Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Oysters cooked in spring onions and garlic @ 名舫酒家

Only came here because the locals wanted some Chinese food.

I had no expectations for this place and did not know what to expect because I did not check any reviews before coming here.

Anyway ordered quite a lot of stuff because there were many people but I am only bothering to write a few because the rest were just typical Chinese food such as chicken and steamed fish.
The fish was nice but the oil ruined the natrual taste of the fish.
The vegetables had a choice of sauce so I chose prawn paste and the waitress said nobody has Chinese lettuce (yau muck choi) with prawn paste!
But if you have been to TAI O, they actually have a dish which is Chinese lettuce in Prawn paste sauce.

I also thought it was a bit stupid because if there is a choice for the sauce then you should be able to choose it.
Oysters cooked in spring onions and garlic:
I have always wanted to try this dish but the places I went did not offer it.
The oysters tasted really nice and how I expected them to taste.
They were big and plump and did not shrivel up in the cooking.
Although these are not freshly shucked oysters they still had a fresh taste.
The spring onions and ginger were deep fried giving the oyster plenty of flavour, and the oysters were coated in corn flour and fried so the edges of the oyster was and nice and crispy due to the flour yet the inside was still soft.
The corn flour coating was really good because the thick sauce from the spring onion and ginger stuck to it giving the oyster a really good flavour.
Lobster with noodles in Cheese sauce:
The lobster actually had meat, which was good unlike other restaurants that cut it irregularly that there is no meat.
The dish was best eaten hot because after a while the cheese got sticky and tasted heavy.
Overall I quite liked it because the cheese sauce was generous and not too much milk was used it in.
Chinese Tea:
The tea was mega strong, as you can see the teapot was filled nearly to the top with tea leaves.

New Peking Twister @ KFC

I have always liked Peking pancakes with duck and Hoisin sauce served overseas but the ones you get in Hong Kong are just fatty duck skin.

Anyway came here especially for the chicken version of Peking Duck.

There are two set meals: the first comes with two pieces of chicken, egg tart, Peking twister and soft drink, the other meal comes with twister, one pieces of chicken, gravy and mashed potato and a soft drink.
I preferred the one with mashed potato because I do not like KFC's oily egg tarts but there is only one piece of chicken.
The second meal actually comes with two pieces of chicken wings but you can change it to a piece of chicken which I did.
Peking twister
It tasted as nice as I expected it to be especially the wrap because it was thicker and slightly tougher than the pancakes used for the Peking duck, and there was generous sauce in it.
There was cucumber and spring onions inside the twister as you would expect.
Mashed potato with gravy
The texture of the mash just tasted like liquid starch.
Fried drumstick:
The drumstick was so mini that the fork was bigger than the drumstick

Although the twister was extremely delicious I was mega hunrgry after eating the meal!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sichuan chilled noodles @ ReD fOrEsT

The camera packed up when I took pictures of the noodles so I only have the product shot which is much the same as the real thing.
The Sichuan noodles were only $18 so gave them a try.
They have a non spicy version so I ordered that.

When it arrived it the noodles were in soup.
They had given me the wrong noodles so they politely took it back and exchanged it.
When the correct one arrived it looked almost the same as the product shot but since my camera packed up, there is no picture.
The noodles were yellow and there was lots of coriander, peanuts, beanshoots and pickled vegetables in it.
Although the noodles are served cold, I thought they would be at room temperature but they were chilled.

The sauce was slightly too salty with lots of MSG but despite that it was really nice.
The sichuan peppercorns were not that strong and the sesame paste sauce could have been stronger too.
But I suppose for a location that is away from the city the noodles surpassed my expectations.

Sichuan chicken (hau sui gae) @ 嚐點

Tried the sichuan chicken (hau sui gae) which I do not know the English name for but I cant make up a name for it because it will sound ridiculous because it would be called saliva chicken!!

The display they have on the table does not look good but I decided to try it anyway.

The chicken comes with brown rice which I find quite heavy because the sauce for the chicken is quite heavy.

As usual the portion of rice is big!!
The picture shows a chicken leg, but I have tried both the chicken leg and breast, however the chicken is really tough in both cases, so the chicken must be old or it is a free-range chicken.
If the chicken could be slightly more tender and served with plain rice it would have been perfect because the sauce was delicious.

There was lots of sichuan peppercorns in the sauce which gives you the same tingling sensation mint does.
As well as that there was lots of spring onions, crushed peanuts and beanshoots.
The sauce was really rich because there was lots of sesame paste sauce which was really sweet and it balanced the spicyness of the sichuan peppercorns.

Quesadilla with Chicken @ KFC

I have always wanted to try the Quesadilla with chicken but it was only offered during breakfast and tea times.

Luckily they now offer it a la carte.
They had self-service hot water, which was really good because it will not hold up queues for people who just want some water.
The only disadvantage is that non-paying patrons could pretend they have bought a drink there and take up the tables.
Quesadilla with chicken:
The Quesadilla was really small, it was a half a Quesadilla filled with melted cheese, diced onions, green peppers, spring onions and chicken.
I loved the chicken in cheese sauce and the diced onions were really nice too because they were crispy and there were other things such as green peppers and spring onions that made it taste nice.
I wished this was permanently on the menu.
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