Thursday, September 12, 2019

2/3 Dolci starring at Cafe Deco Pizzeria

Cafe Deco Pizzeria has been around for ages.
There was a branch at Sheung Wan which I didn't get to visit. 

Previously they were on the 1st floor of elements and now they have moved to the 2nd floor next to the cinema. 

When I arrived, I was greeted with a gelato cabinet which happened to be my favourite gelato brand 2/3 Dolci. 

Their pistachio gelato is highly recommended. 
As I was early, I had the salted caramel milkshake which is made with 2 scoops of 2/3 Dolci gelato.

Crostini plate: This was a nice light assortment of crab and salmon on crostini.

Steak Tartare: The steak tartare is highly recommended as there was a nice balanced taste with tart pickles.

Roasted Octopus: Not what I expect to find on the menu but I liked it because of the Mediterranean twist with olives etc.

Pork cheeks cavatalli: It was a creative combination of olives which was really moreish as the sauce was tangy and just the thing for summer.

From the choice of 10 pizzas, we reduced it down to two!
The Japanese free range egg with smoked tuna belly pizza and the M6 Wagyu beef and prawn.

Japanese free range egg with smoked tuna belly pizza:
The tuna belly pizza was really tasty enhanced by the egg and Shichimi oil which gives it a spicy exotic flare.

M6 Wagyu beef and prawn:

Desserts are a must and they have the latest souffle pancakes but my favourite was the cheesecake which was presented in a deconstructed way wrapped in fruit jelly.
The fighting flavours:
Salted caramel mousse with candied peanuts.

The best of both worlds (cheesecake):

Souffle pancakes: Original and Matcha.

Monday, September 09, 2019

[勝面] Sheng Mian from TW branches to HK

It seems that Sheng Mian is from Taiwan according to the media but photos of the food look very different.
The menu offers noodles and the usual Taiwanese fare.

I was curious of the Spicy noodles because photos showed that it looked like Laksa and Pork broth with Spicy oil over it so I ordered this item.
For noodles you get a choice of knife cut noodles, white noodles etc.
When it came, it looked like the other photos that people had here.

The beef slices were similar to the ones you get in Pho noodles, ie semi raw. You could see that some of the beef was visually dry without trying.
Although the beef could have been better the noodles were fantastic, it was more like Japanese ramen!

Also had plain rice with spicy tofu.
The rice was hard and clumped together that you could use chopsticks to pick up the rice in the bowl.

The star of the show was surprisingly the Taiwanese roti which fellow foodies said were too sweet.
Inside it was taro mash, thin layer of fried egg and sticky mochi.
As the taro mash was quite sweet, I scraped some away and the whole thing was so damn good because the roti tasted like mille feuille pastry filled with sticky mochi.

Unfortunately, the tea would have been good but it was sweetened. Most cold brews are not sweetened but for some bizarre reason they were sweetened here which I didn't expect or perhaps its MK!

Finished with the Grass Jelly dessert which was instaworthy but unfortunately it was canned grass jelly and you can even see the edge of the can.

Overall the Taiwanese roti was the best.

Tuesday, September 03, 2019

[Green +] Another branch of Green +

Walked past this joint and realized I tried their other branch on Wanchai Road.

There were some new drinks but I went for the SIBERIAN CHAGA MUSHROOM which claims to lower cholesterol and blood sugar etc so decided to try it and see what it tastes like.
This is probably the only place in HK that serves the drink.

The drink is served cold as it already made and stored in the fridge.

It basically tastes like your usual Chinese herbal tea but not so bitter and that's it.
But as I don't drink it daily, it is hard to say whether if it does have any health benefits!

[Green +]
136 Queen's Road East

[乜記餐室 What Cafe] What the heck is What Cafe?

Came here randomly because the name aroused curiosity.
Inside it was just the usual cha chaan teng items but the decor was vintage with LPs and old posters etc.

Ordered the hainan chicken and the stir fried beef noodles.
The chicken was just skin and bone.

The stir fried beef noodles turned out the best and they used thin flat noodles.

After adding chili sauce, it tasted really good because the chili sauce they gave had some vinegar in it.

[Picoso] Mexican inspired dishes

Laichikok restaurants are booming and there are more and more choices.You can now dine at Picoso for Mexican inspired food.

Ordered the steak fajita and chili con carne.
The steak fajita was better than expected because the beef was good but the salsa was just tomato puree.

There was some good chili sauce on the table which made up for the puree.

The chili con carne was interesting as it wasn't minced meat. It looked like meatballs in the dish but it turned out to be brisket meat.

The Mexican rice and cilantro rice were quite firm in texture.

For drinks had the avocado milkshake which was very weak as there was more milk than avocado.

The fizzy grapefruit turned out to be yuzu.

Overall, another place for lunch compared to the zero options many years ago.

[百川居酒屋 Hyakukawa Izakaya] Cozy Izakaya

There are so many Japanese restaurants to check out in CWB.
Went here because it was slightly away from the crowd.

There were lots of options on the menu:

To my surprise they had Padron peppers so I ordered it because you don't normally see this in a Japanese place.

They were covered in Bonito flakes which gives it a smokey taste. Next were the fried gyozas which were fried to perfection.

I love oyster tempura so had that as well. The tempura batter was just right and not over done.

For carbs, finished with the bittermelon and pork pot and truffle sushi.
The bittermelon could have been softer.

The sushi was fantastic so I definitely recommend the skewers and sushi.

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