Thursday, November 14, 2019

[Review] Perola Do Atlantico Snack Bar in Eastbourne

Perola Do Atlantico Snack Bar is located on Cavendish Place where the street used to thrive in the 1970s.
Decided to try it after going to Cavendish bakery.

I hadn't a clue what they served so just went anyway.
Upon entering I realized it was Portuguese and specifically from a town Madeira which makes sense as a few of my Eastbourne school friends are from Madeira.

The menu is in Portuguese so I had difficulty trying to suss out what to eat so just had tea and a Portuguese tart.

In the cabinet were other delicious treats such as coxinha de frango etc.

I never thought I would be having a Portuguese tart but the one here was so damn good compared to the oily crap in Hong Kong which are probably Hongkongized.
The one here served cold had a lovely thick custard filling with a sweetness that went well with the tea.

Definitely coming back for soup.

Perola Do Atlantico Snack Bar:
102 Cavendish Place

Sunday, November 10, 2019

[Review] Tea at Cafe Aroma

Cafe Aroma is located on Ocklynge Road which is not on the main road to Town so I wouldn't have found out if I wasn't near Motcombe swimming pool.
From a glance of the front of the cafe, you never would have guessed it was tea house as the windows were in a frosted like state so it was hard to see how it looked inside.

When I got closer, the menu on the board had Fish cakes, pie etc so went back during the weekend.

The cafe was almost full when I went but there were two more tables at the far back near the cake cabinet.

You are greeted with lots of tea pots and plates.

The ambiance is cosy.

The menu:

As a tea lover, there were about 10 teas so it was hard deciding, some blends were obviously what they were except Miss Norris and Russian.
Being adventurous and spoilt for choice I had Miss Norris.

The teas came served in beautiful tea pots with a strainer.

My tea had a floral note of rose which smelled like Damascus Rose Tea but the taste was quite pleasant.
After asking the owner about the tea, found out there was Rose, Violets and Jasmine in the blend.

For food, had a pudding since I had already had lunch.
All the puddings and cakes were home made by Bryan.
I tried the apple and peach sponge with custard which was appetizing because of the tart apples while the sponge was complemented by the custard.

Overall, a lovely place for tea on an off beaten path.

Cafe aroma:
54 Ocklynge Road

Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Mint Matchmaker McFlurry at McDonalds UK from Nov 20th

How exciting @mcdonaldsuk will be serving the Mint Matchmaker McFlurry from the 20th November.

Monday, November 04, 2019

Marks and Spencers Christmas finds 2019

I was quite glad I was at Marks and Spencers this week.
They have begun selling Christmas stuff.
Unfortunately, I already had lunch or I would dine there for the Christmas Dinner or the Christmas tree cake.

Anyway, grabbed the gluten free Turkey feast sandwich for dinner.

The sandwich was really good especially the stuffing but the bacon was not crispy enough while the cranberry jam was a bit too sweet.
Hoping to get the three bird roast with chicken, turkey and duck next time or the turkey wrap.

Sunday, November 03, 2019

[Review] German Doner Kebab

Doner Kebabs are popular in UK, they entered UK in the 1940s by the Turkish and now there are Greek versions as well as Bengali versions.

German Doner Kebab is a late comer from Berlin.

Although their kebabs were delicious, it has not replaced my favourite Shatkora kebab which is cooked with citrus near my Uni.
Ironically, there is now a branch of GDK a few doors away from it.

On the menu, there were two types of wraps: the Doner Durum wrap and the The original German Doner Wrap.
The German one looks like a stuffed quarter shaped pita bread while the durum looked like the wraps we normally see.

The original German Doner Wrap:
 Doner Durum wrap:

The lady at the counter said the durum wrap would taste better out of the two so I got the durum wrap.

Once you've ordered, you can watch them make your wrap.

I was pleased on my first bite because it wasn't overwhelmed by sauces and the meats were wafer thin like ham.
They have a special gadget that shaves the doner meat to even thin slices.
The taste of the meat was really good which is why the strong sauces are not really needed to overwhelm it and the cabbage complimented it nicely.

They also have a doner spring roll which I regretted not trying.
I would expect it to taste good especially when their doner meat is good.

According to the menu, they use lean and quality meats for the doner which I definitely agree with.
Will definitely be back to try the spring roll.

The making of a doner kebab:
German Doner Kebab:
27 George Street, Croydon.

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