Friday, October 31, 2014

fishy and stingy at 福助居日本料理

Don't bother getting takeaways because they prefer you to dine there as it costs double the price.

For the assorted sashimi, you can see they are really generous, but the problem was that the sashimi was not that fresh.

The egg was too sweet and the rice was too hard.

There was only one piece of tuna so that must be really expensive.

One of the surviving bakeries at Choi Hung

A few years ago, Choi Hung (Pink Shek Estate) was really different but obviously the area is getting revamped to make the value go up.

It is sad for people with relatives who have dementia because they definitely will not be able recognize the place the or the shops.

There are a few still standing but I wonder how long they will last because their second or third generations will probably not want to take carry on the family business.

Anyway, I just went to this shop for fun to look at the old Chinese cakes and decor but ended up getting some chicken biscuits.

They are quite different to the ones at Kee Heung because they are regular in shape and joined together like eggettes so when you eat them you have to separate them.
They were chewy but tastier than Kee Heung because they were not too sweet or salty with a light red beancurd taste.

It was interesting that they had egg tarts with cheese and cream and I wonder if anyone buys them but the owner said Chris Pattern loves them!

G/F, Ping Shek Estate Kam Shek House, 
Ping Shek Estate, Choi Hung

Fine dining in a beautiful setting

La Saison means “season” in English so you would expect exquisite food all year round with the menu designed by Jacques Barnarchon, Michelin-starred executive chef of L’Etang du Moulin in France.

He has been working alongside various top-notch chefs including Philippe Gobet, a pastry chef of Michelin three-star restaurant managed by Joel Rebouchon.
Jacques was first featured in the 1996 Michelin Guide with a “two forks” rating.

Before I brag about how delicious the food was, La Saison is one of the few French dining restaurants in Tsim Sha Tsui and seeing Benny Li 李純恩 dining there, what more can I say!!!

I didn't take a photo of him but you can see him sitting at the far bar in the middle blocked by someone but you can still see the streak of silver hair at the front.

In the private room, you can also see the chefs in action.

Assorted bread:

To start off, we had assorted bread which was yeasty and delicious with a choice of salted or non salted butter.

The bread was gorgeous with the salted butter hence I kept eating it.
Amuse Bouche:

The amuse bouche really aroused my appetite because it was far more delicious than other amuse bouches I have tried.
It just clicked with me because the cheese puff had a decent cheesy taste and the other one with herring had a gorgeous cheesy biscuit base.
The crab tart was refreshing because it had a creamy yuzu dressing.

Blue cheese foam with hazelnuts and fig:

Again, another dreamy moment for a cheese lover, the whipped blue cheese was strong whilst the sweet fig beneath it lightened the strong taste of blue cheese.
The foam was complemented well with the crispy fragrant hazelnut slices.

Lobster consomme with blue lobster carpaccio:

The lobster consomme was rich with finely chopped pieces of vegetables which were sweet and balanced the bitterness of the alcohol.
Then I tried the delicious raviolis which were beautifully handmade with the semi cooked lobster carpaccio beneath it.
Miyazaki A4 beef tenderloin in mushroom sauce, morels and mashed potatoes served on the side:

Before I talk about the taste, you can see how perfect the tenderloin was because it was unformly seared with a juicy red centre that was soft and juicy.
Chestnut souffle with pear sorbet:

Next was the souffle which was fluffy and not too sweet with a fine chestnut paste mixed into it.
There was a side of pear sorbet which was refreshing with tones of pear and apple in the taste.
Petit fours:

The petit fours were delightful especially the toffee almond slice which was crisp and chewy with a buttery biscuit base and the chocolate tart had a gorgeous silky smooth chocolate that was not too sweet.
Breakfast tea:

To finish off, I had Breakfast tea which ended it perfectly.
La Saison by Jacques Barnachon's:
2/F, The Cameron, 33 Cameron Road Tsim Sha Tsui.

Goodbye Gooday Cafe

Thanks to Ivy for sharing her gift from Gooday Cafe.

It was my first time trying their famous Roselle cream cheese bread.
Unfortunately, they have just closed down so I can't dine there anymore.

The bread was delicious with sweet roselle pieces in it that had a fragrant flowerly taste and the cream cheese acted like a delicious buttery spread on it.

Spooked by Lab Made yet?

If you're a regular at Lab Made, you should know that the icecreams are normally priced at $44 or $39.

For Halloween, the magic number is $31 to coincide with the date 31st!!

There are four flavours:
A - Muddy Graveyard (Evolution) (chocolate and peanut)
B - Bloody Tears (white chocolate with almond and shredded coconut)
C - Worm Grabber (mixed berries cheesecake)
D - Mummy Mocha (illy bean mocha)

I went for the Muddy Graveyard and Bloody Tears.
The presentation of the Bloody Tears was bloody creepy, just the thing for Halloween!

I liked the subtle sweetness of the white chocolate icecream with pieces of almond that gave it a crunch every now and then while the sauce was refreshing.
Next was the Muddy Graveyard which was a strong chocolate concoction mixed with delicious peanut butter that was velvety and nutty without being too sweet.

Green Light Zone in the orange district

I didn't feel like having meat so opted for one of the meals in the Green Light Zone.
There were two choices and the first one looked more attractive so I had that because of the potato cake.

[b]eggplant, potato cake with tomato sauce and rice:[/b]
The tomato sauce had a strong oregano herb taste which was quite sweet while the tart tomatoes in it made it appetizing.
The potato cake was disappointing and tasteless but the fried lotus root slices were rather nice.
[b]The bill:[/b] $39
[b]Service:[/b] OK
[b]Yummy factor:[/b] ok
[b]Napkins provided:[/b] yes
[b]Portion sizes:[/b] big
[b]English Menu:[/b] Yes
[b]Air Conditioning:[/b] Yes

Thursday, October 30, 2014

French black pudding - boudin noir

I have always wanted to try this place because of the boudin noir!!

Finally made it for lunch and ordered the boudin noir burger on top.
For lunch, the choice was pretty good with a choice of escargots as a starter.

The decor was lovely, it felt like being in a countryside barn.


There was tea included and it was IMPRESSIVE! They actually use tea leaves in a strainer and not teabags, hence the tea had a lovely leafy taste.
Quiche with broccoli, brie and walnuts:

I loved the quiche because there was a good generous balance of broccoli florets.

Snails bouchee:

These were a bit salty but the appearance reminded me of fried Haggis balls.
boudin noir burger:

This was French black pudding which is meatier with some fat bits.
It was a bit like pulled meat in cooked blood sauce with a fragrant metallic taste.
The bill:

La Cabane Wine Bistro (Central)
62 Hollywood Road
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