Sunday, March 22, 2020

[Review] Beef Durum doner without sauces at German Doner Kebab

Since my first visit to GDK, the taste has deteriorated.
Either the sauce recipe has changed or the amount of sauce they put in the doner has changed.
The recent visit was too sweet because of the sauces so this time I requested to have a beef doner without sauces and it was lovely.

I also added hot sauce from Taco Bell on to the doner and it enhanced the taste really well as it was just fiery sauce and not sweet.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

[Review] Chicken Mayo burger at McDonalds on Lewisham High Street

Went to Lewisham and felt a bit hungry so had the chicken mayo burger as it was only 99p.
Compared to the Hong Kong McDonalds Chicken burger, the UK version was so damn good.
The shape is the same just like your regular burger whereas the Hong Kong version is oval shaped because the patty is oval shaped.
The lettuce in the UK burger is shredded but the Hong Kong version is more like tiny random pieces of lettuce which make it bothersome to eat.
As for the mayo, the UK version is so much nicer as it has more tangyness to it like sourcream while the Hong Kong mayo is just sweet.
Last but not least is the chicken patty, the UK version is round and thin while the Hong Kong patty is thicker and oval shaped laced with weird black pepper.

Flake Raspberry McFlurry
 Mango, pineapple iced smoothie:
 big Mac special sauce:

[Review] Greggs Chocolate eclair and sausage bean melt

There are two branches of Greggs that are close to each other in Lewisham, one is on the high street near Marks and Spencers while the other branch is inside the shopping centre.
The one outside is right next to Percy Ingles which is one of my favourite bakeries before they rebranded.

Anyway, as I didn't have lunch that day, I had the sausage bean melt and a chocolate eclair.

The sausage bean melt was slightly different to the other ones I have tried at Greggs or they are making them differently now.
The one I had before had sliced sausages but the one here had two whole sausages which I thought was quite generous with beans and cheese in the middle.

Finished with the chocolate eclair which was slightly disappointing as the choux pastry was hard and dry.

[Review] Greggs 2 Vegetable Bakes 310g from Iceland

Generally Greggs bakes do not fail but the vegetable bakes were not as nice as the other bakes.
I wouldn't describe it as horrible because it was palatable but I thought the red bell peppers were a bit overwhelming when they were heated up and it was a bit too spicy for my liking.

[Review] Limited Edition Nacho Chili Cheese Bake from Greggs

Spotted the new Limited Edition Nacho Chili Cheese Bake at Greggs so decided to give it a try.
The new bake is vegetarian and made up of sweet potato, mixed beans, quinoa, roasted mixed vegetables and jalapenos in a mexican style cheese sauce and is topped with a seasoned tortilla chip and mixed cheese crumb topping.

I wasn't sure if I was going to like it because of the sweet potato but when I took a bite, it was actually much nicer than expected.
If you like chili con carne, it is similar to that but the sweet potato chunks are not sweet as anticipated but nice and starchy, then you have the chili and cheese kick which makes it delicious.

As for the tortilla chip and mixed cheese crumb topping, it worked well because I liked the fine crumb toppings which don't get in the way when you eat it.
Overall, I would definitely get this again.
Also had a sausage roll which is always consistently good.

[Review] A lovely afternoon at Tin Cafe

Discovered Tin cafe when I was getting puddings round the corner.

Tin Cafe was different, every part of the cafe is well decorated even though everything is mismatched from the cinema folding chairs to regular tables.

Personally I was drawn by the injection vials which have been redesigned into lights and the lamp shade by the counter is made with paper label tags.

The light shade in the middle is made of rail tracks and there are just so many things to be noticed like the bags hook underneath one of the tables.

The face thing with a switch tells you the time when you press the switch!!

I was there for tea that afternoon and it was great sitting by the window watching people from all walks of life going past.

Although it was my first visit, you could feel how popular this cafe is and the owner Tanya Carson is truly amazing because she literally knows all the people who come in or walk past.

[Review] Comforting school puddings at the Cake and Custard Factory

After getting some comforting school style puddings from The Caramel Tart Company, I discovered that they had a dessert shop on Commercial Road near Whitechapel so I just had to go there.

It is a lovely place to spend an afternoon or go there after school if you are a still a student.

There is a lovely glass cabinet which displays all the desserts and menu.

Strangely I didn't try the caramel tart at the other branch which was called Caramel tart because I was overwhelmed with all those sponge desserts so I tried the caramel tart here with custard.

The caramel tart base was thin and crumbly complimented deliciously by the custard but it would be good if they had the school type shallow bowls to give it that complete school feeling.

Will definitely recommend this to anyone as it is a lovely place to hangout.
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