Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Minced cutlet curry at Coco Ichibanya

Tried the new Minced cutlet curry, which is basically a minced steak that is coated in cutlet crumbs, deep fried served with curry sauce.

The minced cutlet was quite nice, the meat was finely minced with a fragrant beef smell and had a pleasant meat taste but the let down was the frying oil because it made the cutlet taste a bit rancid which is unnoticeable when you eat it with the curry sauce.....

Limited Edition: Godiva Earl Grey chocolate chip icecream

A few months ago saw the Earl Grey chocolate chip icecream on Godiva’s menu but the price was covered because it wasn’t available yet and Godiva HK didn’t know when it would be launched because I contacted their HQ in April 2015.

Happened to see this flavour available when I walked past in July so I bought one.

The Earl Grey chocolate chip flavour was the best compared to the other tub flavours that I have tried in the Godiva range because it was not that sweet.

There was a natural Earl Grey flavour and the chocolate icecream was not that overwhelming with delicious pieces of heart shaped chocolate chips found in all Godiva’s tub icecreams......

Monday, June 29, 2015

Interesting Swiss roll flavours at The Baker A (Jordan)

I was still hungry after eating at Ilis so I wandered into this bakery.

The Earl Grey roll looked good so I got it and decided to eat there.
As well as Earl Grey, they had other interesting flavours such as tomato and pistachio.0 While I was eating, it was so nice of them to give me a cup of water which encouraged me to get the cream puffs as well. ★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆
Earl grey roll: The roll was a bit dense but the earl grey chocolate paste in the middle was really nice so the dense roll was forgivable.
Cream puffs: The cream puffs were a bit hard and eggy for my liking but not bad.
Tomato roll: The tomato roll had a strong tomato taste with tomato jelly in the middle but it tasted weird because it was sweet.

Hidden sushi gem - Mizuki Japanese Restaurant

I have explored quite a bit of restaurants in Wan Chai but rarely restaurants in commerical buildings that are higher than the first floor.

Ironically, this place used to be S.A.E which was a place I wanted to try.

I was recommended this place by expats and when I got there, the restaurant was filled with Japanese expats and Western expats.

It was encouraging to see blue_balu review this because she only reviews places that are worth visiting.

The food was quite pricey but they had some interesting dishes that were on the seasonal menu.
Started with three appetizers:

Sharks bones which have been cut into small pieces and had a texture like hard cartilage. The sauce was appetizing and they had an interesting chew.

The Sea cucumber in vinegar which I was expecting to be soft had a texture like raw squid but the acidity of the vinegar was nice

Whelk slices in wasabi sauce were nicely spiked with a powerful mustard kick.

Here was what we had for the mains:
Kinki fish:
The fish was salted and dried but the fish was still delicate and moist with a lovely crispy skin.

Noodle salad:

The portion was huge and it was ramen tossed in sesame sauce topped with fish roe.
The noodles reminded me of Chinese chilled noodles called "jung wah lang min".
Sushi platter:
striped jack, kinmedai (金目鯛), fatty tuna, botan shrimp, sea urchin, salmon roe, tuna.

The sushi was fresh and neatly made.
Beef cubes with crispy garlic:

The beef was juicy and lean enhanced by the crispy garlic slices and the side of mash was delicious with bits of vegetables in it.
Red miso soup:

Compared to white miso, this had a stronger soy bean taste balanced by the sweet shimeji mushrooms.
Purple sweet potato dessert from Wasakuraya.

The dessert was velvety and smooth with a natural purple sweet potato taste that was sweet with a savoury aftertaste.

Kung Fu Mooncake

As well as sweet potato, black sesame mooncakes are becoming popular too.
Tried the Kung Fu mooncakes from Kung Fu dimsum which are cute mini mooncakes filled with dense and sweet black sesame paste and egg yolks!
Great for anyone with a sweet tooth!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Soup curry in K-Town at Samurai の Soup Curry

This is the second soup curry place to open in Hong Kong after Sama curry.
The decor is bright and the music in the background sounds like Reggae and carribean music.
The menu was rather interesting because they serve other items as well such as Indian Lassis!!

The curries are paired with Turmeric rice and the menu was simple and easy to understand.
You choose a broth, spiciness level and meat which is ticked off on the order sheet.

For both curries I chose baby spice but the spiciness of both were different.
Both had the same vegetables in it such as okra, asparagus etc.
Natto Curry (baby spice) :

I liked this but it was too spicy for me.
Lamb burger (baby spice) :
The spiciness of this was just right.
tumeric rice:
The rice went well with the curry but it lacked turmeric flavouring.
Chai lassi: I don't like Indian tea but the chai lassi was really nice because the Indian tea spices were toned down by the lassi.
The consistency of the millkshake was not thick enough compared to other lassis.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The perfect summer evening at Gaia Ristorante

At Gaia Ristorante, they are now serving Al Fresco Afternoon Tea from 3:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. everyday which costs HKD$198 and includes an item from the afternoon snack menu with a choice of house wine, cocktails, mocktails and soft drinks.

The location couldn’t be better in the heart of Central where everyone passes by so their food has to be top notch to stay there.

Most evenings that I walk past, it is always crowded with people having drinks.
The afternoon menu was quite good because they have roman style pizzas which is fit for two people.

For lucky people who get off work at 5:30, the afternoon tea is perfect for early dinner.

The inside of the restaurant is nice as well as the alfresco area outside.

Here is what we had:
Pina colada:

Started off with this cooling pina colada which was not too sweet with a balanced coconut and pineapple taste.

We also had the Spritz which is an Italian cocktail made of prosecco and a bitter.
This had a nice orange taste to it.
Calamari fritti:

This was delicately fried calamari served with three different mayonnaises: aioli, chili and squid ink.
The squid ink mayonnaise was the best.
Pizza Margherita:

This was a very thin pizza topped with mozzarella, basil leaves and tomato.
The pizza was big enough for two.
For Maggio:
There were lots of things on this platter:
olives, walnut, sweet fig bread and mustard fruit.

Mustard fruit is candied fruit which is sweet and great with cheeses.

On the cheese platter was saffron cheese, pecorino, goats cheese, tomino and talegio.
My favourite was the tomino and pecorino because they were flavourful.
The fig bread was really nice and soft with lots of fig in it.
Gaia Ristorante:
G/F, Grand Millennium Plaza, 181 Queen's Road,, Sheung Wan
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