Thursday, August 30, 2018

[Tristar Kitchen] twinkling bright in Shatin

Fell in love with Tristar when they first opened in CWB so I decided to try this one instead of the new branch at Wanchai because the menu offers more here!!

Since I travelled all the way to Shatin, I decided to try the Taiwanese steamed buns and Shaved ice as well as the noodles!
On the menu, they offer you a choice of three different noodles including thick and thin because some people can be quite particular about them.
Just like the celebrity kiki noodles, they have thin and thick.

For noodles, ordered two alcoholic ones: hua diao wine and the Kavalan Single Malt Noodles.

The Kavalan Single Malt Noodles were a shock as I didn't realize there would be flames!!

First they torch the beef slices so that they are cooked then they add some malt and flambee the noodles.

Compared to the standard beef noodles, the whisky gives it a sophisticated aroma and malty taste to the broth and the malt that they sprinkle on top enhances the taste even more.

As for the [hua diao wine beef noodles], the broth was on the sweet side and I chose the thin noodles so that it would absorb the broth.

For snacks, had the Taiwanese steamed buns which was filled with soft gelatinous beef and preserved vegetables.
The buns were soft and pillowy with satisfying beef in the middle drizzled with sweet gravy.

For dessert, finished with the shaved ice.

I didn't realize it would be that big and you also get extra condensed milk and brown sugar syrup on the side which I didn't use as it was sweet enough.

There are eight toppings to choose from but this was confusing as not all are shown at the counter and the menu doesn't clearly specify which 8 to choose from.

The shaved ice was surprisingly good because the brown sugar syrup that was already on there tasted nice and when it got slushier, the taste was refreshing.
I appreciate the quality brown sugar syrup they used as it wasn't cloyingly sweet and addictive. Overall, it was worth my time checking it out.

Improvements: English descriptions would be helpful on the Menu!
DISCLAIMER: I haven't been to Taiwan before so I am only commenting on the taste.

[Tristar Kitchen 三星台菜食堂]
Shop 128, 1/F, New Town Plaza, 18 Sha Tin Centre Street, Sha Tin

Monday, August 27, 2018

Contemporary Chinese Fare to the next level at [Madame Ching]

Madame Ching is a modern Chinese restaurant and roast house on Star Street.

Their Head Chef Son has done a good job in bringing diners a new way of enjoying Chinese cuisine. He crosses culture and culinary lines which really works.

For drinks, began with the [Drink affogato] and [Iced Lychee and red date tea]. 

Drink affogato: 
[Cream gelato, homemade raspberry sauce, balsamic vinegar and soda water]

Iced Lychee and red date tea:

Here were the dishes that we had: 

General Son Chicken:

This was chunks and big chunks of pure chicken meat in delicious crispy coating smothered in sweet and sticky syrup complemented by the fiery Sichuan peppercorns and chili. I loved it as it was all lean white meat without any bones or fat. 

Brussels Sprout Uni: 

To be honest, I haven't had any uni dishes as good as this! 
I liked the way the uni was laid on the brussels sprout leaves which had a lovely colour contrast as well as taste. 
Beneath the leaves there were some cream and some soy sauce dots which you eat together for a wonderful taste infusion of sweet creamy uni flavoured by the soy sauce. 
All that is then contrasted by the dill and crisp raw brussels sprout leaves that wake you up from the creaminess.

Hamachi Crudo: 

This was simply delicious slices of hamachi drenched in thick moreish sweet and savoury sauce complimented by the chives and red shiso leaves.

Roast Duck:

The roast duck was really comforting and how it should be. It tasted exactly like the ones in UK and you can visibly see it had been uniformly roasted by the colour and the smoothness of the skin.. 
I appreciate the way the thigh bone has been removed except the drumstick bone so you still have an intact quarter duck there. 
The plate was clean and oil free which was really appealing before you even ate it. 
It definitely sends me memories of eating in China Towns so I was really happy.  
The pickles were good too, chunky with a nice crunch and pickled taste. 
I know locals don't appreciate this but I am sick and tired of brittle bones in every bite and being served just skin, fat and bones. 
Brussels Sprouts roasted Jus:

Vegetables are a must and I loved the fact brussels sprouts were on the menu. 
On top they were garnished with crispy shallots!! 
Nice bite size vegetables that you can pop in your mouth.  

For carbs, there was fried rice or the dan dan noodles. 

Had the [Burnt ends Egg Fried Rice] which was soft and fluffy. 

