Sunday, March 31, 2013

Soup @ Yat Yuet Sing Fast Food Shop

Eight treasure soup (Baatbotong):
Last time I tried their deep fried chicken leg I spotted the eight treasure soup on the menu, so this time I came back for it.
After I removed the lid, it was piping hot, so I burnt my tongue again.
The soup had so many ingredients in it, tofu, prawns, vegetables and Chinese mushrooms.
The taste of this soup was really nice and it had strong tofu taste because the tofu had strong soybean taste.
They also had Western beef soup which I want to try as well.


Rachel's Palmiers

Shop: Rachel's cookies

Thank you Mjqueen7e for getting me these palmiers.

The box is beautifully designed with a butterfly that is also part of the box.

Rachel's Palmiers:

The palmiers were really delicious, they were flakey and buttery.
It was slightly sugared on the edges but not too sweet.
The palmiers had many layers which made it really delicate and flakey.

Japanese cheese balls @ Maxim's Cake Shop

When I saw these Japanese Cheese balls I should have trusted my instinct not to get them because Maxim's SAVOURY items are always sweet.

Japanese cheese balls:

The size of these cheese balls were bigger than the ones sold at other bakeries, but the taste is more important than size.
Anyway, I did not like them because the cheese taste was not strong and it was sweet.

Orange mochi @ Wing Wah

Shop: Wing Wah (Tseung Kwan O)

I was surprised to see that they had Orange flavoured mochi at Wing Wah Bakery because the style at Wing Wah is quite traditional.

There were two flavours orange or red bean.
Orange mochi:

The mochi was covered in coconut and there was orange filling encased with a layer of white bean paste.

The taste reminded me of the snowy mooncakes that they sell during Mid Autumn festival because of the white bean paste.
I would have preferred it if the orange flavour was more refreshing because the orange peel taste was more prominent.

Pork chop bun set @ 大玩町

Shop: 大玩町
Address: Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro

This was an unplanned visit because I was intending to get Dairy Queen again but needed something as a filler first.

The pork chop bun set includes apple tea, pork chop bun, Portuguese tart and a pork chop bun for $29 which is quite cheap being right in the middle of a tourist spot.
Macau is famous for pork chop buns and the famous ones cost around $35+ each.

Pork chop bun:

The pork chop bun was freshly made and piping hot.
The bread they used was crispy and soft and the taste was yeasty.
The pork chop inside was tender.
Although the pork chop bun was not from a famous joint, it tasted quite nice.
Portugese tart:

The tart size was quite small and cute.
The tart was flakey and the the tart filling was lovely and eggy.
The sweetness was just right.
Apple drink:

The sweetness of the drink was just right but the taste of apple was quite artificial.

Taiwanese oyster noodles tea set

Restaurant: Odeon Taiwanese Cafe

Odeon Taiwanese Cafe used to be famous and popular a few years ago, but currently there are only a few left in Hong Kong.

Tried their afternoon tea set.

Iced passionfruit tea:

The green tea and passionfruit taste was strong and the sweetness was just right.
Oyster noodles:

The noodles was served in thick soup, but the soup was quite lumpy.
There was no vinegar on the table, the usual condiment for these noodles.
The oysters tasted a bit off.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Egg and mayonnaise sandwich @ La Rose Noire Bakery

Egg and mayonnaise sandwich:
My favourite simple toasted sandwich which contains egg and tomato.
There was lots of mayonnaise in it and the egg was lovely and creamy.
The egg yolk was hard boiled and mushed so it mixed nicely with the mayonnaise giving a lovely starchy texture, while the tomato was refreshing.
Although this sandwich was delicious I felt thirsty after eating it.


GOD x Maxim's Egg Rolls

Thank you Mjqueen7e for getting me these egg rolls.

Usually I only see these egg rolls during Chinese New Year, but Maxim's and GOD have come up with a smaller pack which can be eaten as a snack anytime of the year.

The packaging is bright yellow and nice.

Egg Rolls:
They were nice and crispy.
Each egg roll was rolled uniformly with full eggyness flavour.


Oolong Tea Candy @ cha FOR TEA

Shop: cha FOR TEA
Thank you IVYCWK for getting me these Oolong Tea candies.

They were from the new branch in Sheung Wan.
I really like this new branch because it is much more accessible compared to the one at Hysan Place where you have to take numerous escalators to get up there.
Oolong tea candy:
The candies are green and have a leaf imprinted on it.
The taste of these candies were delicious and not syrupy.
It was surprising you can actually taste the tea and it also tasted powdery like the powder they use to make tea.
There was some slight bitterness from the tea.


Gigantic sized croissants, hotdogs and sandwiches

Gloria Jean's Coffees:
3/F, Macau Ferry Terminal and Helport, Porto Exterior

This was not on my eat list for the Macau trip but I happened to be hungry so I just grabbed the croissant for a light snack.

This coffee joint is easily missed because when you arrive in Macau, the first thing you want to do is get to where your going.

It is probably discovered by people leaving Macau when they have missed their ferry and bored waiting.

Their hotdog was rather cute, it was labelled HOT CAT

When I was choosing what to eat, I was shocked by the sizes of the hotdogs, sandwiches and croissants.
You have to physically see them to or you won't believe how big they are.

Huge croissant:

The croissant was heated, but it was not that warm in the centre.
It tasted quite nice and the taste of the croissant was quite buttery.
As well as Macau they have Gloria Jean's Coffees in Singapore as well.

Basic Instinct at Hotpot Instinct

Shop: Hotpot Instinct (North Point)

Came here with some fellow foodies who were trying this place.

Before you start your hotpot, there are about nine condiments and vinegars for you to mix your desired sauce.

Deep fried salt and pepper salmon:
Quite nice but too salty.

Chicken testees:
These were the biggest I have seen in all the restaurants I have tried.

Squid ink noodles:
As well as squid ink they had salmon.
The texture of these noodles were very foamy and light, however the squid taste was not strong.

Carrot and sugarcane drink:

The sweetness was just right but the raw carrot taste was extremely strong, so not for people who do not like raw carrots.

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