Saturday, October 23, 2021

Scotch eggs at The Wigmore London

The Wigmore located at The Langham London is famous for its XXL Stovetop Cheese Toastie.
At the moment, they are doing a cheese toastie takeover featuring some guest chefs.
I visited The Wigmore especially for the Scotch eggs and I had a feeling I would like it judging by the food standards from the other restaurants in the Langham group that I have tried.
When I arrived, I was greeted by staff at the entrance who didn't seemed impressed that I was dining by myself but then I was primarily there just to try one thing.
Sat down and observed that many of the XXL Stovetop Cheese Toasties on peoples tables were half eaten which isn't a good sign.
Now to my scotch egg which was described as a Masala spiced scotch-egg on dahl relish on the menu.
I am not too keen on dahl but their scotch egg nailed it for me.
It was two mini scotch eggs filled with quail looking like hedgehogs.
The quail yolk was perfectly runny which was impressive and the crispy vermicelli noodles on the outside were golden.
I loved the way the crispy vermicelli was light and collapses in you mouth without being too hard to cause your upper palate discomfort.
Each bite was so good because the quality sausage meat encasing the quail egg was delicious complemented by the sharp dahl.
This is probably the best dahl I have had because of its sharp moreish notes.
Overall, I was so glad I tried this iconic dish.

Egg hopper at King's Cross Hopper

Hoppers is a Sri Lankan restaurant famous for serving hoppers, the star of the show has to be the egg hopper which must be ordered.
I have been meaning to dine at Hoppers but they only open in the evenings but now as there are more branches, they open during the lunch as well as weekends.
I paid a visit to the King's Cross branch on a busy Saturday where I was seated outside.
In a way it was good because it was quieter outside.
Ordered the Egg Hopper but when it arrived, the hopper was not centred on the plate.
This was a minor issue because I re-positioned it so that it would look good for photos.
What bothered me was the egg yolk because it was over done.
Asked for another one and the yolk was too my liking with some raw egg white swishing about.
In the UK, eggs are perfectly fine raw because of the Lion Stamp so I was ok with that.
The hopper was as good as expected, you can imagine it like a bowl shaped pancake with an egg at the bottom.


Marugame Udon 丸亀製麺 opens in North Greenwich at The O2

Marugame Udon 丸亀製麺 also known as Marugame Seimen, a famous restaurant in Asia opened their second branch in London, North Greenwich!

There were long queues on the opening day.

On the day of opening there was a Marugame Matsuri (Mastsuri 祭り= Festival in Japanese) which involved Taiko drumming, Shodo by Koshu (Japanese Calligraphy) and Shamisen.

At the restaurant you choose an udon which is made to order and then you can also choose optional tempura from the tempura bar.
The udon is freshly made just like pasta.
Udon bowls start at £3.45 which will get you the kaamage.
For the desserts, they have unlimited vegan matcha £2.95 and doriyakis.
After you have paid, you can customize your udon with toppings at the toppings station and eat.

Unit 2.03, The Avenue, Peninsula Square, London SE10 0DX

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Project Plant: Farm-to-Table Pizza Experience by Samsung

Project Plant, the UK’s first urban farm-to-table pizzeria was held at The Film Shed.
I booked a ticket to go because I liked the idea that you could pick your own toppings for your own pizza.
The restaurant behind the pizzas are purezza which is a vegan restaurant I tried a while ago so I was familiar with their tasty pizzas. 
The Tickets include access to the urban farm, a pizza by Purezza, and a drink of your choice.
The Film shed was conveniently located on a high street in Dalston so it was easy to get there.
When you arrive at The Film Shed, you go downstairs and there are the geometric domes which are illuminated inside.

The first dome is red with tomato plants that are hydroponically grown controlled by Samsung SmartThings connected platform which changes the colour of the lights in the tomato dome.
This is the first stop where you pick your tomatoes.

The second dome was my favourite as it was blue where mushrooms were grown in low light and misty damp conditions.
There was white, grey and yellow oyster mushrooms.
To harvest, you just snip them with scissors.

The third and final dome was white where the basil and rocket were grown.
The plants were vertically farmed because it saves space as well as being effective when it is watered as the nutrients not used at the top will be recycled as it goes down due to gravity.

After getting my ingredients, I handed them over to the team at Purezza and got my freshly made pizza with those toppings.

The mushrooms were definitely the star of the show as they were earthy and tasty and then you have the signature vegan mozzarella which is made of Rice by Mozzerella.

Overall, I would say it was the best experience picking your own ingredients as well as being able to eat a tasty pizza at the end.

Event Info:
Date: 15th–17th October, 2021
Opening hours: 12pm–9pm (last session at 8:30pm)
Location: The Film Shed
Photo from Purezza Samsung

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