Friday, February 23, 2024

middle Eastern deli at Phoenica, Kentish Town

Finally tried this middle Eastern deli.

Passion fruit latte at Craft & Bec

I'm not a coffee person but stopped by for passion fruit latte.
The passion fruit in latte is not quite what I expected, the coffee is more prominent and the passion fruit serves more of an aromatic base.
There was also pine latte which is a bit like gin.
The barista was really kind to give me a sample and let me smell them.

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Another good place for chips with curry sauce at Pangs Fish bar

Seriously delicious chippy chips with curry sauce.
I was on the quest for cheesy chips but ended up having this.
Although there was a blurb outside saying best curry sauce and chips by Timeout, I didn't have any expectations.
It took me a few minutes to decide to try it or not but finally went in.
I ordered a small to try and the lady scooped some chips in the foil container which meant the chips were sitting there and not freshly fried.
To my delight, the chips were still good.
Every chip was uniform and you didn't get those off cuts or scraps.
The chips were not oily and still fresh because there was no unpleasant taste coming through that didn't get masked by the curry sauce.
Literally the chips were delicious that they melt in your mouth.
The curry sauce delivered, it was like gravy with a strong savoury taste and not sweet like some places.
You also get the spices that are not spicy with a light taste of blended coconuts and somehow banana skin because some Chinese recipes blend bananas skin as well as roast duck lard.
If you look at the sauce closely you can see stuff in it.
There was enough curry sauce until the last chip so I was really happy.
It will not replace the curry chips in Stratford but this place is worth returning.

Monday, February 19, 2024

Cheesy Chips at Seascape Fish Bar Balham

As I was in the area, I just tried their chips which were ok, not quite memorable.
Finally got my cheesy chips from this chippy which was the only one out of three in Balham to do it.
They also have pea fritters as well, again one of the few places that serve it.
Technically its obviously that it melted cheese in the microwave but you can't do that at home because you need proper fresh chips from the chippy straight out the fryer.
As expected, it was nicer but probably even nicer if it was 100% cheddar as this was a cheese blend which isn't so tasty.
Again getting cheesy chips isnt easy as there are not enough chippies let and the chance of it being on the menu. 

Turkish Menemen at The Green Fingers

Finally tried Turkish Menemen at The Green Fingers which was a little different from what I've seen at Cafes in London.
The ones in London seem to have less sauce and topped with feta.
The menemen at this place was quite nice and tasted like a spiced ratatouille without aubergines with green peppers and onions and scrambled egg.
A light and healthy option for lunch.
The bread that came with it was tasty spiced with onion seeds.

Friday, February 16, 2024

The Tempeh man at Leather Lane

The Tempeh man is a legend at Leather Lane market since 2013 and possibly the longest serving stall there.
Although I have always wanted to try, finally tried it this week because the restaurant I wanted to go was closed.
I've only tried the fried ones from Indonesia, supermarket ones in UK, Tempeh curry and the trending Tempeh crisps.
It was late when I got there but gutted I didn't arrive 10 mins later when it was reduced like Berwick Markets in Soho.
As expected it was delicious because I liked the tomato cumin flavours paired with my favourite fluffy based rice.
There was some punchy sauce on the rice which made it even more appetizing.
The texture reminds me Mexican refried beans with chunks in it.

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