There was something different about the grains of rice, they tasted like Basmati rice/long grain rice although I am not sure.
For dessert, finished with the [Ma Lai Go with Ovaltine Custard]: 

In contrast to the local sponge cake, this one was much better as it was firmer and more cakey. 
As I am English, I crave for cakes all the time and the thick ovaltine custard had a strong malty taste which was insanely delicious with a sweet touch that cured my dessert craving.

To summarize, I was totally impressed with everything and this is how Chinese food should be. FRESH, PRESENTABLE and DELICIOUS 
With the contemporary twists to the dishes, Manuel and the team have successfully made me like some Chinese dishes that I would not normally eat in Hong Kong but definitely would eat here!  Hong Kong is so lucky to have the Pirata Group.

[Madame Ching]
5 Star Street, Wanchai

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Ichigen by the harbour [一幻拉麵 Ebisoba Ichigen]

As well as Wanchai, you can now dine at the Ocean Terminal for Ichigen Ramen.

The new ramen bar is much more spacious and at the far end you have beautiful views of the harbour.

Ichigen specializes in a strong sweet shrimp broth which is prepared daily by boiling incredible amounts of sweet shrimp heads to create the signature Ebisoba.
The Ebi Mazesoba is exclusive at this branch and not even available in Japan!
It is noodles topped with diced BBQ pork, hot spring egg, sweet shrimp flavoured tempura bits, green onions and seaweed .

When you eat it, everything is tossed together so that each strand is covered in aromatic shrimp sauce. The flavours are much intense as the sauce is stronger than the broth.
On the menu, the also have the regular ramen with 3 types of seasoning, miso, salt and soy sauce.

Had the basic noodles which come with a slice of roast pork, half an egg sprinkled with pretty pink crispies made of flour mixed with red ginger and prawn broth.
The broth was rich with unami as expected with a slight bitterness which hung to the noodles well.

As I have previously tried the rice ball, I had the gyozas.
Strangely, they tasted really good with the ramen white pepper on the table.

[一幻拉麵 Ebisoba Ichigen]:
Shop OT G59, G/F, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, 3-27 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Heavenly Lebanese fare at [Mama Malouf]

There are not many Lebanese restaurants around in Hong Kong.
Mama Malouf serves Middle Eastern food with playful modern twists.

After seeing pictures on social media, I knew the food was going to be good because it was similar to the Leb food in London and they also do hummus bowls while the pickles looked promising.

Started with the Mezze which are a must

All my favourite dips with hot and soft flatbread.
The pickles were really refreshing and strong with a good salty and sour kick.


This was chunky liver pieces on creamy feta mayo.


I love anything with Zatar, the more the better and the flatbread was coated with a delicious layer that was aromatic.
The smashed eggplant accompanied it nicely.

This is another must order as the pieces of chicken were chunky and tender on a bed of fluffy rice.
Adding the dip to the rice and chicken makes it taste even better.

The carrots were too pretty to eat, almost as if they were freshly plucked from the soil. Each one was roasted perfectly with a soft centre topped with delicious creamy mayo and ruby pomegranate jewels.

Although it was coffee, It reminded me of Indian masala chai.
The icecream and filo pasty tasted really good together and the delicate filo layers hung the ice cream nicely.
For drinks, had the harissa which tasted like bloody mary.
For improvements, it would be good if you could choose the level of spiciness.

Overall, I loved everything so I will gladly come back if I am in the area.

[Mama Malouf]
93 Catchick Street
Kennedy Town

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Avolatte hits Hong Kong

I am not Athletic but was drawn to Athletic Juice & Espresso Bar because of the avolatte.

Avolatte was first served in Melbourne which caused a stir worldwide.

Athletic Juice & Espresso Bar located on Star Street is one of the first places in Hong Kong to serve it.

As well as Avolatte they have healthy juices and smoothies fit for any sporty or athletic person.

On the sweet side, I had the hot chocolate and S7 Marathon Booster.
The hot chocolate was smooth with a strong cocoa taste that was not too sweet.

The Marathon Booster had all my favourites with Agave, Almond Milk, Avocado, Banana and Coconut Water blended with ice. All of the ingredients were in harmony and I loved the fact it was non dairy and vegan friendly whilst great on a hot day.

The avolatte was the star of the show, I loved the savoury aftertaste in the latte and then you get to eat the rest of the avocado when you are finished.

There are so many choices for juice and smoothies that I will have to come back again.

[Athletic Juice & Espresso Bar]
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