Monday, June 30, 2014

School Food opens at Festival Walk

I was invited to this K-Food party at Festival Walk's School food which was so much fun.

I got to try the beetroot and crab mari which is exclusive to the Kowloon Tong branch.

It was so delicious filled with lots of crab and the sushi rice had a lovely beetroot flavour.
The anchovy mari was too spicy though!

While I was I got my hair done by iPRIVATEi salon which looked great and the curls lasted for days!

I also had fun taking great photos at their photo booth!

Chocolate dipped dried fruits from Lucullus

Received a $50 cash coupon from openrice which either lets you redeem a slice of cake or use it as $50 cash on chocolates.

The cakes were not that attractive so I got chocolates instead.

Home made dried fruit chocolate:

Got the new dried fruits dipped in chocolate which had mango, apricot and orange peel.
The dried fruits were nice and chewy complimented by the chocolate.
Apricots were definitely my favourite and I was glad there were two pieces of apricot in the bag.

Relaxing corner for food

Previously this place used to be heirloom eatery but now it has reopened as this cafe.

The management and menu are better than before.

Tried the coconut cake which was rich with buttercream on top coated with dessicated coconut.
It was really nice but the cake could have been softer.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Teas from Kee Wah Bakery

For Chinese weddings you are always given a cake coupon to get cakes from the designated bakery.
They are mostly from Maxim's or Saint Honore so I was surprised when it was from Kee Wah.
The value of the coupon is $62 and it is great that they have non bakery items such as Chinese tea which you can redeem it on.
Great for expats because Chinese cakes just taste weird.

Depending on the tea, there are two prices: $42 or $48.

Got two of the $42 ones and one of the $48.

After taking it out of the tins, you could see why their is a price difference.

Each tea had brewing instructions in Chinese and English.

For the cheaper one (left), it is vacuum packed tightly whereas the more expensive was vacuum sealed.

The more expensive tea leaves are chunkier and flat hence they can't be packed tightly which would otherwise break them.

The cheaper tea.

The tea turned out to be quite strong so more water was needed.

I used two coupons because my expat friend does not like Chinese bakery and we shared the teas!!

Kee Wah Bakery

Burritos in Sheung Wan

I am so glad there is a new branch of Little Burro in Sheung Wan because the dining environment is much better.

They have proper tables and chairs.

Luckily I went on a public holiday because the breakfast burrito was on the menu too.

There is also this guy who works there and he has the cutest smile~!

Chicken rice bowl:

The rice bowl was packed with flavour especially the starchy thick borracho beans, sour cream and salsa.
I appreciated the portion size too because at the CWB branch, the portion was smaller.
However I would have liked more sour cream because there was not enough to finish the delicious cilantro lime rice.
Breakfast burrito:

The breakfast burrito was actually good but because the rice bowl was too flavourful the burrito tasted bland.
I chose the spinach wrap which matched the egg inside.


Saturday, June 28, 2014

Japanese style Lemon Meringue

Went here because I saw the new Lemon Meringue on their FB.

It looked different to the usual ones.

Lemon meringue:
When it came it certainly looked different, it was a rectangular block slice that was seared on all sides.

There is no short crust pastry base which is replaced with a thin piece of black sesame cracker.

I liked the thin layer of lemon curd which had fine strands of lemon rind in it that were not bitter but gave it a nice zesty taste with a generous layer of fluffy but not sweet meringue on top.
米珈琲 (西貢) Bei Coffee

A double hotdog is not enough

For local hotdogs there are two well known ones in Hong Kong, one is Danish bakery and the other one is Wing Lok Yuen.
They are now both in Central which was why I suddenly remembered this place.

Out of the two, I prefer Wing Lok Yuen because both the bun and Frank taste good.

Here they use the ZWAN brand which is part of the Zwanenberg Food Group from the Netherlands. Zwanenberg Food Group is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of processed meat products.

You can either get a takeout or dine downstairs.

I was greeted with a blinding almost fluorescent yellow menu contrasted with visually uncomfortable RED borders which have turned orange because it was printed on yellow paper~~!

Before I ordered, I was surprised they gave me a cup of water.

Ordered the double frank hotdog and the Salty lemon tea which I thought did not exist because when I was at Sing heung yuen, I ordered the salty lemon drink and mixed it with tea instead of 7up.
Next time I will order the Salty lemon with water which I did not see earlier.

double hotdog:

The franks were so tweeny weeny and short that there should be at least four per bun.
But anyway, it tastes good because the bun is normal and it was nicely heated with normal tasting Franks.
The only thing I did not like was the sugary thick sauce which I scraped away.
salty lemon tea:

When it came I was surprised the salty lemon had already been mixed in the tea so you could see pieces of salty lemon floating in it.
The taste was not salty or sour enough and it was the most bitter drink I ever drank.
I could not make out whether the bitterness came from the tea or the salty lemon but it was astringent just like detergent!
At this restaurant, they have these really cute teaspoons.

second double hotdog without sauce:

Without the sauce, the hotdog was divine!!!
Next time I am going to bring my own ketchup and mustard!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Second visit to InnoVeggie

Went to InnoVeggie again because I believe the food is good but on my last visit there were a few teething problems because they just opened.

The Thai style mince was served differently, it was presented in a set with soup, salad and rice.

It tasted so much nicer because it was not so salty and the sweetcorn soup was lovely because it was creamy and tasty.

The vegetarian sausages were interesting too but it needed more asparagus though.

When I nearly finished my meal, the owner came over and asked how the meal was so I just gave her my opinions on the tea which turns out you can actually choose your teas.
Got to try some papaya soymilk which was soothing and cooling and some icecream from Labmade.

Photos of the restaurant:

Definitely going again and hope the operations will be smoother on my next visit.

Agreeably fake British fare at Bricklane


I heard of Bricklane ages ago when they opened a branch at TST but from the photos of the food were not really British which was why I never visited.

Then one of the reviews at the Admiralty branch caught my attention because it was titled
"overated fake British" and it really intrigued me to try how fake it was.

Going there was a bloody long trek because it was located at the CITIC Centre.

The cakes were just patisserie style and nothing like a real British cake.
Maybe they should go down to Shortbreadteas and take a look!

After I sat down, I had to wait 7 minutes for the menu.
Another 7 minutes to order, but food came fast though.

Combo breakfast:

Only tried it because it had Yorkshire pudding, black pudding and sausage with the breakfast.
The black pudding was rather different to the usual ones I have had and it had lots of nasty fatty bits in it, while the Yorkshire pudding was too soft and they don't taste like that and the sausage was just weird.

Lastly the Benedict sauce was a bit strange.
Tofu steaks:
This is not really British so I am just commenting on the taste which was actually ok.

The spinach was nicely chopped up mixed with sweet corn pieces and the tofu was coated in a delicious crispy coating.


Monday, June 23, 2014

Chewy Beef

Bouchon Bistro Francais (中環)

Although the lunches are not expensive I had high expectations for the food because of the reviews.

I found it really pathetic trying to order a Medium rare steak because they did not know what medium rare was, and the table nearby had difficulty doing ordering Medium rare too.

Finally, I ordered through the manager who obviously knew what medium rare was.

Unfortunately the shoestring fries were the only delicious item on the plate but they were not consistent because some plates were nicely done and some were over done.
The beef was rubbish because it was extremely chewy and not juicy with some unchewable bits.

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