Sunday, August 30, 2015

Three-Sauce Simmer Pot at Simmer Huang Chinese Food

Simmer Huang is a chain restaurant with branches in the mainland China, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries.
It is interesting because they have a restaurant in Australia.

Food is simmered in the pot, hence the name simmer pot.

No soup or water is added to the pot while cooking so that the nutrition in the food is preserved.
I liked the way all the ingredients were freshly packed in tubs and placed in the pot.

A very gooey sauce!

Ready to eat!

All the meats were tasty and the sauce tasted really good with rice.

After we finished all the meat, soup was added and it was turned into a hotpot!

Hungarian and Mangalica pork feast at LIS Café

I love buffets and at LIS they are doing a Hungarian and Mangalica pork buffet theme.

The hotel was not as far as I thought because I got a bus from Hysan place which got me there in about 10 minutes.

Arrived at LIS cafe and I was greeted with lots of food!

Seafood and salad:

My favourite smoked mackerel and sausage rolls:

Meat glorious meat!

Braised Hungarian pork belly
Grilled items, Quesadillas, noodles and sashimi:

They had a good selection of teas so I was happy

The dessert selection was good because they had sweet egg twists 蛋散 (Daan Saan), taro pudding, pandan pudding and these chocolate donuts.

Tried the buffet items as well as the a la carte, the Mangalica pork quesadillas were scrumptious because the pork was soft as cotton.
If you google the Mangalica pig you will get this funny looking pig which looks like a sheep hence its name sheep pig in Chinese.

Also tried the Hungarian pork slices which were meaty and tender.

The bouillabaise was thick and strong with a lots of crab blended in it.

The scallops were sweet and springy:

Buffet items I had:

I loved the pandan pudding, it had a strong pandan taste.

The egg twists were good as well because they were crisp and sweet.

Obviously green tea mixed with sprite at Honeymoon dessert

Tried the Green tea lime soda.

Wasn't impressed because it was just sprite/7up mixed with green tea that cost $30 and it just tasted of sprite.

It would have tasted much better if it was freshly squeezed lime with soda water and not sprite!~

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Free insect icecream!

Free bug icecream that comes in four flavours: Scurry Berry, Choc Hopper, Strawberries and Swirls and Nutritious Neapolitan by The Economist,.Asia.

Scurry Berry is raspberry and insect bits, Choc Hopper is chocolate and grasshopper, Strawberries and Swirls is strawberry n worms and Nutritious Neapolitan is strawberry and chocolate with mixed critters.

For full article, see The Guardian.


Azure charisma

As well as the beautiful setting, Azure never fails with their dishes, they always come up with creative dishes with interesting pairing of ingredients.

There were three of us so we tried each course on the new Autumn sensations menu.

Autumn Sensations 3-course Set Dinner:

Starter - Beef Tartare:
With quail egg yolk, crisp bread wafers & parsley pesto

The beef was silky and finely minced which was made even silkier when the quail egg was mixed with bursts of freshness from the parsley pesto.
It was wonderful eating it with the crisp bread wafers.
Starter -Pan-seared Sea Scallops
With black garlic purée, asparagus papers & Yuzu pudding

Scallop lovers will like this because the sweet and sour notes of the black garlic puree and yuzu make it appetizing.
Starter -Pineapple Carpaccio
With fresh apples, poached cherry tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella & fresh basil

As expected, I liked this because of the thinly sliced juicy pineapples paired with crisp apples and tomatoes complimented by the creamy mozzarella.
Main - Roasted Beef Tenderloin
With Rösti, slow-cooked shallot petals, caramelised cauliflower purée &
Gremolata sauce

The beef was seriously good and the cauliflower puree was amazingly flavourful paired with a crispy rosti.

Main -Black Pepper Crusted Tuna Loin:
With tempura onion rings, poached cherry tomatoes & caramelised cauliflower purée

The star of the dish was the battered shallot rings which are sweeter and crispier than onions and they are so tender that they don't need much chewing!

Again, the cauliflower puree was delicious with the finely seared tuna.
Main -Pan-fried Duck Egg
With salt-baked beetroot, butter-poached asparagus, couscous & Parmesan shavings

As well as the meat dishes, this one was also my favourite because the couscous was cooked in herb infused chicken stock which makes it flavourful and the runny egg yolk makes it taste richer paired with tasty Parmesan and salt baked beetroot.
Dessert - 43-degree Slow-cooked Peach
With pumpkin cream, sake sheet & tarragon

The peaches were divine soaked in strong sake so they were not too sweet and the crystal jelly sake sheet on top was beautiful.

The pumpkin cream had a strong vanilla taste which was sweet and smooth with a lovely strong hint of vanilla.
Dessert -White Chocolate Sponge Cheese Cake
With Yuzu sorbet & sea salt

The cheese cake was interesting, the texture was like a dense creamy sponge cake.
Can't wait for more new creations by Azure's cool Chef Luke but for the Autumn sensations menu, I recommend the Beef or Pineapple carpaccio as starters, all the mains but I have to admit I liked the couscous the most and for dessert I recommend the peach.
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