Monday, September 30, 2019

[Review] Amazing Fish and Chips at Dolphin Fish Bar

Fish and Chips is a national dish so obviously you will find it everywhere in UK.

There is nothing like a good fish and chip with lashings of salt and vinegar.

Dolphin Fish Bar is raved as the best in Eastbourne, it is family run and has been around for over 40 years.

The location was a bit off the radar for me as I don't have a car but I am so glad I finally tried it.

When you walk in, you are greeted by the typical glass cabinet, pickled eggs etc.
The menu is behind the counter.

Without further ado, I ordered the cod and chips with curry sauce.
There are other fishes available but for starters I felt I had to have the cod.

It took a while to come but it was totally worth the wait!!!!

Before even trying it, it was visually impressive.
Every chip was uniformly blonde and perfect.

The fish was evenly coated and the batter had an even coat that was just the right thickness.

After taking pictures, I just dived in, every chip was so delicious, it was soft and fluffy inside with a strong potato taste.
The fish was more than perfect, the cod was flakey and chunky inside the crispy batter.

As for the curry sauce, every chippie has it's own recipe so it depends if you prefer the sauce sweeter, spicier etc.

Basically it was so damn good, I could have it every day if I was nearby!
86 Seaside
East Sussex
BN22 7QP
Tel: 01323 722813

[Preview] The Haberdashers Kitchen

The Haberdashers Kitchen is situated on the 1st floor of Closs & Hamblin in Eastbourne.
As well as Eastbourne, you will also find it in Brighton, Winchester and Canterbury.

Although I didn't try it that day, but as a foodie I was captivated by the delicious cake selection, fresh soups, light lunches, made to order sandwiches and hand crafted teas and coffees.

The decor is like a cosy yet spacious tea room with pretty crockery.

[Review] Vegan Roast at The Victoria Hotel

Quoted from The Victoria Hotel;

[The Victoria Hotel, tucked away in a quiet street near Eastbourne's glorious seafront, has a very welcoming atmosphere and serves up a fine selection of Harveys Ales, including championship winning Best Bitter and a host of seasonal ales.]

I was recommended this pub which is located on the ground floor of The Victoria Hotel by some vegan friends who eat here regularly.

There is nothing like a Sunday roast and here they have Vegan Sunday roast as well as a section on the menu dedicated to vegans!

The Victoria Hotel is at a lovely location near the seafront among some residential houses.
Inside, the decor is instaworthy with a quirky mannequin inside the iconic red phone booth!

Every corner has something that catches your eyes!

Back to the food, as it was Sunday I was there for the Vegan roast which is available with a choice of nut roast or Quorn.
Quorn was sold out that day so I had the Nut Roast.

There were three sizes, Regular, Small and Children's.

Ordered the Regular and small.


Having ordered the small, it was very substantial portion in size.

On the plate were roast potatoes, vegan Yorkshire, Swede, gravy, beans, cabbage, stuffing and Nut Roast.
The crucial element had to be the gravy which gives it that roast dinner touch.
As for the vegan Yorkshire, the texture is denser compared to the non vegan version.
The nut roast was very filling flavoured with curry like spices.

Overall very satisfying and I appreciate the vegetarian and Vegan menu offerings.
I was too full for dessert but tried a tweeny bit of the vegan brownie and icecream.
The vegan brownie was rich, soft and sugary while the vegan icecream had an almond taste.
Tea was served with a biscuit.

Will definitely return if I am in the area.

Address: 27 Latimer Rd, Eastbourne BN22 7BU
Phone: 01323 722673

[Review] Thayer's Real Dairy Ice Cream

I was on my way to a pub in the Seaside area and discovered this.
To be honest, this ice cream shop has been here for more than 40 years but as a child I wasn't really foodie and all I did was hang around in town.

Anyway, better late and never.

Behind this ice cream joint is the famous Italian Fusciardi's another gelato parlour which can be tried later but my priority was Thayer's!!!

It was a relaxed ice cream joint with so many ice creams to choose from and they have soft ice/ softie / softserve which is made in house with Jersey Milk so it is expected to be creamy.

There are a few tables so you can dine in!

Having all these ice cream choices was a treat.

I picked Cinnamon and Rhubarb ginger.

There were also the usual like Pistachio, salted caramel etc which are available in the city.

The ice cream texture was to my liking and it was thick, gooey and mastic like Turkish Ice Cream.

The rhubarb ginger (left) was a surprise as it was loaded with crystallized ginger, although the rhubarb wasn't really prominent, the overall flavour was good.

The other scoop was cinnamon (right), also good but it got outshone by the rhubarb ginger so if I were to choose cinnamon again, it should be paired with something lighter.

Thayer's Real Dairy Ice Cream:
7 Seaside, Eastbourne BN22 7NB
Phone: 01323 641906

Friday, September 27, 2019

[McDonald's Review] The Indian Chicken - Great Tastes of the World

UKs McDonald The Indian Chicken is Two pieces of succulent crispy chicken with a sweet and sticky onion relish, in-between a garlic naan.

I wasn't really keen on trying it but tried it anyway.

Overall, I found the naan too dry and it broke too easily.

The sticky onion relish was very tart and the mango taste was stronger.

There was also some white sauce which was really garlicky so the burger as a whole tasted more Greek than Indian.

As for the chicken it was basically [Chicken Selects] which are strips of tender chicken breasts.

The chicken was a bit too dry and chewy for my liking.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

2/3 Dolci starring at Cafe Deco Pizzeria

Cafe Deco Pizzeria has been around for ages.
There was a branch at Sheung Wan which I didn't get to visit. 

Previously they were on the 1st floor of elements and now they have moved to the 2nd floor next to the cinema. 

When I arrived, I was greeted with a gelato cabinet which happened to be my favourite gelato brand 2/3 Dolci. 

Their pistachio gelato is highly recommended. 
As I was early, I had the salted caramel milkshake which is made with 2 scoops of 2/3 Dolci gelato.

Crostini plate: This was a nice light assortment of crab and salmon on crostini.

Steak Tartare: The steak tartare is highly recommended as there was a nice balanced taste with tart pickles.

Roasted Octopus: Not what I expect to find on the menu but I liked it because of the Mediterranean twist with olives etc.

Pork cheeks cavatalli: It was a creative combination of olives which was really moreish as the sauce was tangy and just the thing for summer.

From the choice of 10 pizzas, we reduced it down to two!
The Japanese free range egg with smoked tuna belly pizza and the M6 Wagyu beef and prawn.

Japanese free range egg with smoked tuna belly pizza:
The tuna belly pizza was really tasty enhanced by the egg and Shichimi oil which gives it a spicy exotic flare.

M6 Wagyu beef and prawn:

Desserts are a must and they have the latest souffle pancakes but my favourite was the cheesecake which was presented in a deconstructed way wrapped in fruit jelly.
The fighting flavours:
Salted caramel mousse with candied peanuts.

The best of both worlds (cheesecake):

Souffle pancakes: Original and Matcha.

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