Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Shabu shabu at Kentucky Fried Chicken!!!

KFC serves chicken obviously but at Hong Kong's KFC they have three exclusive dishes that are totally different from the rest of the world!

They have curry with rice, beef rice and shabu shabu. I haven't been to Japan but they could possibly serve it as well because it is Japanese inspired.

Curry with rice:

Beef Rice:

Shabu shabu:

That day, I went there specifically to try the shabu shabu and beef rice.
To my utter surprise I was stopped for taking photos which rarely happens in my blogging experience, not once was I even stopped in UK.

The shabu shabu comes with rice but I upgraded it to DOLLS instant noodles.

There is extra broth if you need it.

The ingredients were fresh and the burner kept burning until we finished.

As for the beef rice, it comes in a nice paper box with the beef separated in a plastic tray.

The beef was in this sweet onion gravy which tasted like oyster sauce.
Compared to Yoshinoya (a chain in Hong Kong that specializes in beef bowls), the beef was not as beefy but the presentation was neater.

Masala McWings at Hong Kong's McDonalds

At McDonalds, they had Masala McWings which was new so I tried it.
The ones I got were a bit dry and the taste was more like salty chicken tikka.

Hong Kong McDonald's self ordering kiosk

Queues, queues, I hate queues.

This has solved the problem partially but you still have to wait for the food.

Supermarkets in HK should have more self check out tills like UK.

Anyway, if you have used the create your burger kiosk before, it is much the same.

You choose what you want and pay.

Please select "an" payment method???

I still had to wait quite a while anyway, but at least it makes you feel better without having to wait for indecisive people ordering in front of you.

The chocolate pie was quite nice filled with a hot thick chocolate paste.
It was launched before in 2009 but the size was smaller.

Photo of the chocolate pie in 2009.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Century Celebration in Sai Kung 百年盛事在西貢

Sai Kung recently celebrated its 100th anniversary of the Tinhau and Guandi temple.

This took place from the 17th-22nd November with the Chinese opera kicking off and booths selling local creative and traditional snacks and products on Yi Chun Street.

I was really lucky to tag along and watch the parade on land and at sea followed by the banquet.

Sunday the 21st was the main event with a parade that saw the Tin Hau and Kwan Tai statues being carried along the streets of Sai Kung followed by the parade carried out at sea.

Approximately 50 viewing boats sailed alongside vying for the best view.

After the parade, a Poon choi banquet was held for guests with over 500 tables which took up the whole Sai Kung square and part of the road adjacent to the market and theatre.

建廟百年 在 西貢 西貢慶典
 天后 關帝 古廟 建廟百週年慶典 廟會 廟會2016 市集 街頭小食 百年盛事在西貢

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