Friday, June 24, 2022

Black forest cake at Heaven's cakes in Romford

A few months ago, I spotted this cake shop on the corner about to open so I waited until it was running smoothly to try it.
On a recent visit, Heaven's cake were finally open and they had a good range of cakes and treats in the cabinet so I stopped by to try the blackforest cake which is made with fresh cream.
Overall, it was really nice and I appreciate that home made factor.
The only downside was that it was a little too sweet to finish it off and I would have liked to see tea on the menu rather than canned drinks.

Address: Liberty shopping centre, Romford RM1 3RT

Doughballs with chimichurri at Pizza Express

Pizza Express has always been my go to place for pizza and when I was in Asia it used to be my comfort food before they localized the food.
As well as the restaurants, you will also find Pizza Express pizzas and other treats at the supermarkets.
I was captivated by the new doughballs with chimichurri which are supposed to make you feel chimi cheery afterwards.

On the menu, there was so much other new stuff and I like the new options with nduja which is trending these days as well as the Chinese duck inspired pizza.

The doughballs with chimichurri were a bit of a disappointment.
As I always do, I tried the doughballs on their own which had been flavoured already by chimichurri which defeats the purpose of having the chimichurri dip.
Sadly, the doughballs itself were too salty to appreciate the chimichurri dip which is meant to be the star of the show.
If I were to try this again, I would request for plain doughballs so that I can appreciate it with the dip.
Apart from the doughballs being too salty, they were soft and pillowly.

New finds on the menu:

Stranger things Netflix Surfer Boy Pizza popup in Shoreditch

Strangers Netflix Surfer Boy Pizza popup  has appeared in Shoreditch
It was a three day event and the queues to get in were long.
Inside, you will find the Surfer Boy Pizza chain which appears in the series.
Every person that goes in get treated a limited-edition Demogorgon pizza.

I was really lucky and made it on a Saturday, queuing took 2 hours.
Guests can also get a makever as well with a 70s look.
The Demorgorgon pizza was surprisingly delicious, I loved the sweet figs and the spicy kick so I was really impressed and a great experience as well as fantastic pizza.

Location: 471-473 Dereham Pl, London EC2A 3HJ
Friday 27 - Sunday 29 May

Monday, June 13, 2022

Platinum Jubilee Street Parties English, African and Chinese style

Street parties and celebrations have been taking place across the country, as thousands of people turn out to mark the Queen's Platinum.
It was four days worth of celebrations at public streets as well as masses and masses of themed treats launched at the supermarket as well as bars/restaurants and cafes to commemorate this!
Starting off with Street parties, it was the best time being around London as I attended a street party at Waterloo Station held by Network Rail, an African style party held by the South London African Women association and Chinese style held by the China Town association by Tang.

The vibes at Waterloo were amazing and definitely a great way to start it off with English cakes and tea.
I had carrot cake and tea which is a must for tea.
The Waterloo Jubilee Street Party was held by Network Rail & South Western Railway at Waterloo station in support of Routes out of Homelessness.
Everyone was invited with free tea and cakes served so I went along and had lots of fun.

At the African party, it was such a fun party with music and food.
The lamb was amazing and tasty.

Last but not least was the Chinese event with poon choi.

New Cumin crispy thighs fried chicken and pineapple custard pie at McDonalds

New Cumin crispy thighs fried chicken 孜然麥炸雞 and pineapple custard pie 菠蘿吉士批 at McDonalds Hong Kong.

Wednesday, June 01, 2022

Cakes and Tea at The Waterloo Jubilee Street Party

The Waterloo Jubilee Street Party was held by Network Rail & South Western Railway at Waterloo station in support of Routes out of Homelessness.
Everyone was invited with free tea and cakes served.
I went along and had lots of fun.
The cakes were delicious and finished off with quintessential tea.

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