Saturday, March 31, 2018

[Pinot Duck] Duck Duck Ducktastic

Pinot duck has been serving duck dishes since 2015 in Stanley before the recent duck trend with places like MC DXXK, Forbxden Duck, etc.
With Charlies Restaurant in WC gone (my favourite Chinatown British style Peking Duck), Pinot Duck is one of the good ducks to replace it I suppose.
They serve almost anything ranging from Peking Duck to Modern duck dishes such as Crispy duck wings, duck lollipops, duck liver pate to duck risotto.

I was overwhelmed to learn that a second branch had just opened in Wanchai because Stanley is a bit of a trek and more people can finally try it.
With its new location in Wanchai, the place where everything happens, it is now time to for it to shine and the menu is bigger and better with more duck dishes than ever.
Next stop Michelin??

As I have already dined twice at the Stanley branch, I decided to try the new dishes but the one dish I had to order again was the Crispy Duck wings!!!!

Here was what I had:
Crispy Duck Wings tossed in Sichuan pepper and cumin seasoning:
This is probably the only restaurant in HK that serves meaty and divine duck wings. They are extremely crispy and tasty especially with the unique Sichuan pepper and cumin seasoning.

Xi'an Lamb Skewers:
This was a non duck dish but it was amazing because the chunks of lamb were juicy and tender and the yoghurt wasabi dip was fantastic as I never expected yoghurt and wasabi could taste that good together.
The dip was a good marriage of the East and the Middle East since yoghurt is always paired with lamb.

Classic Peking Duck:
As well as Hoi Sin sauce, they also serve it with black pepper sauce, crispy garlic and minced garlic which makes sense because lots of duck dishes are served with black pepper sauce so you can have fun and experiment on the sauces.
Personally, I liked having my pancakes with hoisin sauce and cucumber and the pancakes were very satisfying because the texture was elastic and springy and holds everything together well.

Pan Fried Duck with Sichuan Spices and Lychee hawthorn:
I ordered this because the Sichuan Spices and Lychee hawthorn was an interesting combination.
When it came, it was duck breast slices topped with lychee and hawthorn.
The taste was like sweet and sour with a twist of fragrant Sichuan pepper and sweet lychee contrasted by the tartness of the Hawthorn berries!
Personally, I found this dish really good with plain rice.

Duck Fried Rice:
The duck fried rice was well executed with juicy pieces of pineapple and finely chopped spring onion.
It had a prominent charred aroma (wok hei) to it and they use Vietnamese Rice which is soft and fragrant.

For desserts I went for the two new items, the Rolling Donkey and the Golden Almond Fingers.

Rolling Donkey:
The presentation of this was a surprise, it was glutinous rice mochi pieces covered in coconut shreds and crushed peanuts inside a black and white chocolate shell which you break.
Eating the mochi pieces and chocolate pieces were so good together because you get the sweetness from the chocolate which isn't too sweet and the coconut shreds reminded me of the Bounty Chocolate bar.

Golden Almond Fingers:
This was a playful twist from fried milk replaced with almond milk. Inside the golden crispy batter was this silky sweet almond pudding filling.
It would be great if there was some sort of punchy sauce on the side or partially drizzled on top like Passionfruit or Cherry to complement it.

I plan to try this again during lunch too see how their lunch menu fares and hopefully go here again with friends in the near future!!!!!

[Pinot Duck] - Wan Chai
-Ground Floor, 18 Lun Fat Street
Wanchai, Hong Kong
 +852 2570 5928

[Pinot Duck] - Stanley
-Shop G07 The Piazza, Stanley Plaza
23 Carmel Road, Stanley, Hong Kong
+852 2772 0060

Opening Hours: Mon - Sun 12 nn - 10pm

Friday, March 30, 2018

[Sun Curry] Star Street is never gloomy with Sun Curry

Discovered this new curry joint on Star Street when I was going to Maison ES recently.
The curry joint stood out because of the hippy style flowery SUN logo and the bright LED star.

Finally went there during Easter.
On the menu, there is a simple choice of curry which is paired with rice, noodle, vermicelli, flat rice noodle and udon.
They also specialize in Beef Brisket too, there is ordinary beef brisket and the Superb Beef brisket which is in limited supply each day.
I was really chuffed to see Lemon Chicken, Curry Fishballs and Fried Ice Cream on the menu.
It really felt like going to my local Chinese Takeaway in UK because curry and lemon chicken are popular picks.

