Sunday, December 03, 2023

Cauli Cheese sandwich from The Untitled sandwich shop

Sink your teeth in this tasty Christmas stacked sandwich.Spotted this sandwich joint on my way to a restaurant so made a mental note to come back.
Choosing a sandwich was difficult because they are all equally captivating from Mac and fried chicken to the meat/veg Christmas options which are both seasonal because the mac is for Thanksgiving.
I'm partial to stuffing so I got the Cauli Cheese ciabatta and asked for some extra mac.
It was really satisfying watching them pile the layers.
The sandwich is neatly wrapped and sliced in half which makes it easy to eat.
Obviously I couldn't get everything in my mouth in one bite because it was big but every bite was tasty.
The shoestring crispy fries acted like crisps which added a salty kick to it.
The cauliflower and mac cheese was nice and cheesy along with the yummy stuffing while the red cabbage wasn't too sweet.
I could have done without the salsa verde because the rocket got in the way because it gets stringy when its moist.
There was a gravy dip as well which makes this sandwich complete.

Saturday, December 02, 2023

Haier Compact Food processor Series 5 review

I was gifted this from Influenster for an honest review.
To be honest, this was my first ever food processor and it was straight forward to use.
I didn't even have to read the instructions.
All you do is put whatever you want processed in the glass component and put the chopped part on, then press the top part to start chopping.
I tried it on some red onions and it came out nicely and evenly chopped and it works well with meat giving it a nice paste texture.
There are two speeds so you can pulse the food and you can choose to have one or two blades.
The glass component is dish washer safe and overall a great design as it is compact to store.

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Authentic Ghanaian delights at The Kenkey House - Croydon (Danyame's Kitchen)

I've tried my fair share of Jamaican food but less of Ghanaian because there are less of them around unless you look for it.
Fortunately, I ran into The Kenkey house which offers an array of authentic Ghanaian delights like peanut soup, Kenkey, turkey tails to Waakye.
So as a foodie, I had to try it all.

To start off, I tried the peanut soup with rice balls which is sold frozen or reheated so I bought it frozen so I could have it at home at my own time.
It is interesting to see that many cuisines have peanut soup/stews/curries for example Ecuadorian guatita peanut stew, Brazilian peanut XinXim to Asian Satay sauce.
After trying all oft he above, the Ghanaian peanut soup was the best as well as the Ecuador and Brazilian peanut dishes because they are not sweet.
At The Kenkey House, the peanut soup comes with rice balls.
The soup was simply loaded with meat and offal and the peanut soup was the star of the show, it was spicy and peanutty.
The chilli and heat reminded me of the Chinese hot pot broths so it was really appetizing.
[My photo does not show it looking like soup but most of it was in the container, I just took the meat and offal out for the picture]

The KenKey was like two big balls wrapped in leaves.
It was quite dense and goes well with fried shrimps and soups.
The leftovers can be made into drinks by blending it with milk according to the staff.
The Kenkey was like a mush which tasted sour like fermented injera.

Trying Ghanaian Waakye for the first time.
Waakye is rice and beans cooked with red dried sorghum leaf or limestone which gives it that red colour.
This dish is often found on roadside stalls served in wrapped banana leaf Sri Lankan lamprais.
It is accompanied with a boiled egg, Wele stew, garri, shito, vegetable salad of cabbage, onions and tomatoes, spaghetti etc.
It really depends what they put in.
The crushed orange powder is a bit like Brazilian farofa. 
To summarize, I loved the rice and peas and then you get the flavours from the accompanying stuff which can be quite spicy.
Overall, I felt it was really similar to a Indonesian nasi lemak but nicer.

Last but not least the Turkey Tails (Tsofi/chofi) are actually fried turkey bums which is interesting.
In the Chinese cuisine, some people like to eat Chicken bums.
Anyway, the Turkey tails were super spicy and quite fatty for my liking but a good experience for the sake of trying.

