Thursday, July 31, 2014

Refreshing yoghurt cakes

I must say I am impressed with these new yoghurt cakes. (British spelling : yoghurt).

There are two flavours:
Passionfruit and mango

Mixed berry

Each cake comes with fruit syrup which you pour on top.

I was lucky to try both flavours because my friend wanted to try the mango one and I wanted to try the berry one.
Again, it depends on your preference which one your likely going to like.
For me, I preferred the berry one.

It is recommended that you pour the sauces on top of the cake, remove the film and let it drizzle over the side.

We did just that for the mango because my friend loves mango.

Inside this cake, there was fresh mango, soft cake with mango and passionfruit mousse on the outside.
The flavours in this cake was strong and refreshing with tones of sweet mango and passionfruit.

Then we tried the Berry yoghurt cake which I thought was the best.

I loved the pure white colour of the yoghurt mousse.
The soft cake and light yoghurt mousse were just delicious enhanced by the berry sauce.
In the middle, there were more berries to give it flavour.

To summarize, these cakes are fun and delicious because you can decide how much sauce to put on it.

Pantry Bread & Pastries has now moved to Wan Chai

Previously tried this place at Causeway Bay and I remembered the difficulty in carrying the cakes on the busy streets of Hong Kong.

They are now in Wan Chai.

As they had hot dogs I tried that and I will be back for the cakes.
Hot dog:

There was a choice of baguette or milk bread for the hot dog and you can choose the normal frank or the spicy one.
The dog was eight inches and the bun was a mere 3 inches, so if you don't like carbs then this would be great but then dogs are made with the usual ..........
Anyway, the taste of the hotdog was ok but the skin was a bit elastic and the hotdog went nicely with the tomato ketchup, mustard and onions.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Thai style milk tea at Grand Avenue Thai Cafe

I am not a fan of Hong Kong style milk tea but the tea here was good because it was Thai style milk tea.

It was served in a metal mug which is better than those thick rimmed Hong Kong style cups and there was a colourful straw too.

As for the taste, I found it very pleasant because it did not have the bitterness and heaviness from the condensed milk used in Hong Kong style teas.

To go with the tea I had the Thai fish cakes which was also pleasing because the lemongrass was not strong and it was thinly sliced.

The menu here is designed like a newspaper.

There are lots of drinks to choose from.

Grand Avenue Thai Café (Tsuen Wan)

Durian icecream blind tasting : Musang King

Attended a blind testing for Durian icecream.

There were eight different brands that we tried and we wrote down our comments on the sheet as shown.

After all eight were tested, our sheets were collected and the results were revealed.

For this particular icecream, my comments were:
Natural durian taste with a medium aftertaste.
The texture was smooth but slightly icy.
The colour of this icecream was creamy light yellow.

I will definitely go and try their desserts because they have just opened a branch at Causeway bay so you don't have to travel all the way to Yuen Long!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New look and new burgers at Caliburger

Burger joints have been popping up in Wan Chai lately so Caliburger is in serious competition.
Walked past the other day and discovered some new burgers and the front area had changed.

Here is the new look~!

At each table, there was this huge bottle of Tabasco sauce!!

The new menu is more concise and offers fish and chicken which is great for non beef lovers like me!

Caliburger is also on instagram so you can hashtag your photos or videos for a chance to win free meal @caliburger_hk

Here was what I had.

The Vanilla Milkshake was a classic, I fell in love with that the first time I came here because it is mixed with dreamy icecream~!
They also have spiked milkshakes with peanut butter jelly.

Then I had the Snapper Fillet Burger, which was a huge fish fillet in a soft bun.

The bun itself was big too, so I had to eat it carefully!!
But anyway, as you can see, the fish was succulent and soft as the picture shows with a lovely light crisp breadcrumb coating.
It was paired deliciously with their homemade tartar sauce which was refreshing but not too heavy.

My colleague had the Chicken Burger which had a piece of chicken breast in the middle.

I tried the chicken and it was a little dry but it went well with the sauce which was creamy with onions in it.

Lastly we shared the Chilli Cheese Fries which were crispy, coated in fiery meat sauce with cheese.


Monday, July 28, 2014

Drinks at check-in taipei

Only came here because it was hot outside and this place was serving drinks in the afternoon.

Menu is simple!
Drinks only!!!!!

Earl Grey :


Basically the tea was Taiwanese style Earl Grey, but it tasted too milky with too much milk powder/creamer added in it and the Earl Grey taste was not prominent.
Although it was not my cup of tea, it was nice to dine there and get away from the bloody hot weather.

Quick stop for soba noodles at Jp Deli

I came here because I wanted something not filling and the soba noodles were ideal for my huge appetite.
After that, I was ready to eat something else.

JP Deli is located conveniently in Sheung Wan close to Central.

They serve a wide variety of bentos ranging from fried chicken, omelettes and curries.

Soba noodles with chicken meatballs:

The soba noodles were really nice but the broth was a bit salty.
In the broth, there was sweetcorn and seaweed that made the noodles more tasty.
However the only thing that let it down were the chicken meatballs which I felt were not that fresh because they had a foul taste.
It is really hard for chicken to have a foul taste so I suspect it had been cooked or refridgerated for a few days.

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