Monday, December 25, 2017

[Cafe 1980s] Pineapple bun and with durian??

Decided to try the pineapple bun filled with durian as it was recommended to me by the staff.

To be honest, I don't like pineapple buns because of the weird buttery crumble on top.
The pineapple bun here is sliced and stuffed with a scoop of D24 durian icecream and creamy durian filling.
It was simply delicious because the creamy durian puree tasted delicious with the bottom half of the soft bun.
The icecream is good too but it gets in the way so I had it separately.

[Thai Bin Lo] Thai style hot pot

If you like Thai food, I think this is a great place for hotpot because the appetizer, dessert and drinks cabinet is all you can eat including chicken, Thai salad, etc.

For the main hotpot broth, you get a choice of Thai style soups such as tom yum kung, coconut chicken, curry etc.
I chose two because it was only $10 extra for two different pots.

For me, the best bit were the noodles because they have Thai Mama noodles and Cambodian noodles which I had first before the broth get oily.

With the Cambodian noodles, I like the way, the softness of the noodles is up to me.

It was nice eating out of bamboo bowls for a change.
Both noodles were good but I prefer the Instant noodles.

After having the noodles, it was time for the beef and seafood.

You get half a grey mullet which goes nicely in the tomyumkung as the strong broth balances the strong flavour of this fish.
I put the pandan leaves in the coconut pot which were used to garnish the seafood platter and it enhanced the coconut broth even more because pandan and coconut always go well together.

The huge oysters didn't shrink in the hotpot and they had a very strong taste to it.

For drinks had the fizzy cucumber which was refreshing and soothes the spicy food.
As well as the hotpot I was really satisfied with the appetizer bar so I hope to come again soon.
[Thai Bin Lo]:
9/F, King Wah Centre, 628 Nathan Road, Mong Kok

[Best of British 2017] Summary

The Best of British Hong Kong celebrates and showcases the UK’s culture and capabilities in one of the world’s most dynamic and exciting cities!
Best of British Hong Kong has been up and running since 2015 and it is getting bigger and better every year.
The first year, it was very small held at Chater Garden and now it is taking up the most of Tamar park with lots of activities and food stalls.

To buy food, you have to get cash coupons at the counter.

The cash coupons are in pounds £, the funny thing is $10 = £10 so the food prices look funny!
Imagine Mac n Cheese, Scotch eggs for 60 quid!!

As a foodie, it was a really hard decision because there were so many food stalls serving all my favourites such as pies, mac and cheese etc and the participating stalls were recognized restaurants such as Jamie Oliver, Shoreditch, Chips Republic, Golden Pig.

In the end I had the pork apple burger with black pudding, chicken and leek pie and the roast wrap.

Pork and apple burger with black pudding from The Golden Pig:

Roast Wrap from the House of Yorkshire:
I was disappointed with this wrap because I thought it was going to be the Yorkshire pudding wrap which is trending in UK but it was just an ordinary pancake wrap!
Although the wrap was disappointing, the fillings were delicious with kale, roast potatoes, gravy, horse radish and meat. 

Chicken and leek pie from The Golden Pig:
One of the fun activities this year was having fun inside British Airways snow globe.

That's a wrap this year!!

Best of British Hong Kong:

[DALLOYAU Cafe] More than just sweet treats at this Cafe

DALLOYAU which used to offer just Macarons and cakes now serve a good range of comfort dishes at the new Pacific Place branch on the third floor.

The cake selection is as good as always and it is impressive that they have a gluten free cake as a choice.

As it was a cold day, we started with soups:
Parisian vegetable soup:

To most people, it looks like finely diced vegetables but I really liked it because it was light and tasty consomme.
Onion soup with cheese toast:

The onion soup was also good because it was sweet with a concentrated onion taste that wasn't too salty.
Lobster soup:

Lobster salad Religieuse:

This was a savory version of the Religieuse dessert, the top choux is stuffed with avocado while the bottom choux is filled with lobster.
Baked scallop:

duck confit opera:

This is a close up to show the beautiful layers.
Norwegian salmon roll:

The salmon roll is so much more stunning than the photo because it is wrapped in a delicious clear savory jelly.
In the middle there is a poached egg with a runny yolk which makes it evilicious and gives it a surprise to someone who is having it for the first time.
The gem lettuce on the side has been drizzled with lemon juice so it is really appetizing.
Duck leg confit:

Next was the signature duck leg confit, the meat was soft and supple that it came off the bones easily.
Croque Monsieur:

I had to get the Croque Monsieur because I just love cheese and ham.

Finished with a scones because scones and cream are irresistible.
Also had other cakes and drinks.
The Earl Grey and chocolate was a wonderful hot drink to end dinner.
chocolate truffle opera:
Mille feuille chataignes et clementines:

Christmas Log Chocolat Orangette:

Shop 325B, L3, Pacific Place, Admiralty, Hong Kong

Friday, December 22, 2017

[Kee Wah Bakery] Christmas 2017

This year, I received another big box for Christmas and it was from Kee Wah Bakery.
It was filled with sweet treats.

The cookies by Kee Wah Bakery has an element of creativity in it where you can decorate them with icing sugar pens.
In the box, there are three different flavours: chocolate, ginger and cinnamon in three different shapes Christmas tee, heart and a star. There are two icing sugar pens for you to decorate them.

At first, I thought the icing sugar was stuck but you have to put them in hot water to melt the icing inside.

Cookies decorated by me:

All the flavours were good, my favourite was the ginger and cinnamon and the icing sugar adds an extra sweetness to it.

The Christmas bauble was filled with my favourite nougat and ginger candies which are so moreish that you finish them as soon as they are opened.

[Fûhn] North American Pho satisfied here

In UK, I had no fuss or complaints with Vietnamese food but I found myself avoiding it in HK because the quality and taste is so different from UK.Recently heard of Co Thánh but it didn't really motivate me, but Fûhn did because they specialize in North American Pho which I have always wanted to try. The reason why Fuhn appealed to me is that CBCs, ABCs and celebs are always raving about how good the pho is over there just like how the texture and taste of ricerolls and noodles are more elastic and not sweet by default in UK. The noodles are served with herbs such as basil, perilla, fish mint, rice patty herb, which you can add according to your preference.

You also get a side of beanshoots, chili and lime for the noodles. The beanshoots are impressive because each one has had the top and tail removed so they look clean and fresh.

Moving onto the noodles, we got the XXL special beef pho where the bowl is so big that it takes up most of the table and the chopsticks and spoon seem tiny in proportion.
This is the size you would get in the US and Canada.

Tried the broth first which instantly got me hooked because of the strong herbs yet the broth was clear and light free from a layer of oil. It was savory and not sweet like Hong Kong phos and the noodles were just right flavoured with that broth. The noodles were topped with thinly sliced onions, raw beef, cooked beef, beef tendons, beef balls and beef tripe. I really liked the beef tripe because it was sliced to about 4mm so it hung more soup and it was less chewy to chew!!

We also had a platter and the prawn cakes were the best, they were tasty and fluffy with chunks of prawn in it which tastes like the prawn paste they use in UK's sesame prawn toasts served in Chinese joints.

Finished with avocado milkshake and Vietnamese ice blended coffee, both did not disappoint but there was tomato smoothie on the menu too so it will be on my drink list on the next visit, so will the chicken noodles.

On Fridays and Saturdays, it will never be too late for pho as they close at 4am!!!!!!

1/F The L Square,

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