Friday, February 27, 2015

Banquets at Joy Luck House 天福軒

Had a banquet here and I think it was a waste of money.
Roast suckling pig:

Only the roast suckling pig was good which came with steamed buns that had a strong coconut taste.
This was my favourite because the suckling pig was lean, and the skin was crispy.
Prawn and e-fu noodles:


This was weird to be included in the banquet because it was cheap dumplings in a wonton broth.

Chocolate Choux Creme

Got this from someone and it tasted ok because the chocolate icing was not too sweet but the puff was a bit eggy and stale.


The custard filling didn't quite match the puff.

Imagine cake and Earl grey tea in a cha chaan teng

Walked past and saw signs for OWL cafe but the door to it was blocked.

Beside it was some restaurant which was weird because there were some stairs leading down but strangely I have never seen these stairs before even though I walk past it nearly everyday.

I am not a fan of Cha chaan tengs but curiosity told me to go down so I did!!

It turned out that there was a restaurant down there and OWL is part of it but unfortunately it was closed because I really wanted to have cake with earl grey tea.
Anyway, I looked at the menu and they were serving OWL's menu so I ended up ordering the Pandan cake!!

I should have ordered the earl grey tea as well but I was in a rush!
There was a good selection of teas and they serve it by cup or pot which is awesome!
pandan cake:
When it came, the plate was so nicely decorated with sauce which is shocking considering I was sitting in a cha chaan teng!!

The cake was really nice with a strong pandan taste and it was not too sweet.
Unfortunately the base had not risen properly so it was too dense to eat.
(you can see on the left the cake is dense while on the right it has risen properly).

The bill: $28

Service: good
Service charge: no
Yummy factor: ok
Sweetness levels: just right
English Menu: no
Air Conditioning: Yes

Moo Moo Swiss Roll

This was my second milk roll that I have had because it tastes really good!

The roll has lovely black and white patterns.

Inside the roll, there are pieces of milk pudding and delicious whipped cream.
Milk roll:

The roll is filled with delicious light creamy cream with pieces of milk pudding in it and the overall taste is very creamy with a sweet taste and scent that reminds me of white rabbit sweets.
I really like this Swiss roll because it is pretty and it tastes good.
The reason I like it is because it tastes NORMAL or WESTERN style in Chinese terms because the cream is normal smooth whipped cream that does not have this weird savoury taste.
They have used Australian milk instead of Hokkaido milk which is being used everywhere.
Chocolate bar cake:

Another creative cake by Maxim's.


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Still good at Healthy chicken

Came here for more chicken but things have slightly changed because you can't choose two different rices like before.
Each extra scoop costs extra.

Anyway I had the chicken wings which were hot and delicious and they use plastic boxes instead of the paper boxes.

The chicken wings were big compared to the baby ones you find in HK.
To finish off I got the fruit water which tasted amazing however I could not find any of the bottles in the fridge containing blueberries as shown on their IG pic.
Anyhow, the drink was divine, it had hints of apples and I could also taste cinnamon even though there shouldn't be any and it tasted sweet so there could be some sweeteners.

I have also dined here before this visit so there will be another review coming up but the experience was slightly different because things have changed.

Yu Banquets at 譽粵菜

Lunches here are not that good but dinners are a little bit better

The platter was quite good but there were some cheap items on there that acted as fillers such as the smoked duck breast which is obviously not Chinese.

The pigs leg was just a fatty slab of fat!

The crispy rolls were ok and not too sweet.

The dessert was mandarins which were individually packaged.

Big portions at 新星海鮮酒家

Had dinner at this place, service was rather abrupt and could have been better.

In general the portions were big and the prices were reasonable.
The crispy octopus tentacles were tasty and fresh.

The aubergines with salted fish was the weirdest one I have had because it was battered pieces of aubergines topped with salted fish sauce.

The pea sprouts were quite good but they were too salty.

The goose feet were nice and soft but they were difficult to eat because they were too big and slippery to pick up with chopsticks.

Japanese food with Western dishes too at 稚內日式創作料理居酒屋


I don’t normally dine in Kowloon especially MK because the food is unpredictable but I liked the Western dishes here because it was quite decent.

Half of the dishes ordered were sushi which can’t really go wrong and the other half were Western dishes.
Apparently the dessert chef used to work at Amber which is a restaurant that is too expensive.
Lychee fizz:

This had a syrupy lychee taste.


The crab roe paste gunkan was rich with a slight bitterness.

Hiroshima oyster:

Hiroshima oysters have a strong taste and this was the first time having them raw because they are normally cooked.
You could smell them when they were brought over but the taste was creamy.
Roast chicken:

As I have a Western palette I simply liked it and the chicken was soft and supple.
Grilled squid:

The grilled squid was sweet and sticky.

I also liked this because it was toasts with salmon tartare that was mixed with refreshing grapefruit juice and other chopped up seafood.

These were tasty but a little bit too spicy for me.

The salmon was beautifully cooked that it was tender and pink paired with a creamy sauce.
Iberico pork:

Iberico pigs live on a healthy diet hence they are disease free and do not need to be cooked thorougly hence the pink centre.
The pork was extremely juicy and tender.

Desserts cannot missed and this is coming from someone who is not that keen on desserts because they are too sweet.
The opera was light and had a strong cocoa taste.
Other desserts that I was too full to try:

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