Sunday, April 30, 2017

Potato Corner fries in Hong Kong

I love fries, chips and basically anything made from potatoes.
When this opened, I really wanted to go but there were long queues as it is typical of HongKongers to check out new things.
This joint is a franchise from the Philippines and it is good to see more joints from south east Asia popping up like J.Co donuts and Jollibee.

It is interesting to see if this joint will survive because there were similar shops like NYF and Ireland's potato which are both different. NYF was fries with gravy while Ireland's potato was chips with a choice of various toppings like sour cream, meat sauce etc.
Potato Corner is neither the two, it is french fries shaken with seasoning and there are four flavours: cheese, sour cream, chili or BBQ.

There are four sizes: Jumbo, Mega, Giga or Terra.
I wasn't sure if the Chili was going to be really spicy and whether the BBQ would be sweet so I went for the Mega because you get to choose two flavours where I chose sour cream and cheese.

There have been complaints from people who have tried it that the fries were not crispy enough or not hot enough and it is all about timing,
For the issue of them not being crispy, these are French Fries, the same cut and thickness as the McDs ones so if they were crispy, the middle would not be fluffy but anyway I won't bother going into details people Hong Kong people like their fried stuff CRUNCHY and not CRISPY, while in terms of colour, they judge BROWN as being done whereas BLOND is not the thing.
As for the temperature issue, they seem to do a batch of one flavour at a time, there are only a few scoops so if you have ordered four flavours, the first flavour they scoop in the bowl is definitely going to be cold and soft while it takes time for the other three flavours being done unless there happen to be other flavours ready.

After waiting for a bit, I finally got my fries.

The crispiness was acceptable because I like it slightly crispy with a soft fluffy centre.
As for the flavours, I was disappointed with the sour cream because it had no sour cream taste, it was slightly sweet and garlicky.
The cheese which had a bright orange colour was my favourite because it was like eating fries with a WOTSITS flavour, a British brand of cheesy corn puffs.
If I knew the sour cream was going to be sweet, I would have chosen the CHILI instead as BBQ is probably going to be sweet judging by the sour cream.
As I am curious, I will be back for the CHILI and BBQ, not that I want to get the BBQ but the single size costs $28 so you might as well pay $34 for two different flavours.

Potato Corner PH:
Potato Corner HK:

Monday, April 24, 2017

[Hokkaidon] Overflowing salmon roe

Hokkaidon has been featured on most all the media because of this Donburi which overflows with salmon roe.

Video of the over flowing salmon.

On some nights they will be cutting a whole meguro.
That night, it was a big gathering so we had lots of dishes to share.
Onsen Egg with Salmon Roe:
This was salmon roe and onsen egg goodness together.
"Yukhoe" Tuna with Avocado:
I absolutely loved this dish because it had my favourite avocado and tuna and the yolk makes it even more silkier.
Braised Abalone:
A perfectly braised abalone with a balanced sweetness and the seasoning.
At first, I didn't know what was so special about this salmon but it is visually different because it does not have those white lines and the salmon taste is more intense.
Sea Urchin (50g)
You just can't get enough of uni so ordered an extra board of it to compliment the donburis.
Salmon Roe Don:
The salmon roe was the star of the show which I was waiting for the whole night.
On the last scoop of salmon roe, it will overflow from the bowl.
The size of the salmon roe was slightly smaller and darker than I had expected but the taste was really good because they were not as salty as the big ones.

Signature Hokkai Don:
If you want a mix of everything, then the Hokkai Don is a good choice.
They also have these mini dons which are good for sharing.
Hot Mini Don $208

Tuna Mini Don  $248

There is a hot eel don with soup that you pour in:

Soy Milk Mochi with Brown Sugar:
For dessert, the soy milk mochi was delish because the texture was the same as Okinawan peanut tofu but with a strong soy bean taste.

My melon drink was fantastic as it was light and natrual with a strong melon taste.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

[Mr. Cumin] A place to cure lamb cravings

I don't know why but I just love Cumin so I was drawn here.
Cumin is normally paired with lamb and sprinkled on skewers which is just what this joint serves.
As well as the skewers, the rice with minced lamb sauce is a must order.

It was breathtaking watching him grill the meat and you can even feel the flames so I guess don't stand too close!

I wonder how he is going to cope with that heat later when the temperatures are going to reach 32 degrees C plus!!

As well as grilling the meats, it is then torched to ensure that hard to reach areas are evenly done.

Here was what I had:
Chicken wings stuffed with glutinous rice:

I am not keen on stuffed chicken wings but I loved this because it wasn't too oily or fat after the way they grilled and torched it.

The glutinous rice in the middle had a good flare of spice that gives it a good spice kick that doesn't linger.
To be honest, I found the lamb skewer and lamb chop quite similar but it depends if you prefer chunks of lamb or a juicy lamb rack.
Lamb skewer:

Lamb rack:

Now to the star of the show, MINCED LAMB WITH RICE.

Looking very spicy with generous flakes of chili, I was fooled because it was not spicy at all and the minced lamb was so tasty and lean which was delicious with the rice.
If you mix the egg, it becomes even more heavenly with the richness of the egg yolk.

It would be great if they have onsen eggs which you could completely mix it in.
The courgette slices were sweet and tasty and I liked the way it was evenly cooked.


Mr.Cumin 米孜然:
Hong Kong, North Point, 宏安道2-12號地下5號舖

Thursday, April 20, 2017

[雅 ‧悠蔬食 Leisurely Veggie] Vegetarian dimsum to the next level

Vegetarian dimsum is common these days but not necessarily delicious.
I was expecting just the usual vegetarian dimsum but it turned out to be memorable and different.
Currently they are only available at the TST branch, however they do have a dimsum platter at CWB which is slightly different.

Starting with the dimsum, it wasnt floury or plastic but tasty and even contained a few pieces of vegetarian sharks fin.
fried purple potato balls:

These were deep fried purple potato balls (jeandui) which are crispy on the outside with a soft mochi interior filled with peanuts.
fried veggie dumplings:

The fried veggie dumplings was similar to the purple potato balls but the filling was savoury vegetables.
Shanghai dumplings:

The xiaolongbau is a must try. I always avoid ordering this when I am having normal dimsum because it was filled with pork lard and oil. The pork usually stinks as well.
Here, it tastes so much better just like the real thing. Vinegar is not needed but it makes the xiaolongbau experience complete.
Spinach dumplings:

These spinach dumplings are a delight to eat because you can see how fresh and vibrant the green spinach is and the black fungus gives it a great crunch while there are some pieces of vegetarian prawn to give it some flavour.
Dandan noodles:

The dandan noodles had a lovely peanut flavour with a good spiciness and there is also a non spicy version.
Steamed beancurd rolls:

The steamed beancurd rolls were also good because they are not oily like the meat version and it served in delicious gravy.
Steamed purple potato buns:

Finished with the soft purple potato buns which were brushed with edible gold and filled with mashed taro in the middle.
Overall, the dimsums were exceptionally good without breaking the bank as it cost $28 per basket.
For dessert, I tried this new mango crepe which was light and satisfying.

雅 ‧悠蔬食 Leisurely Veggie:
Shop B, 3/F, China Insurance Building, 48 Cameron Road Tsim Sha Tsui.

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