Friday, August 31, 2012

Paul Lafayet opening party at Hysan Place

I have always wanted to try Paul Lafayet but their first branch was located in TST so it was a bit far away.
Now they have two branches in Causeway Bay so it is very convenient.
They specialise in gourmet Macarons and Crème Brulees, the crème brulee was the item that made me notice Paul Lafayet in the reviews because of the unique dish they use.

Anyway I was really lucky and received an invitation to their opening party at Hysan Place.

The reception was very welcoming and I got to try their famous treats at last. The invitation card which had the macaron pictures on it were the exact ones I tried that day and the champagne glass was the exact one they used as well.
The plate that they used were disposable and they had Paul Lafayet embossed on it.
Each of the Macarons were visually uniform and the colour of it resembled closely to its flavour.
The poppy and banana & balsamic macarons flavours were the most interesting because they are not commonly made.
I would love to try an avocado macaron one day too! ★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★
Lychee Macaron:
Colour resemblance:
Lychee: white and pink resembling the white lychee flesh and pink/rose shell.
The taste was light and refreshing but enough lychee flavouring to distinguish it was lychee.
Poppy seed Macaron:
Colour resemblance:
Red base macaron with poppy seeds on it resembling the poppy petal colours and poppy seeds it has.
The taste of this was also delicate as well and I loved the texture of the macaron and the poppy seeds giving it some crispyness.
Banana balsamic:
Colour resemblance:
The pale yellow resembles the banana but the painted brown fine lines resemble the brown bits you find in the centre of the banana.
The taste of the banana was prominent but the Balsamic vinegar was faint, but I liked this one as well.
Lemon meringue tart:
The appearance of this was well thought of too because only one side of the meringe was slightly coloured giving it some contrast and contour.
The sweetness was just right and there was a rich lemon curd base at the bottom.
As well as lemon curd, there was fine pieces of lemon rind on the meringue.
Strawberry Tart:
This was nice as well, there was a plump strawberry on top of the tart.
Creme Brulee: As expected this did not disappoint, the creme brulee was so smooth and silky and I loved the abundance of vanilla seeds at the bottom. ★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★
Chocolate craquelin:
I tried this one last because it had the strongest taste, the chocolate top layers were really silky like truffle and the taste of cocoa was bitter sweet which was really nice.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Interesting items from Lin Heung Tea House


Interesting tea!

Interesting dim sum with sea moss


LN2 + Creativity reinvented ⇨ L❤ve Nitrogencream 2

Ever since Chin Chin Labs opened in London I have been a fan of Ice-creams made with Nitrogen and the laboratory fun that comes with it.
As well as CCL, Heston Blumenthal does a great job too.

The first time I came across Nitrogen in food was in a drink, but it was not pure Nitrogen but nitrous oxide N2O to make it fizzy and "supposedly" to give you euphoria effects.
However that drink did not turn out fizzy and I did not feel any euphoria effects. As well as fizzing up the drinks it is also used in whipping cream and laughing gas.

On the first week Lab Made opened, there were two flavours i wanted to try the purple rice and the sticky toffee, however I went too early and it didnt open until 3pm so I went elsewhere.

The second time they changed their menu, I wanted to try the Bailey's flavour but I was busy then so finally made it the third time when they changed the flavours again.

This time they had: Strawberry and greek yoghurt, Purple rice, Lemon Meringue and Chocolate.
I tried the purple rice and the Lemon Meringue first, I did not intend to try the Strawberry because on a their website it was just plain strawberry but on the board it was written as Strawberry and greek yoghurt which made it worth trying.

I really like the ice-creams here because as well as gimmick and fun, the flavours are great too and they are not too sweet which can put you off with the first taste.
They had a good balance of western flavours and asian flavours because for people with western tastes are bound to choose the Western flavours.

There was a water dispenser there which was great.

I am not sure if dry ice is expensive but it would be fun if they had dry ice on the floor so when you walk in the shop it would be fun walking on fog as well as seeing it being produced when the icecream is made.
Lemon Meringue:
I loved the taste of the Lemon, it was really refreshing and extremely tart.
It contained lemon rind as well so it tastes a little different to the usual lemon flavouring.
The taste of this dessert was exactly the same as a dessert sold at UK's Marks and Spencers, which I cannot remember the name of but it was lemon mousse with grated lemon rind and a sweet ginger sponge at the bottom.
Strawberry with Greek yoghurt: - No Picture
The taste of this was great as well, some people did not seem to know it contained yogurt hence they said it was sour.
But the yogurt ingredient was why I tried it as well, it tasted like fresh strawberry yogurt and it was not too sweet.
Apple crumble:
So far, this would have to be the best flavour and you would be missing out if you havent tried this.
It was literally like eating a mashed apple crumble mixed in with ice-cream.
The pieces of apple were exactly the type you would find in an apple crumble, soft and stewed, same with the delicious pieces of buttery crumble.
Purple rice:
I am not fan of Chinese desserts but I just wanted to try the purple rice, there was generous amounts of purple rice in it which gave it some chew, and since the temperature is cooler than your average purple rice dessert, it was nice and chewier.
The taste was extremely creamy.
Overall, the sweetness of all their ice-creams were just right that you can try other flavours without getting that cloyingly sweet feeling.
Apart from the ice-cream the design of the shop was nice, it was clean and chic, and I liked their uniform too. The logo itself is really cute, they have used test tubes as ice-cream cones.

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