Monday, May 29, 2017

Dr. Fern's Gin Parlour

While death and being sick in Hong Kong is a taboo, Dr. Fern's Gin Parlour is breaking this taboo at the Landmark.
Not familiar to HKers, I found the entrance very comforting as it was very similar to the Doctors place where I went as a child because I come from a Victorian seaside town.
There are two doors, both have frosted wired glass panes. One says waiting room while the other is the Doctors room.
I doubt HKers could relate to the surroundings but it is definitely a brilliant hideout with a good variety of gins.
Inside you will find old fashioned furniture and decor which transport you back to the Victorian era.

I was there for coffee and I have to admit the coffee was really good as a non coffee drinker because it was very aromatic, the temperature was just right and there was no sour aftertaste.

The receipt could do with more humour though with diagnosis and prescriptions added to it and for fun you can try submitting it to your company account dept and see if they fall for it!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Satisfying meal at Yat Tung Heen, Eaton Hotel

It was my first time dining here and I really loved it.
There were three really fantastic items that I wouldn't mind coming here again for.
These are the Honey-glazed Barbecued Pork, Pan-fried Chicken Fillet with Ginger and Mandarin Peels and the egg tarts.
Started with with appetizer of Honey-glazed Barbecued Pork, Deep-fried Diced Beancurd with Crispy Garlic, Chilled Cherry Tomatoes with Preserved Plums. The Honey-glazed Barbecued Pork was just amazing, it was soft and tender with a good fat to meat ratio, Evidently heaven if I had a bowl of plain rice.

The Double-boiled Pig's Lung with Fish Maw in Almond Soup was creamy and luxurious because normally you won't find fish maw or chicken feet in it as well.

The Pan-fried Chicken Fillet with Ginger and Mandarin Peels was my other favourite because it was boneless and almost skinless. It was so aromatic with the crunchy ginger pieces and mandarin peels, again heaven with plain rice.

For vegetables, we had the Stewed Chinese Lettuce with Preserved Shrimp Paste in Clay Pot. The shrimp paste was nice and strong but not too salty.

We also tried the Rice dumpling which was garnished with a lavish big abalone and stuffed with goodies.

For desserts had the Baked Mini Egg Tarts and red date pudding. 
Red Date pudding:

The egg tarts were cute and delicious.

Yat Tung Heen, Eaton Hotel:


GODIVA ASIA have launched made-to-order drinks to the CHOCOLIXIR collection:

The new flavours are: Blueberry White Chocolate, nutty Almond Flavour White Chocolate; Belgian’s Speculoos Flavour White Chocolate and the zesty Lemon White chocolate.

Every drink is paired with a complimentary piece of chocolate of your choice.

My favourite was the zesty Lemon White chocolate which tasted like a refreshing Lemon meringue while the almond one is also good because you can really taste the almond and white chocolate bits in the drink.

Fries loaded with cheese and Bacon. Mcdonalds, Hong Kong

[McDonalds, Hong Kong]
Loaded fries with bacon and cheese.

The fries tasted quite nice because of the coarse salty bacons bits but the cheese sauce tasted more like burger sauce with cheese flavouring added to it.

In 2014, there was a similar thing by McDonalds with cheese sauce and bacon bits that you garnish yourself.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Zongzi workshop at Kee Wah Bakery

I was really blessed to have attended the Zongzi workshop at Kee Wah Bakery because fewer people are taking on this tradition in this generation.

Usually Zongzi's are made by grandmas and mothers using their traditional recipes.

After my experience, I can understand why it is easier to buy them because they are quite hard to make and the final part binding is quite difficult.
Just when I thought it was finished, the zongzis need to be cooked for at least four hours before everything inside is fully cooked.

We made the vegetarian zongzi and the sweet one.

I added extra pickles in my vegetarian one because I love those pickles!~!~

How the zongzi is made:
Step 1: choosing the leaves to wrap the zongzi:

Step 2: forming the shape to put the fillings

Step 3: Putting the fillings in:

Step 4: Binding it

Here were mine, after they were cooked for 4 HOURS~~~~~

Exclusive dishes YUM CHA, Langham Place

I rarely go to the Langham mall because it is just escalators and escalators.
Luckily, Yum Cha is on the fourth floor so there are only two escalators that you need to get if you are coming from Portland road. Otherwise it is about 6 escalators if you come from the Langham MTR exit.
Thankfully you don't have to take those doomed escalators but then again this is why I refuse to dine in commercial buildings because if there is a fire, you are dead and the staircases are probably clotted with stuff that you can't escape.

At this branch, there are four exclusive dishes!~
Spicy diced chicken in Sichuan style.
Spicy Sichuan minced pork buns
Spicy beef, noodles in spicy soup
Beggar's chicken

Spicy diced chicken in Sichuan style:

This was quite nice but a bit too salty.
Spicy Sichuan minced pork buns:

These cute pink buns are filled with delicious juicy spicy minced pork in the middle.
They definitely tasted good.
Spicy beef, noodles in spicy soup:

This was too spicy for me.
Beggar's chicken:

This is a modern version with truffle gravy and I love the way it is wrapped in lotus leaf keeping it moist while making it fragrant.
A brilliant Chinese style chicken if you are looking for a Western roast chicken comfort.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Sainsbury's in Hong Kong!!!

As a Brit, I was so happy to find out that you can now get over 200 Sainsbury's items at Market place by Jason, ThreeSixty, Jasons.Food & Living and selected Wellcome supermarkets.

It is about time because Tescos, Marks and Spencers, Waitrose and other brands can be found in Hong Kong.

To me, Sainsbury's is my local supermarket in UK, I go there for my groceries.

Went to the Hong Kong launch at Market Place by Jasons whisked away in a London cab.

There was a lighting ceremony followed by a tour of the products.

We got to try four recipes using Sainsbury's products designed by Chef Tom Burney.
My faves were the mackerel and red cabbage filo tart, cheeseboard bites, Wimbledon Sandwich and the Summer Cooler.

At the designated supermarkets (Market place by Jason, ThreeSixty, Jasons.Food & Living and selected Wellcome supermarkets) you will find highlighted Sainsbury's ranges:
by sainsbury's, Taste the difference, SO Organic and freeform.

It was exciting because I managed to find my comfort foods as well like curries, pies and pizza and most importantly a good selection of cheeses.

We were given a goody bag at the end of the event filled with goodies!!

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