Tuesday, December 31, 2019

[Review] Perfect Fried Chicken - Croydon

Perfect Fried Chicken is mostly perfect on every visit.
I have been eating it for years but sadly the Perfect fried chicken on 239 Mile End Road closed so I have had to go to other branches.

Sadly, the food scene at Stepney Green has changed, the Perfect Fried Chicken on 239 has been replaced by Green Pepper and a few doors away you have German Doner Kebab.
Towards the Mile End side, there is a small Kentucky Fried Chicken as well as a YiFang drinks stall.
Recently, another Asian grocery store opened called Food to Go near Ifor Evans Place.

Anyway, by chance I discovered a Perfect Fried Chicken joint in Croydon and they offer some light meal deals like ribs and fries, wings and fries etc for around £2.

On the first visit, had the ribs with fries.

The ribs were a bit sweet but the fries were so comforting as they tasted consistently like the ones at Mile End.
They were fried from frozen when ordered so they were golden yellow and evilicious with mayonnaise.
I don't know what brand they use but the mayonnaise is light and creamy.

On the second visit, had wings and fries, again the fries were amazing while the wings were very spicy.

The only thing I found different was the chili sauce.
Hoping to go back again for the chicken.

Perfect Fried Chicken:
95a S End, Croydon CR0 1BG

Scooter Caffe

The Chunnel Bar

[Review] Pukka Pop Up Herb Hub for Tea at Covent Gardens

Discovered the Pukka Pop Up Herb Hub while I was at Seven dials.
I didn't realize it was a pop up until I looked it up on the internet, but I like the way you can buy any tea bags for 1.99 because I find it a gamble when trying new teas which was recently the case when I bought the Pukka Three ginger and found it not to my liking.

At the pop up, you also get to sample teas which helped me to choose.

The staff there are also really nice and made a sample Cacao Maca Magic latte which I have always wanted to try.
Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the cacao maca magic latte.
There was also matcha chai latte on offer as well.

Anyway, here are my ten teabags where it comes in a box or you can choose a tea tin for a little extra.

Monday, December 30, 2019

[Review] Vegan Jack wings at Leon

I was lunching with a friend who works at the hospital nearby so we dined at Leon because it was close by.

A hot box was definite as well as the Vegan Jack wings which I have been itching to try.

Ordered the Chicken satay hot box which is Chargrilled chicken thigh on brown rice, served with a punchy satay sauce topped with fresh parsley and mint.
The hot box does not disappoint as the salad has a nice crunch with cabbage and the chicken satay was delicious.

Next was the vegan Jack wings which I have long wanted to try.
They were Cheesy vegan jackfruit nuggets in a gluten-free crumb which looked like croquettes with a silky potato like filling.

Overall, worth trying if you like potato croquettes but I thought they were a bit bland so they rely on the dips.

Since Leon has boomed everywhere, they are now in supermarkets as well with their branded sauces like beetroot ketchup and mayonnaise.

[Review] Turkey Curry at Leons

Originally I was planning to eat at Padella next door but it turned out to be an hours wait so had Leon instead as they were doing a Turkey Curry over the boxing day period.

According to the ad, it was British turkey, carrots and parsnips in a creamy curry sauce, topped with a sprinkling of crispy onions.

The food was served in a flash but then Leon is classified as a fast food chain with healthy food in mind.
The curry sauce looked a bit dry and dehydrated and to my disappointment I was given the cold turkey but they were happy to change it for a hot one without quibble.

The piping hot Turkey curry was absolutely delicious with a taste similar to Coronation chicken but much better as it had starchy parsnips and soft carrot chunks.

Overall, I was so glad I tried the Turkey Curry because the creamy curry paired with Italian brown rice which has a lovely al dente texture.

[Review] Breakfast at Debenhams Cafe, Eastbourne

Debenhams Cafe has been in Eastbourne since I don't know when but sadly quite a few stores are closing down nationwide including Eastbourne.

At Debenhams Cafe they serve breakfast, lunch in a traditional British Cafeteria style where you order what you see.

 Photo taken the previous day with bubble on the left.

As they are closing down, I went last time for breakfast.

Previously dined here in my younger years but sadly I didn't take photos.

I was late so many items had run out including the bubble which was served the previous day so I settled for 4 items with an extra black pudding.

Overall, it was your usual breakfast fare with a lovely view of town through those wooden pane windows.

The blurred edges of the glass transom windows added to the ambiance which you won't find in modern eateries.

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