Saturday, March 31, 2012

Traditional mooncakes @ Maxim's Bakery

After I tried the luxury custard mooncake from Peninsula, now I am trying the boring ones with lotus paste and egg yolk.

The mooncake box was boring, I didnt bother taking a picture.

Basically I am not a mooncake lover, especially the traditional ones with lotus paste etc.

This one tastes sweet, but then all mooncakes tastes too sweet for my liking.

Beef offal @ 十三座牛雜

I have always wanted to try this little joint in Wanchai, the Wanchai branched is fairly clean, and the sticks of organs are laid out nicely, however I still hesitated until this indoor branch opened in a food court.

I like the presentation in that the pieces are placed in a little bowl rather on sticks, much easier to eat without sauce dripping all over the place.

It also feels cleaner in the sense they don’t place it on that communal plate where everyone uses it as a place to put all their sauces on. Others may prefer it like this, because a mix of sauces would be tastier.

I was also able to taste the sauce too with other sauces interfering, with notes of various organs and the spices.

As I haven’t tried beef organs, apart from that carpet looking thing in my noodle the other day, I had one of each, intestines, lungs, stomach, etc.
They all tasted relatively the same, as they were all marinated with that sauce, however the textures were slightly different.

One of them was grainy, the lung was smooth and the texture was like eating blood curds, and the carpet was the same as I described it last time.
The intestines I refused to eat because I feel its just the same as eating faeces!! Well it holds faeces anyway!

A restaurant that resembles china town @ 悅香飯店 Yuet Heung Restaurant

The interior was very 1980’s style, even the waitors clothing and style.
The menu wasn’t very helpful either, just plain chinese text, and no pictures at all.

Felt like being in the restaurants in china town!

Ordered the signature chicken and the vegetarian pot with ducks feet.

The chicken was ok, the sauce was the best, however the chicken was slightly tough.
The vegetarian pot tasted better, it had baby sweet corns, black fungus, ducks feet, black mosses, all a good mix.

The most interesting thing was the bill!! It looked very complicated, hand written, like those you see in the movies. It had weird columns, anyway to make it simple, one of those old receipts in Hong Kong years and years ago!!

Chili whelks @ 御小廚

Quite cool, they had whelks in chilli sauce, my favourite, the portion was reasonable big and bigger than the portion I got at Star of Canton, also cheaper too!!

The whelks were reasonable clean too, not any sand in it at all.
The only thing that could be improved was that they should supply a fork or stick to eat them with.

Sago with ice-cream and grass jelly @ 金滿堂甜品 Golden Hall Dessert

Ordered the sago with ice-cream and grass jelly, reasonable portion size and only cost $10.
Then got the snowflake ice with Italian grass jelly and mini glutinous dumplings that cost $13.
So for two reasonable desserts it cost $23 altogether!! Usually for $20 you can only get a basic dessert, the only thing is you can only eat at the stand tables or take away.

Dessert wise, the sago tasted ok, the snowflake one, I chose the Italian grass jelly to go with it so I could compare it to the one at chung’s dessert (po lam one).
Although I only chose two toppings to go with the snowflake ice, they gave other items with it such as red beans for free which I was not appreciative of, I hate red beans!! That is why I don’t go to the traditional dessert houses such as moon gay or Big 8. I would also given the normal grass jelly too, which was good, so I could taste the difference between their Italian one and the cube ones.
The snowflake ice only had three flavours tofu, chocolate and mango, the chocolate was a bit bitter.

Basically I felt, some of the desserts were copied from other places such as the Italian grass jelly with ginger sauce from chung’s in po lam, and the glutinous rice balls with maltesers also copied from cousins “bew jeah dessert”

Night market @ Park n Shop's Food Court 士林夜市

After trying the other foods in this place, decided to try this Taiwanese joint too, I did not expect it to taste as good as the other notorious ones such as Ar To.
Ordered the beef noodles and white carrot cake.

The white carrot cake was a big slab!! It was not cut and packaged like that. There was not much ingredients such as pork or shrimp in it. It was slightly greasy and had a strong oil odour.
The noodles were ok, the soup base was ok, contained lots carrot, beef etc.

Set Tapas @ UNOMAS

Finally came here for lunch, this is probably my first time having real Spanish food, the ones I have had before are the fake ones.
I liked the lunch style, you can choose a 3 set Tapa from the Tapa list of 15, 14 for food and one for dessert. For two people, we chose 6 Tapa’s.

The restaurant was spacious yet cramped, there were tables spread across the room, however the table for two we had was quite small, not designed for Spanish Tapa’s, you could have at most 3 Tapa’s on the table. I had trouble getting to my cramped my seat, and I am a thin!

The service was a bit cold, could have been better. Not sure if tap water was free, but other tables were given it. Also coffee/tea was included in the set, but they didn’t remind us, and we felt they had different attitudes to causcasians and asians.


Ensalada de lentejas con jamon:
Brown lental salad with ham, red onion, tomato, olive oil and vinegar, a nice tangy starter.

Chipirones al ajillo: baby squids with garlic and parsley:
this was the best, the squids were fat and soft with generous sauce.
Croquetas de Jamon:
almond crusted chicken and ham croquettes, could see or taste the almond crust, infact it was just plain crumbs with smooth sily potato inside.
Croqutas de Arroz:
Saffron rice and manchego fritters, This one I could taste and see the almond pieces as the coating, inside was rice, and moist too, the sauce tasted like pumpkin sauce.
Tortilla con chorizo Potato tortilla with spicy chorizo and paprika:
this was just like an omelette, very buttery.
Cordero al vinto tinto: lamb in chorizo in red wine sauce: it tasted more like beef.

Dessert: Orange and almond cake with syrup.

Overall the food was ok, the service and attitude was not!

Apple lattice and apple tart @ Pomme

It was quite a small cake shop, hence it was hidden by the other shops beside it.

The seating inside there probably caters for 12 (thats guessing from memory).

They serve apple lattice, apple tart, fairy cakes.
I wanted to try the banana custard but it was either sold out or not made.

I ordered the apple lattice and apple tart.
The apple lattice tasted better than the apple tart.
The apple tart was filled with apples and raisins with apple slices at the top.

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