Sunday, May 31, 2015

Tulsi is great for lunch any day!

Went to Tulsi for a quick lunch because the food comes fast.

Had naan and a bindi masala because I didn’t feel like having any meat that day.

It was a race against time to eat it before it cools down because it tastes the best hot with a crisp , chewy and warm.
bindi masala:

This was viscous pieces of okra and delicious tomatoes cooked together, it was quite spicy but went well with the naan bread.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Good dough stick rice rolls at Wonton Master

I was a bit reluctant to dine here because it is located in Kwun Tong but since it is recommended by Michelin I decided to give it a go.

The stir fried beef flat noodles are meant to be good but it was not my cup of tea so here was what I tried:
Cucumber soymilk:

This was refreshing and it was blended with fresh cucumber so it was not sweetened.
Wonton noodles:

I am not keen on this but I liked the mini portion and the size of the springy wontons.
Spinach and beancurd:

The beancurd was soft and tasty with young spinach leaves beneath it.
dough stick rolls:

Although this place is famous for the beef noodles and wonton noodles, I like this dish the most because it was not oily and the crueller sticks in the middle were crispy and chewy.
Stir fried rice rolls in XO sauce:

Too spicy
I will probably come back for the dough stick rolls and congee which I forgot to take a picture of.
Wonton Master:
Shop L3-13 Level 3, APM Millennium City 5, 
418 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong, apm
3148 9488

Apple cinnamon mousse cake at 2/3 Dolci Tè Piazza

The cute little apple sitting on top of this cake captivated me so I decided to get it.
Apple cinnamon mousse cake:
The little apple was well crafted because inside there was delicious apple mousse with chunks of apple in it and the apple chocolate shell was nice and thin.

Beneath the mousse was this delicious crumbly base.

For more pics see IG supersupergirlhk

Korean fried chicken at Chibee

I don’t normally eat Korean food because the localized Korean food has turned me against it as every dish is just sweet and spicy.
Before Korean drama got popular, there were less choices but they were authentic.
Now there are so many Korean places about that range from Korean grills, rice bowls, rolls to desserts.
They used to be congregated in TST but now there are more on the Hong Kong side.
Chibee is located in Causeway Bay, which is great news for people on the Hong Kong side.

I love fried chicken so it is good that there are more options apart from KFC.
Korean fried chicken is slightly different, it is best paired with beer and it typically comes with salad and pickles.
The typical portion is a basket of half a chicken which has a chicken leg, breast and chicken wings.

The staff spoke English which was great because I could ask them about the different fried chickens they serve.

As I can’t eat Kimchi they had non spicy options as well.
The regular fried chicken comes with a side of yoghurt sauce so if you are worried the chicken is going to be dry there is a sauce.

As mentioned earlier, all the chicken comes with pickles and salad.
The pickles here stand out from the rest because they are coloured and not white which made them pretty.
I asked them whether the colour was artificial and they said they put beetroot in the jar to give it that colour.
The pickles tasted great because they were sour and not sweet like some other places.
Soy garlic fried chicken:

There was half a chicken here so the portion was big!!

The chicken was tender with a crispy coating drenched in sticky sweet soy garlic sauce.
steamed dumplings:

When they came I thought they looked like Shanghai style dumplings, inside they were filled with chives and Korean glass noodles.

To conclude they tasted like chive dumplings filled with generous chopped veggies.
Basil and pesto cream fried chicken:

As I am not familiar with Korean fried chicken I had to ask what this was because I was puzzled how they put cream in the batter mix.
It turns out that the fried chicken is served with a pot of basil and pesto cream sauce for dipping like a fondue.
I chose the boneless chicken for this which was ideal because you just dip them in.
The sauce had a lovely strong basil taste but I found it too creamy.
It would be great if they came up with a cheese fondue sauce for dipping because I love cheese!
Cheese and ham toasts:

These rolls were crispy filled with ham, chopped jalapeno and cheese in the middle.
They were simply delicious and addictive.
Fruit punch:

This was a lovely cocktail of fruits with a refreshing tone.

