Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pacific Coffee's Chicken schnitzel

I was really hungry so got the Chicken schnitzel because I have tried the quiches, bagels and other stuff.

Chicken schnitzel:

The chicken schnitzel tasted better than my expectation because I thought the chicken was going to dry after being reheated, however the chicken was crisp and juicy sandwiched with lots of lettuce and tomato.
The bun had lots of dried seeds such as sunflower seeds, flax seeds and maize which gave it an extra bite of flavour too.
Although it tastes really good, I always feel thirsty for the whole day after eating sandwiches from Pacific Coffee!

Quiche of the month: mushroom and broccoli

I was checking out the new joint opposite which was why I was on this street.

La Rotisserie happened to have the mushroom and broccoli quiche which I haven't tried before so decided to get it.

Mushroom and broccoli quiche:

The quiche had lots of mushrooms and broccoli but the taste was a bit bland and it lacked a cheesy taste.


Sense Dessert Cafe now in Kowloon

I was early for a tasting so stumbled upon this new branch of Sense Dessert.

A while ago I made a trek into Yuen Long to try this place.


Furano 3.7 milk pudding and Earl grey (with meringue):

Note: The product shot and actual dessert look slightly different because there is no cream as shown on the picture.

The earl grey was really milky and creamy with a strong earl grey taste, while the meringue was really sweet on its own.

After combining the two, the creaminess of the earl grey was balanced by the sweetness of the meringue pieces.

Coffee icecream:

Not my favourite flavour, but it tasted ok.
This was given free to every customer during their trial operations period.

Water was not given, but provided if you ask because the table next to me asked and they gave it to them.
It would have been nice if they offered me some water as well while they are at it!!

sense dessert cafe:
Shop 6-8, Wah Chi Building, 286-294 Temple Street, Jordan

New secret hideout in central

A while ago I stumbled upon this new branch of Dolci 2/3 when I went to Holly Brown.

It was going to open that day but as I was busy I came back another day.

A few days later, I had a tasting in central, so the new branch was a perfect place to have a drink beforehand.

Although Dolci is famous for gelatos and cakes, they had pies and quiches.

quiches and pies
There are sandwiches if you need something more filling.

For the gelatos, they had 14 choices to choose from!!!

14 flavours!!!!!
A lovely tea selection.

Artisan teas
Salmon quiche $30:

The salmon quiche was really good because the thickness of the pastry was just right.
I loved the hints of cheese and chunky pieces of salmon embedded in the quiche.
Pistachio florentine:

Made with 66% French chocolate, pistachios and crunchy caramel.
This was divine, you could see there was so much pistachio in it and some crunchy caramel that held it together coated in chocolate.
It was like eating a lovely pistachio brittle and each element did not over power each other.
The texture and taste of the caramel was really nice because it was crunchy with a roasted taste.
Earl grey tea:

To finish off I had my favourite Earl grey tea which had loose leaves in the teabag that give it that rich earthy aromatic taste.
2/3 Dolci
Shop 1, 1/F Manning House, 38-48 Queen's Road Central, Central

Friday, May 30, 2014

Tofu Korrito

I love their Korrito rolls so came back for more.
On my previous visit, ordered the beef K Roll which I did not like because it was too sweet.

Tofu Korrito:

The Tofu roll was just colourful and neatly sliced.
You could see the leafy green lettuce and fresh purple cabbage with crunchy pieces of fried bits and tofu in the middle.
Each mouthful was packed with freshness of the vegetables and the sweetness of the honey sauce complemented by the tofu in the middle.
The only problem was that it was slightly messy to eat because it kept falling apart.
Shop 6A, G/F, Sen Fat Building, 6 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan

Great modern cha chann teng food

Hong Kong chaa chan teng food either clicks with me or it doesn't, there is no in between because either I like or I don't like it.

In this case, I found the food enjoyable because the savory dishes don't taste sweet and would come back if the location wasn't so inconvenient.

*** Must try

Photos of the restaurant :

***Iced Pineapple:

I was surprised there was a drink that I could drink because at most cha chann tengs there are not much options for expats because it is mainly Hong Kong style milk tea and syrupy tasting drinks.
The iced pineapple was really nice because it was pineapple juice with icecubes made of frozen canned pineapples.
It was lovely and refreshing and not the usual syrupy sweet drinks you get.
Chicken wings in Swiss sauce:

Not my favourite but these were better than other places because other places just taste sweet.
Prawns on toast:

These were different to the ones on toast because it was minced prawns on baguette slices.

They were not bad but I found them difficult to eat because I find it hard dealing with meat on bones.
Spicy chicken wings:

These were similar to the chicken wings above but had a really spicy tone to it.
I preferred them because the spicy tone and the sweetness tasted good together.
***Flat noodles with beef:

Again, the beef was good because I loved the gravy which was not sweet and tasted like oyster sauce.
The fried noodles beneath it were not oily and had delicious pieces of egg.
Bread box:

I was surprised by this because the sauce was nice and savoury.
The bread box can feed a whole table because beneath the pork chop, there was fried rice as well.
***Curry bread box:

curry, potato, cheese, sauce rice and bread.
This was my favourite because I love curry with rice AND bread and it had BOTH.
It also had cheese too which was a bonus.
Instant noodles tossed in spring onion ginger oil with pork chop:

The noodles were tasty with the generous spring onion and ginger oil sauce.
You can choose from pork chops or chicken wings to go with the noodles.
Hainan style chicken:

Hong Kong style taste with chocolate sauce:

This was the usual toast dipped in egg and pan fried.
As you can see the toast was cut into big chunky pieces!
***Hong Kong style toast with kaya spread:

This was delicious and syrup was served separate which was good.
Frankly it does not need syrup because it has delicious sweet kaya spread in the middle and it is coated with fragrant desiccated coconut.
Law Mark Kee
Shop F20, 1/F., Kornhill Plaza, 1 Kornhill Road,Tai Koo
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