Street Pizza by Gordon Ramsey

The way it works here is the menu is bottomless pizza. 
I was wondering if it was worth trying because I thought it was going to be ready made and sitting under a heat lamp but it turns out they bring out freshly made pizzas and offer it to the diners.
The good thing is that it is fresh but depending on the number of customers you may have to wait for a certain pizza to be baked if it is all gone on the first round but they do ask you if you are looking for a specific pizza.
There are about six different pizzas that will come round.
Personally I liked the chicken and corn, courgette nduja because the rest were pretty much the usual flavours like margherita and pepperoni.
The chicken and corn puree was such a delicious pairing which I had twice.
The cheese ratio on this was important because when there was too much cheese you couldn't taste the sweet corn.
It was nice to see them use roquito peppers on the vegan pizza.
Overall, it was good but not quite consistent because some pizzas were more well done than others.
Last but not least the new winter spritz with apricot and spices was really refreshing and you can really taste the spices like licquorice. 

ALDI Pigs in Blankets restaurant

Aldi opens a 2 day bottomless pigs in blankets restaurant in London, Camden Passage organized by Clarion comms.
The restaurant is serving a six-course menu of Aldi's pigs in blankets range for a fiver.
I went as a walk in because online tickets were sold out so was really fortunate to get a seat at the bar.
My favourites were definitely the cocktail sausages and the pizza.
You press the bell for more pigs in blankets.
It was definitely a great experience as I got to try the Aldi range without all in one go at the restaurant.

The Menu:
1 - Specially Selected Pigs in Blankets (GF)
British cocktail sausages wrapped in triple oak smoked streaky bacon.
2 - Plant Menu Ultimate No Pigs in Blankets (VE)
Ultimate No Pork Sausages wrapped in smoky vegan bacon.
3 - Specially Selected British Caramelised Onion Chipolatas Wrapped in Bacon (GF)
(Awarded Best Pig in Blankets’ by BBC Good Food Christmas Supermarket Taste Test 2023)
4 - Specially Selected British Brie & Cranberry Candy Cane Pig in Blankets
Infused with punchy cranberry and creamy brie, shaped as a festive candy cane.
5 - Giant Yorkshire Pudding Pig in Blanket
Made from British pork, this luxurious 60cm pig in blanket sits inside a large Yorkshire pudding.
6 - Festive Pigs in Blankets Wood Fired Sourdough Pizza
Topped with rich tomato sauce, British pigs in blankets, cranberry sauce, British maple sliced turkey and a garlic and herb British pork crumb.

McDonalds new Galaxy caramel pie and Galaxy chocolate McFlurry

It's definitely a great Christmas this year for dessert foodies because McDonalds have got these Galaxy theme desserts as well as hot drinks.
I tried the Mcdonalds galaxy Caramel pie and Galaxy chocolate Mcflurry.

Mcdonalds galaxy Caramel pie.
To be honest, this was seriously delicious and not cloyingly sweet.
The filling is not the caramel we get in the chocolate but more like a runny caramel custard like sauce.
Since it is not caramel, you will find it at the bottom of the pie because of its consistency but overall it was lovely and decadent and it was not even as sweet as the toffee apple pie.
Finally we have a decent pie to compete with the interesting but not necessary nice flavours in Asia!!
Somehow, I don't get how it's galaxy caramel because Galaxy are known for chocolate.

McDonalds new Galaxy chocolate mcflurry.
My favourite mcflurry so far as I'm biased because I love anything with stars and Galaxy chocolate is nice.
It was a lovely soft serve with crunchy chocolate stars.
They have that hard crunch because of the cold ice cream which makes the chocolate to freeze.
Next time I will order it without the chocolate sauce so I can appreciate the chocolate stars better.

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Leon Restaurant's new miso and porcini gravy

Leon has launched some new items for Christmas, these are: The Festive Feast Wrap, Nutty Choc & Blood Orange Porridge, miso and porcini gravy.
I tried the miso and porcini gravy first but unfortunately all I could taste was the onions and some sourness and that was it.

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