Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Eggettes that are finally my cup of tea! @ Gu Fah Bakery

To be honest I have never been fond of eggettes because they were always too sweet, hard and empty in the middle.

However when I read the reviews, the eggettes here caught my attention when I saw pictures of eggettes with green pieces in the middle and then I found out it was mint chips inside.
As well as mint chips they have other flavours such as cinammon and raisin which definately makes it less boring.

Tsuen Wan was a bit far for me I kept delaying my trip until now.
Since I was going to go to Tsuen Wan I checked my "to eat list" in Tsuen Wan and found another eggette place and it turns out this shop is the new and bigger shop that I initially wanted to visit as well.
荃灣古法雞蛋仔 Tsuen Wan Eggette
This new branch has lots of traditional Chinese snacks and this one is very different, they have English labelling too which is good and I like the way they have added western elements in their eggettes.
From a small joint to this bigger branch they now have a leaflet about their eggettes and products.
All their products are packaged nicely and if they had branches at the Hong Kong airport or Harbour City I think they would do pretty well.
This joint was founded by Eric who has studied in the States and before he started his eggette business, he sought consultation from the famous eggette man in Tai Hang and he also gained experience from a Chinese crepe maker in Lei Yue Muen.

That day Eric was there, he was giving samples away to people which was good, just like shops in the UK where you can try before you buy. Not many places in Hong Kong do that and in a hygienic way too.
He looks really familiar but I dont know where from but since I came quite a long way for the eggettes I asked if I try all four flavours in one eggette and he was so nice to arrange four flavours in one eggette.
While I was waiting, I tried other snacks such as the Husband cake and the Almond pie.

When the eggette arrived, it smelt so nice especially the mint and the cinnamon.

The mint chips and peanut butter drops were US baking ingredients and not the boring local brands.
The local brands taste weird and would probably ruin the eggette.
The secret of the eggette's crispiness is beer, because it has carbon dioxide, the gas makes it lighter, crisper, and faster to cook giving it a lacy crisp texture just like the theory of using beer in batter for fish and chips.
Apart from the different flavours, I liked these eggettes because the sweetness was just right and it was wholesome and soft in the middle and crispy on the outside.
I knew it was going to be my favourite and I really liked it because the mint tasted natural and the melted mint had that chocolate texture.
The mint chips used in this were Guittards mint chips
Raisin and Cinnamon
The cinnamon gave it a really nice smell and the raisins gave it some extra chew.
It would be nice if they had cinnamon and apple one day.
Chocolate chips
The taste of this one was stronger compared with the mint and raisin, but it was really nice because some of the chips were melted and the eggette tasted nice and chocolately.
Peanut butter
This was made with Reese's peanut butter chips but as expected the eggette texture inside was a bit dry.
Husband cake
This was made with beef and I prefer the Husband cake than the Wife cake because it is savory and less sweet.
Almond pie
This was extremely buttery and flakey.
Green Tea roll
All these rolls were hand made hence the irregularity in shape, but the green tea flavouring was really fresh.
Improvements and suggestions:
For improvements I think they are doing well already but for suggestions it would be fun if they had more western flavours such as putting diced frozen strawberries in the eggette so by the time the eggette is done the strawberries are at normal temperature and the strawberry eggettes served with some whipped cream for dipping.
As well as strawberry, they could put other fruits such as blueberries or peaches, or even have a pina cola eggette with pineapple and dessicated coconut inside it.
I am not sure if this would work, but if they put frozen ice-cream inside so when you eat it the eggette would be warm but bursting with cold icecream.
For the peanut butter eggette I wonder if it would be possible to add banana to balance out the dryness from the peanut butter.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

24hr McDonald's and a double decker Filet o Fish

Although this branch is crap in the daytime, it is open for 24 hours and after 9pm, the menu is slighty different.

After 9pm they have the double decker fish burger so I ordered that.

It was really good because there were two fish filets which made it wholesome.
Next time I order, I am going to request for more sauce because there was not enough sauce in proportion to the fish so it was quite dry.
I wish they had two slices of cheese as well to give it some extra saltiness and taste cheesier.
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