Monday, July 16, 2018

[AMMO x B.Duck Round the World Afternoon Tea]

AMMO - A short form for Asia, Modern, Museum and Original, AMMO is an award-winning, contemporary tapas bar and restaurant located in the stunning heritage site of a former 19th century explosives compound.

As well as explosives, the name AMMO makes me think of ammunition and soldiers in camouflage.

If it wasn't for the [AMMO x B.Duck Round the World Afternoon Tea], I wouldn't have visited this lovely spot hidden at the back of Admiralty.

I knew I was going to like the tea set because it had donuts, scones and burgers.

The adorable B.Duck has floated to AMMO this summer!

From now to 31st Aug, travel around the world with B.Duck at AMMO with sweet & savoury treats that represent the different countries.

Sweet Treats:
Japan - Matcha Tiramisu
Singapore - Sugar Cane Donuts
France - B.Duck Macarons
Korea - Mini Strawberry Ice Cream
England - Scones with Jam and Clotted Cream

Savoury Treats:
United States - Mini USDA Beef Cheese Burgers
China - Spring Rolls with Sweet Chili Sauce
Mexico - Mini Beef Tacos

When you arrive, there are some cute B.Duck mugs on table for you to choose when having tea where you also get to choose from the tray of tea forte tea bags.

The tea set was just adorable especially the cute burgers and strawberry icecream so the whole thing was easily instaworthy.

As always, I always eat the savoury items first and evidently I liked the burgers as they were tasty.

In the Sweet selection, I liked the variety as it was all my favourite items such as scones and donuts.

The Sugar Cane donuts were yellow inside with golden jam so they were a little different from English donuts which are white inside.

All the items were not too sweet which was impressive,
It was just fun placing the burger and macaron side by side.

You get to take home the special edition angelic white AMMO x B.Duck floating duck! (first come first served basis while stocks last.)

After having the [AMMO x B.Duck Round the World Afternoon Tea], you can join the hunt and win a [Round the World B.Duck Money Bank] worth $268.

Only one prize issued each day so be the first to win or be quacked!!

The hunt is great way to explore the stunning heritage site of the former 19th century explosives compound.

 One of the ten ducks that you have to find!

By showing the [B.Duck Round the World Afternoon Tea] receipt, you can enjoy 15% discount off B.Duck products at Asia Society Hong Kong Center.

Date: From now till 31/08/2018
Location: Asia Society HK Center, 9 Justice Drive, Admiralty, HK

Saturday, July 07, 2018

2018 McDonald's D24 Durian McFlurry in Hong Kong

Hong Kong McDonald's launched the durian McFlurry on July 5th which is available in Hong Kong and Macao.
It will only be available for two weeks but surprisingly it was sold out within two days of launch!

You either hate or love Durian like Marmite!
The D24 Durian McFlurry was launched in Malaysia last year so it is not new but new to Hong Kong and Singapore.

I tried it on the first day.

On the menu, there are two options, the standard one for HKD25 and the Deluxe one with extra durian for HKD40.

I ordered the HKD40 where I was given a separate tub of Durian.

To be honest, the durian was not fresh durian but durian puree with tiny shreds of durian in it.
Sadly, the durian puree was sweetened so the extra dose of durian puree didn't give me pleasure but extra goddamn sweetness!

If I knew the durian was sweetened, the standard Durian McFlurry would have been good enough and it is really weird why they had to sweeten it as Durian is naturally sweet anyway.

Spicy Beef Burger 2018: McDonalds Hong Kong

McDonald's have launched the Spicy beef burger for the FIFA world cup season.
It has four slices of thin square beef patties in the middle with Malagueta chili sauce.


It is quite a spicy burger but it was delicious as it tastes like chili con carne and the beef patty itself is spicy too.

The spicy beef patty is similar to Grubers Jalapeno where the chili and beef are blended together as a patty.

McDonalds's Shrek x Spicy Beef Burger 2015:
McDonalds's Spicy Beef Burger 2014

Flamingo Bloom is blooming at IFC

On my first visit, I knew this tea brand was going to be a success from the branding, decor and design. Now they have opened a third branch at IFC!!!!!

It is so amazing that they have their own flip flops which I got today for only $19 with any drink above $33. [on promotion till the 8th]
The flipflops are so comfy too because they are curved and light!!