My friend ordered this and it just looked fun!
I will definitely come back again when I have a craving for fried chicken because I don't need to travel to Kowloon or beyond Central on the Hong Kong side.
Chibee Chicken and Beer (Causeway Bay)
7/F, Circle Plaza, 499 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay
2838 5777

Green tea warabi mochi from Hana Musubi

The warabi mochis were soft and sweet with a firm jelly texture covered in grassy green tea powder.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Finally had the chicken tortellini soup at Tallore

I have always wanted to try the chicken tortellini soup but the last time it was on the menu, it was sold out at 1:40pm and the guy forgot to save me some even though I ordered it on the phone~!!!!!!

This time they had it but it was a scorching hot day to have hot soup.
Not the ideal day for soup but tortellini is not always on the menu.

While I was sitting there, it was funny how these old local men would stop and look and me then the shop!
It seems that they have never noticed this shop before and its not the first time I have sat there eating and they just look at me dining there mesmerized! (what the hell is wrong with u guys).

Finally a local young lad came in after looking at the menu for a while.
I was expecting him to choose salad on a hot day but he chose soup!!!!

The smell of their chili con carne is so tempting but then the salads and soups are also tempting!!
chicken tortellini soup:

As expected it was healthy and loaded with vegetables, it was a clear soup with delicious pieces of tortellini it.
I burnt my tongue again drinking soup as I always do because its hard to wait for it to cool down!
Curry Veggie Quinoa & Chickpea Salad:

As well as soup, I tried the curry quinoa, which had a lovely bits of chickpeas in it, but I wish the curry flavouring was stronger.
Kale & Cabbage Slaw with Caraway Ranch Dressing:

Then I had the colourful cabbage slaw which had a light but tasty dressing that was not too heavy.

A non ramen surprise at Fujiyama 55

A good bowl of ramen in my opinion is a good broth with good ramen.

The broth here is worth trying because it is made of fish and sakura shrimps.

Normally I don’t choose tsukenmen (noodles dipped in broth) but here you can add $20 and they use that broth to put rice and cheese in it to make risotto after you have finished the noodles.

Depending on how much broth that is left over after you finish, the result is different ranging from risotto to soupy rice.

My tsukemen came with a lovely strong sakura shrimp broth.

I quickly finished it because I was more interested in the rice and cheese.
When your ready, they will add rice and cheese and cook it until the cheese has melted and then garnish it with a spoon of parmesan cheese.

As expected, I really liked it because the broth was strong and made the rice delicious, the cheese was nice and stringy but lacks a cheese taste so locals will probably like this dish.

Although the menu is pictorial simple, I found the tick sheet more comprehendible.

You choose broth noodles or tsukemen.

I didn’t try the beef offal ramen but it was quite Chinese with pieces of beef tripe and other goodies.

Lobsters and burgers are probably better Lbk

I had no expectations for this place because all the food in Quarry Bay and Tai Koo are sub par.
As it was a takeout, I couldn’t be bothered to complain and Thanks to Hong Kong’s stupid no plastic bag policy I barely managed to carry all that in the rain without the paper bag turning into wet tissue!

Anyway, lamb was pretty weird, it tasted like beef, the rice was nice but there was no turmeric flavour at all and it reminds me of rice mixed with chicken oil served with Hainan chicken.

All other places have sauces for kebabs and doners but there was no sauce given for the stuff I had.

Arome Bakery's melon roll

Previously tried the melon tart and melon dessert cup.
This was the only one that I have not tried so got it for breakfast.
Melon roll:

Out of the new melon series, I hate this the most because the cream in the middle has this really artificial melon taste.
The melon roll has this taste too but it is not so artificial.

Thai night at Sun Thai Restaurant

There are lots of choices in Wan Chai but went here because a friend worked nearby.

Here was what we had:
Pineapple smoothie:

A bit too sweet.
Sambal okra:

Normally dishes cooked with sambal are very spicy but the sambal here was not very spicy so I liked it and the cherry tomatoes gave it a strong tomato taste in the sauce.
Stir fried young pea shoots:

The pea shoots were crisp and tender in a light sweet garlic gravy.
Fish gas bladder soup:

This was a warming thick soup loaded with fish gas bladder slices, chicken and shitaake mushrooms.
Sweet dessert:

To be honest, it looked like sushi.

It was a piece of sweet egg on top of fragrant pandan flavoured glutinous rice that was not too sweet.

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