Thursday, January 09, 2020

Chinese New Year 2020 with Kee Wah Bakery

It's the year of the rat in just two weeks time.

This year Kee Wah Bakery has launched a collectible Sanrio character Sweet box filled with signature candies from Kee Wah such as nougats, walnut chews etc.

The sweet puddings this year are also creative with the purple and red rice pudding with walnuts paired with the traditional pudding.
The seasonal assortment makes a great gift when visiting friends and relatives as it is filled with cookies, palmiers, crispy egg rolls and egg white coconut cookies.

 When you purchase the Sanrio themed CNY puddings, it comes with the cute Sanrio tote bag.

Other creative puddings and treats:

[Review] Vegan smoky ham free slice & vegan cheeZe toastie at Costa Coffee

I rarely go to Costa Coffee because it is everywhere so there is no urgency to try it especially when you are trying to try all the new restaurants.
Finally went because of the Vegan smoky ham free slice & vegan cheeZe toastie.
I suppose it was worth it because the branch I went to was the new Costa Store branch located inside NEXT.

The Vegan toastie can be found in the chilled cabinet where they heat it up for you when you order it.

The smoky ham inside is Quorn but the cheese they use is unknown.

The colour of the ham was more like salmon as it was peachy.

As for the taste, it just tasted exactly like a normal ham and cheese toastie especially the cheese which was just like dairy cheese.

Hopefully the vegan toastie will stay on the menu permanently.
Will return to Costa later as I discovered some other captivating drinks like the hot Ruby Chocolate and the seriously caramel and hazelnut cake.

Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Truffles Bakery in Hailsham

Spotted Truffles Bakery when I was in Hailsham.
It appealed to me because of the frosted windows which gave it that cosy feeling.

Inside, they offer a good range of treats.

The cornflake cakes were my favourite!

As well as Hailsham, you will find more branches in Sussex which is listed on their website.

It’s pleat at H&M Westfield London

Just like top shop, H&M has now got a cafe to offer at Westfield London.
It is a nice place to take a break from shopping in the relaxed environment.
It’s pleat is a chain of cafes from Sweden with another branch in Central London.

The Bok Shop from Brighton comes to Eastbourne

The Bok Shop which specializes in Fried Chicken first started in Brighton and now they have expanded to Eastbourne on the new side of The Beacon.

New kid on the block: Jamaica Blue in Eastbourne

The Arndale Centre got revamped and it has become The Beacon.
On the extended area, new restaurants and cafes have opened like Jamaica Blue, Nandos, The Bok Shop etc.
Jamaica Blue is a cafe from Australia with locations worldwide!
I liked the food offerings especially the ndjuda pizza.

Tuesday, January 07, 2020

[Review] Possibly the best pasta at Padella London Bridge

Pastas restaurants are trending especially when they specialize in freshly made pasta of all shapes and sizes cooked in different ways.

There are many notable pastas restaurants out there like Bancone but Padella is different as it is affordable.
It is located next to Borough Market in the heart of a food market!

Padella is so successful that they will open another branch at the end of Feb in Shoreditch.
In the meantime, get there early as there are always queues of people!

The menu is simple and concise.
My choices were easy, Gnocchi and the tagliarini with anchovy butter.
Gnocchi is one of my favourite pastas and tagliarini is a must because I like anything thin like capellini as it hangs the sauce well.
Had Malfade been a choice, then it would have been difficult as the frilly edges hang sauce to it as well.

There was salt and pepper available but the pasta was tasty so it was not needed.
Water was also provided.

Tagliarini with anchovy butter & pangrattato:
Started with the Tagliarini with anchovy butter & pangrattato first as I was really hungry.
The salty notes really hit me but then it was addictive as each strand of pasta was so moreish.

Gnocchi with nutmeg butter:
I didn't know what to expect from this but when I put the first piece in my mouth I was shocked how soft and pillowly it was.
They were dreamily delicious with fluffy potatoes in it unlike other gnocchi which are just firm and lack potato taste.

The bill came to about 10 pounds which was an absolute deal.
Although I only tried the two cheapest pastas I was really satisfied with taste so I was happy.
In terms of portion, it is not big which means you can try more pastas in one visit to satisfy your pasta cravings!

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