Anyway, the rose oolong was satisfying as the tea flavour and rose were balanced. There was a nice caramel aftertaste. Also had the Jasmine Lychee which is good on a hot day because it was sweet and blended with ice into a slush.

Flamingo Bloom:
Shop 1032, IFC, 1 Harbour View Street, Central

Ding Dim 1968 has moved!!

It has been 4 years since I dined at Ding Dim and 4 years later they have moved to a bigger and better location on Wyndham Street. This new location is an advantage as there are no other dimsums nearby except Dragon I.

The menu is much the same but I like the dimsum sets which has most of the popular dimsums for sampling at $85 with vegetarian options.

The dimsums came pretty fast after giving them my order.
I love the hargaus as each one was plump and springy loaded with fresh prawns.

My next favourite was the fried dumplings with foie gras, a lovely dumpling that brings back memories of my visit on Elgin.

The pan fried sweet and sour beef patty was really appetizing especially the sweet and sour sauce which tastes just as good as the sweet and sour in Chinatown.

I was nice and full after I had the steamed spare rib rice.

Ding Dim 1968
G/F, 59 Wyndham Street, Central

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Chua Lam's Pho at 蔡瀾 pho

Chua Lam is a famous Singaporean columnist and food critic.
All that springs to my mind is pork lard with rice when I hear his name.

On the 5th July 2018, [Chua Lam's Pho] in Central will be serving hearty bowls of Vietnamese Pho noodles.

The Vietnamese pho is a secret recipe from Melbourne's Pho Dung, which is Chua Lam's favourite pho hence the reason he brought it to Hong Kong.

At [Chua Lam's Pho], it is probably the only pho restaurant in Hong Kong which has the machinery to make fresh Pho noodles.

I had the Special Beef Pho which was served with a side of beanshoots and herbs.

Before I tried anything, I tried the broth which was light with a natrual sweetness that was not lingering.
Then I tried the pho noodles which were amazing as they were really silky and soft yet held together when you picked them up with chopsticks.

The pho is slightly thinner compared to other pho I have tried but the texture was really good.
After adding the Basil and chili, everything came together nicely.
For big eaters like me, you can get refills at no extra cost so YES PLEASE!!!

For drinks, the Vietnamese Coffee (Cold) was really good as there was no strange aftertaste and the Vietnamese Colourful coconut ice is worth checking out too.
There is also the Vietnamese Drip Coffee which is layered with condensed milk at the bottom of the cup.

Definitely coming back for more pho!

Chua Lam's Pho [蔡瀾 pho ]
15 - 25 Wellington Street
Central District, Hong Kong
Tel: 2325 9117

Sunday, July 01, 2018

Woo Hooo! Moo Moo Burgers

At the moment, everyone is looking for a spot to watch the world cup.
Luckily I found out about this new joint as my friend works at the AIA building round the corner. Before the crowd came, my mission was to try their burgers as food is my priority!!!
I simply love the decor because you can notice it when you come round the corner from How Ming Street.
You will see this neon green logo of a burger on top of a milkshake.

If you come through the other door, you will see a sign pointing you to the left. (Note picture was taken from the other side)

Inside, it was relaxing and there are lots of plugs and USB ports.

What made me feel at home was the London Street Sign which has a meaning. M1 is the first branch, hence when they have a second branch it will be M2!

During the world cup, there are different burgers each week to represent the different countries.

The trophies are good for selfies.

For burgers, I had The Classic and the Sexy Chick (Chicken).
The classic patty is made of Premium Angus beef which was juicy and tasty and the secret sauce was so good because it was moreish.
It had caramelized diced onions and bacon which made it delicious.

The Sexy Chick had a spicy kick to it and the chicken was lean and tender.

For fries, there were plain, Bolognese and Poutine.
The poutine was definitely my choice to satisfy my gravy and cheese cravings.

Finished with milkshakes because milkshakes is their signature as well as burgers from their logo. The vanilla one was impressive because there was a strong vanilla taste and it was not too sweet.
The peach tea was a surprise as you could taste some peach juice in it.

After indulging on the food, it was nearly time for the match, my friend had the shisha.

While my friend was having the shisha, the place was getting packed already.

Overall, I had a great time and I shall be back to explore the other eateries at Hung To Centre.



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