the barley water tastes better than kxtong, not so strong.

Although the Pandan cake didn't taste that good, it was the best, quite a big portion for $28 dollars. There was a good Pandan taste but I thought there was too much eggy taste in it.

Pasar Singaporean Flavour 巴沙新加坡小品
197 Johnston Road, Wan Chai

Friday, June 20, 2008

[Singmalay Part 4] [Katong Laksa Prawn Mee 加東叻沙蝦麵]

[Singmalay Part 4]
I still havent tried all the Singmalay food here, but according to reviewers for Katong, the Laksa is not that spicy, so I ordered the Laksa.

It tasted much better than the one in Jordan.

Firstly the broth had a very fragrant coconut aroma.
It had a really creamy coconut taste and wasn't just a sweet taste with strong prawn broth in it too.
Secondly they used "mung noodle" which went well with the broth.

The other things such as tofu puffs tasted really good as it soaked up the broth.

Will come back to try the Prawn Mee and the Spare rib tea.

[Katong Laksa Prawn Mee 加東叻沙蝦麵]
Shop D1, G/F, 155 Jaffe Road, Wan Chai

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

[Singamalay Part 3] Katong Laksa Prawn Mee 加東叻沙蝦麵

[Singamalay Part 3]
Went there on a Tuesday, after the pouring rain!!!!

A very busy restaurant located in Wanchai, seemingly more well known than the previous two.

Ordered the Traditional Mee Siam, the Beef Rendang and cold Barley water.

Beef Rendang:
Beef lumps in coconut milk which I didn't really like it, I found it very smelly as if the milk had gone off.
The rice was rather soggy.

Mee Siam:
OOOOh I really love this dish!! Thin rice vermicelli was used, and it was mixed in some sort of spices, anyway the soup base with really refreshing, and zingy, slightly sour and strong in a spicy sense.
The prawn tasted very fresh and there was orange matter in its head.

[Katong Laksa Prawn Mee 加東叻沙蝦麵]
Shop D1, G/F, 155 Jaffe Road, Wan Chai

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

[Singmalay Part 2] YEOH'S BAH KUT TEH 楊氏肉骨茶

[Singmalay Part 2]
Went here because Sing Ma Restaurant was under refurbishment.

Ordered their house special: Laksa, and the Bah Kut Teh (original).

The soup was strong with coconut, nicely flavoured, not too rich and not too spicy.
The noodles in the laksa was a mixture of rice vermicelli and "oil noodles".
Anyway there were lots of other standard things on the laksa, such as beancurd, prawns,etc.
Personally I liked the soup, but I disliked the noodles, because they don't really soak up the soup, so quite tasteless.

Bah Kut Teh:
There were many versions offered here which was good, especially for non pork eaters. The soup was flavoured just right, not too strong or salty.
To me there was a strong taste of chinese mushrooms (shiitake).
The ribs that came were a little dry, or maybe cos they have been in the pot for quite some time.

[Singmalay Part 1] - Sing Ma Food Restaurant 星馬軒餐廳

[Singmalay Part 1]
I can't believe it! This was supposed to be one of my first pieces for the Singmalay series.
I came all the way to try Sing Ma Food Restaurant, and it's under refurbishment!
Luckily I have done my research and there is an alternative around Jordan called Buk Keh Teh or something like that!!!

Sing Ma Food Restaurant 星馬軒餐廳
Address: Shop D, G/F, 26 Parkes St., Jordan

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Encounter with the silver straw @ 貢茶 Gung Cha

The shop name and design gives it a ancient dynasty feel about it, almost like crouching tigers, when the shop is actually from Taiwan.

Only 6 series of drinks available 1) Foamy milk tops with various teas, 2) Plain teas 3) Milk teas 4) Fancy drinks 5) Fruit concoctions.

Anyway I chose the Foamy milk top with green tea, because the Taiwan teas do not usually mix milk with the lighter teas, ie green tea, unless it is the flavoured ones such as taro milk tea.

The cup was big, same as Easy drink Easy Go, clear green tea at the bottom with a layer of foamy milk on top. I was rather impressed with the straw, because it was silver, my favourite colour, and first time I have seen a silver straw, also it was rigid.

I poked the straw in without stirring the tea and milk together to try the green tea, tasted the Jasmine aroma and the sweetness of the sugar. I drank almost half without stirring the milk, then I set the drink aside, the milk itself slowly infused with the tea, turning from a clear colour to milky toffee colour.

After it was mixed properly, it was nice and creamy, it reminded me of clotted cream, since some of it remained slightly clotted in little lumps. A totally different taste to the plain green tea, very smooth and silky, and almost like drinking a very light cream.

Then finally, after finishing the drink, there should be cream on the lid which you can also indulge into it too.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A taste that made brought me home @ The Bull and Bear

Was not sure what to expect at The Bull and Bear, as it is located the back side of Wanchai, near the car dealers, and not many people pass by to eat or walk on that road.
From the outside, it does not stand out that much, although it does have a bright blue front, but dark and dim inside, not very inviting.

Anyway we all went there, it wasnt very big inside, but they said they specialise in British food.
As for menu choice, I was surprised there was so much choice, ranging from pub grub, curry, breakfast etc.
So we ordered 2 Bull & Bear burgers, 2 Chicken Curries, 1 Nasi Goreng, all without service charge, the average cost of a set with soup and drink was $70, and I was surprised some of the menu food was cheaper around $50 onwards, so you are not compelled to order set lunches.

The burgers were quite expensive @ $108 including flat chips, a double patty burger with melted cheese on top, the chips were golden and just right with a soft core.
The Nasi Goreng was how I expected it to be, not authentic Indonesian, but fried rice, with a fried egg on top, and a separate dish of chilli sauce and two prawn crackers.
The chicken curries were the best, they are the British pub style chicken curry, containing sultanas and coriander, thick sauce, and the typical chicken that they use. Usually I don’t eat the chicken but I did, and I even dipped some chips in the curry sauce. The taste was so perfect I felt homesick.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Pink cactus noodles

Interestng noodles that are made with cactus, the appearance of the noodles were pink instead of green.

It didnt have any distinctive flavour, but the noodles were served in crabmeat soup.
The soup was very thick, just like the crabmeat soup you get in restaurants.
So basically it tasted like in crabmeat soup rather than a watery soup

Hong Kong airport
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