Tuesday, December 20, 2016

J.Co Donuts & Coffee from Indonesia

I am so glad that this donut shop J.Co Donuts & Coffee from Indonesia has landed in HK.

There must be so many other good eateries in Southern Asia that haven't made it to boring Hong Kong yet.

Anyway, they have two types of donuts, the ring donuts and the filled donuts, all with creative names and they are reasonably priced at HKD15 each or HKD88 for a half a dozen.

There were two filled donuts I had to try because one had Kaya and the other was avocado.
The filled ones are lovely but the cream inside is that nasty synthetic cream.

Here were the donuts that I had:

Avocado Dicaprio:
I couldn't taste the avocado but this is a good one to try because it is not so sweet and there is a slight savoury taste to it.
Sugar ice:
It was difficult choosing this one and the glazed one because I wanted to try a basic donut.
This one was quite soft and gently dusted with icing sugar (powdered sugar).
Forest Glam:
I love cherries so I had to pick this one but I wish there were more cherries to give it a more blackforest cake appearance. 
White Desert:
I was looking forward to this because it was covered in shredded coconut and filled with my favourite Kaya but the synthetic cream in the middle ruined it.
As with all sweet treats, I love to enjoy them with a cup of Earl Grey!

I think the sweetness of the donuts are just right because I was able to eat four donuts in one go whereas Krispy Kreme I can only manage half a donut.
It was hilarious when the staff dropped the last box of baby donuts on the floor!

I wonder if this donut joint will cause crazy queues like Krispy Kreme did and whether Michele Reis (leegayan) will come here for a donut or its fate will end up like Krispy Kreme did in HK.


Friday, December 16, 2016

A toast to the Aqua group

Cheers to the Aqua group for sending me these beautiful glasses for Christmas~
I shall treasure them well.

Friday, December 09, 2016

#OMG the Hashtag era

A while ago # was known as the HASH key on the phone when calls involved pressing numbers followed by the # key.
Nowadays all that has changed and we Hashtag everywhere to get our news and messages across effectively.

I discovered this new modern and chic restaurant #OMG because it was right next to Hong Kong Day.
The decor, tables and chairs in a contrasting white and magenta made it fun to dine there so I went in.

Looking at the menu, all the dishes were affordable with a good range from pastas, burgers, udon, Japanese dishes to All day breakfasts.

The drinks were equally impressive, especially the hot chocolate with candyfloss and some drinks are only half price when you order the main dishes.

Here was what we ordered: Steamed green tea with lemon, Taste of Aomori, Peach Crush, La La Land, Fettuccine with cheese and meatballs in Italian style tomato sauce and All day breakfast.

Started off with the cold drinks and all of them were refreshing but it really depends on what your preference is.
My favourite was the La La Land because I like the combination of orange and passionfruit but if you like strawberries and apple then go for the Taste of Aomori.

Peach Crush:

La La Land:

Taste of Aomori:

Peach Crush is recommended for people who like it sweet without the acidic fruits like citrus and berries.
My friend had the flu that day, so he had the lemon tea with a modern twist because it was lemon with roasted green tea leaves.

It was really hard choosing the mains because the All day breakfast and omurice looked good but in the end I got the breakfast.

For $58, the All day breakfast was really good, you get waffle with jam, egg, sausage, chips, tomato ketchup, baked beans, bacon and mushrooms.
A nice combination of sweet and savoury items on one plate.
The egg was done beautifully complimented nicely by the rest of the items.

The Fettuccine with cheese and meatballs in Italian style tomato sauce came with generous tasty meatballs covered in rich tomato sauce.
I liked the way it was paired with fettuccine because spaghetti can get a bit boring sometimes but saying that I was tempted to order the spaghetti bolognese.

Quite a feast at this place and OMG it didn't break the bank!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Shabu shabu at Kentucky Fried Chicken!!!

KFC serves chicken obviously but at Hong Kong's KFC they have three exclusive dishes that are totally different from the rest of the world!

They have curry with rice, beef rice and shabu shabu. I haven't been to Japan but they could possibly serve it as well because it is Japanese inspired.

Curry with rice:

Beef Rice:

Shabu shabu:

That day, I went there specifically to try the shabu shabu and beef rice.
To my utter surprise I was stopped for taking photos which rarely happens in my blogging experience, not once was I even stopped in UK.

The shabu shabu comes with rice but I upgraded it to DOLLS instant noodles.

There is extra broth if you need it.

The ingredients were fresh and the burner kept burning until we finished.

As for the beef rice, it comes in a nice paper box with the beef separated in a plastic tray.

The beef was in this sweet onion gravy which tasted like oyster sauce.
Compared to Yoshinoya (a chain in Hong Kong that specializes in beef bowls), the beef was not as beefy but the presentation was neater.

Masala McWings at Hong Kong's McDonalds

At McDonalds, they had Masala McWings which was new so I tried it.
The ones I got were a bit dry and the taste was more like salty chicken tikka.

Hong Kong McDonald's self ordering kiosk

Queues, queues, I hate queues.

This has solved the problem partially but you still have to wait for the food.

Supermarkets in HK should have more self check out tills like UK.

Anyway, if you have used the create your burger kiosk before, it is much the same.

You choose what you want and pay.

Please select "an" payment method???

I still had to wait quite a while anyway, but at least it makes you feel better without having to wait for indecisive people ordering in front of you.

The chocolate pie was quite nice filled with a hot thick chocolate paste.
It was launched before in 2009 but the size was smaller.

Photo of the chocolate pie in 2009.

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