Wednesday, September 23, 2020

[Switzerland] Red Cross Musuem

 While I was in the area, visited International Museum of the Red Cross and Red Crescent which was an interesting museum.

The museum was informative with lots of videos and exhibitions to showcase everything.

[Switzerland] Holiday Inn Express Airport

 Stayed at the Holiday Inn Express Geneva Airport because someone booked it.

I suppose the location was convenient as there were trams outside.

For breakfasts, it was the usual pastries which were a bit boring.

[Switzerland] Broken Chair

 I love art installations so deliberately went to see the Broken Chair.

The broken chair is designed by Swiss artist Daniel Berset.

The  chair is made of 5.5 tonnes of wood and 12 metres high.

Opposite the chair, you will see the Palace of Nations.

[Switzerland] Musee Ariana

Visited Musée Ariana because the group wanted to go.
The musee is huge so it took us three to four hours to see everything.
There were lots of elegant ceramics that are worth seeing.
Overall a nice place to go if you get bored

ArcelorMittal Orbit attraction in London

 The ArcelorMittal Orbit was built in 2014, it is boasted the biggest piece of art in London.

It is also a viewing tower and there was a slide installed in 2016 which I recommended to my friend.

Although I didn't go on the slide, it is worth seeing.

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