Tried the Lemon Chicken and Beef Curry.
At first, I thought the curry tasted like Japanese curry but then it tasted like Pakistani curry which is very spicy.

Also tried a bit of the Superb beef brisket which was very soft and that beef broth it was in was amazing so I would recommend their beef brisket noodles as well.

The lemon chicken in appetizing lemon sauce was comforting and healthier because it was pan fried and not the deep fried version.

I really enjoyed my curry fix so I will be back for the fried ice cream and I secretly wish fried apple / banana is going to be on the menu and sweet and sour chicken too!!!
As you can imagine, this joint is very popular with residents and people working nearby.

[Sun Curry]
2C Star Street, Wanchai
Tel: 24123423

[Macau] Brazilian Carnival fun at FW Rio Grill & Seafood Market

When you take the ferry to Macau, the first thing that can't be missed is Fishermans Wharf.
Fishermans Wharf is like a world of its own with a mini Cape Town, Roman style amphitheater, Shakespearean buildings and Amsterdam narrow houses.
Roman style amphitheater:

Amsterdam style narrow houses:

Shakespearean style buildings:

After taking a walk at each place, I went to the opening of the new FW Rio Grill & Seafood Market restaurant.
It started off with a spectacular Brazilian carnival and Samba Parade which is on everyday until 2nd April 2018 at the following times: 12:30am, 18:00pm & 19:15pm.

You can get the best view of the Macau harbour whilst dining there as both floors are overlooking the harbour.

FW Seafood Market on the ground floor provides cozy dining area and seaside terrace, featuring fresh seafood that allow guests to pick and select the way to be served according to their preferences.

That night, we tried FW Rio Grill on the upper level which offers All you can eat Brazilian BBQ Buffet at attractive prices.

Freshly grilled meats are continuously brought out and served to guests at their table as long as the wooden peg is green on the top while red means your full.
All meats are grilled in this big grill flown over from Brazil.

Beef Rib:


All the grilled meats I have tried were really good especially the pork ribs and the grilled juicy pineapple which must not be missed with all that scrumptious cinnamon sprinkled on.

As well as meat, there was a wide buffet selection with seafood, fine cheeses, hams and a good selection of salads.

I am definitely coming back with friends to chill out.
FW Rio Grill & Seafood Market
Business Hours: 07:00 - 24:00
Tel: (853) 8799 6338
Location: Cape Town, Macau Fisherman’s Wharf

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Easter at [Assaggio Trattoria Italiana]

Easter is all about Eggs hence Assaggio are doing an Egg themed menu available from 26/3 – 29/4 in the evenings.

There is a Sunny Egg Combo or you can order the items a la carte.

Using good eggs are important for the best taste, hence they have chosen to use organic eggs from Sunny Queen Farms where the chickens are not caged.

PIZZA GOURMET Parma Ham, Spinach, Truffle Sauce, Soft-baked Egg

It had all my favourite ingredients, so I clearly liked it and I liked the way there was more spinach beneath the cheese as well on top which makes it healthy as well as delicious complemented by the parma ham and egg yolk.
HOMEMADE TAGLIONLI EGG PASTA with Black Truffle Sauce and Golden Egg

I love the freshly made pasta at Assaggio and with the use of Sunny Eggs, the pasta is even more eggy in taste complimented by the golden egg on top.
As well as the egg dishes, the grilled chicken which was divine.
The smell and taste was almost like chicken from Nandos in the UK but lacking peri peri sauce.


Finished with the caramel pudding which was thick, creamy and rich.
Easter colouring by me!

Italians celebrate Easter by eating the Torta Pasqualina, a traditional Italian Easter pie with Spinach and cheese sauce.

The Torta Pasqualina will only be available at the Easter Sunday Seafood Buffet Brunch on April the 1st!
Kids can also participate in the Easter Egg Hunt to win Organic Free Range Eggs and souvenirs from Australia’s Sunny Queen Farm.

Easter Sunday Seafood Buffet Brunch
Date: 1 April
Time: 11:30AM-3:30PM
Price: $488*/Adult; $388*/Child (Age 3-11)
Assaggio Trattoria Italiana (Wanchai)
6/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre, 2 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong Reservations : +852 2877 3999

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