Saturday, January 31, 2015

Not just pretty cookies at Phoenix Sweets

Phoenix Sweets started their first shop at PMQ which drew lots of attention because of the girly pastel mint green decor and lovely cookies.

Now they have a store at Fashion Walk which is convenient for people in the city.
I had two cupcakes at Phoenix sweets, one was yuzu and the other one was cookies and cream.
The yuzu one was quite good because the cream had a strong citrus flavour and the cupcake base was soft and buttery.

As for the cookies and cream I found it a bit too sweet.

Check your bill at Linguini Fini

I was here for the Baked Macheroni Carbonara but luckily the waitor was smart and told me that they are serving rigatoni pasta and not the macaroni as posted on their instagram because I prefer macaroni.

I ordered the hanger steak instead.
hanger steak:

The hanger steak was just delicious, it was soft, juicy and delicious.
Apart from the delicious food, it takes some time for the food to come and getting the bill.
When I got the bill, I realized I was charged for STILL WATER which I did not ask for.
A bottle of water was placed on my table but they did not tell me it was $20 but luckily the guy kindly refunded it and said they should have told me that it was not free.

The bottle was about 1.5 litres in volume which is a bit much for someone dining alone hence the negative review even though the steak is amazing.

Still the best Waffills in town

Since my last visit, this shop has changed so much, there is now a huge seating area.

The menu has expanded from a few items to endless choices.

They have Liege waffles which were not there before and apple filled waffles too.
Cherry waffle:
I went for the cherry waffle because I love cherries.
It was a waffle filled with cherries and it tasted amazing because the cherries were tart and juicy which were delicious encased in the waffle paired with cream.

Belgian Hot chocolate:

The hot chocolate came with the waffle above.
Not a fan of hot chocolate so I would have preferred tea instead.
Ma Cherie:

It was a hard choice for the second waffle because I was deciding between the Belgian waffle and the apple filled waffle, but in the I got this one because I haven't had for ages.
The waffle was light and crisp, not too sweet which was perfectly complemented by the cherries and cream.
There are other choices with this but again I love cherries so I had to choose this.
Going to try the Belgian Flemish Pork Stew and Chicken Fricassee Vol Au Vent next.
G/F 124 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay
T : 2613 9600

More Southern comforts at Smokey joe's

Although I am a Brit, I love American food as well.
I got my American cravings from having Cajun prawns and Southern fried chicken in the UK.

Tried this new joint which is going to be a competitor of 85 South.
Personally I liked the food but I am looking forward to mjhk's review because he is an expert on Southern food.

Went on the wrong night because there are no special deals on Monday so I just got the combo which has a drink, sandwich and a side.
As I was greedy, I ordered an extra side as well, but as the two sides were different prices they calculate the cheaper side with the set and charge the more expensive side separately.

Started off with the Passionfruit lemonade which was quite sweet as well as sour because of the syrups but you could still taste the passionfruit.

The Southern spiced okra was really nice because it was coated in Southern spices but the spices could have been stronger.

The fried pickles was surprisingly good because it was really juicy and not too sour.

For the sandwich I had the maple smoked beef sandwich which had so much beef and it tasted amazing after adding the sauce on the table.

SOHO Phone: 2530 5885

Friday, January 30, 2015

Italian food by M2* Ristorante San Domenico at CUCINA

I was really lucky to have tried Italian dishes by Internationally renowned Italian Chef Valentino Marcattilii from the Michelin two-star Ristorante San Domenico.

As well as fine dishes, there was a beautiful view.

Here was what I had:
Buffalo cheese, steamed lobster, parmesan cookies, tomato water essence

The starter was absolutely beautiful, the buffalo cheese was like soft curds which had a very cheesy taste paired with the Parmesan cookies.
To contrast it was springy lobster and tangy tomato sauce.
Home-made passatelli pasta, chicken consommé

The soup was rich with a highly concentrated chicken taste and the pasta strands were soft and cheesy.
Egg stuffed ravioli, seasonal truffle

The ravioli had a nice runny egg yolk in the middle surrounded by more ricotta cheese and Parmesan sauce which was perfect with bread.

Pan-seared sea bass, polenta, clams sauce, taggiasca olives

Finished with fish which was on a bed of delicious creamy polenta mash and sauce.

For dessert, we had a rich velvety chocolate cake.

Kee Wah's Radish pudding with Betty's XO sauce

This is the third radish pudding I have had this year!
It was spicier than I anticipated.

When I removed the packaging I found a huge chili on top which I thought was garnishing!

After steaming the turnip cake, it was ready to eat.

The texture was quite firm with chunky strips of radish but I found it too spicy so people who like spicy flavours will like this!!

Vegetarian Harvest

Harvester in the UK is a steak house, in Hong Kong it is a vegetarian restaurant!

I have always wanted to try this place but the place deters me from coming because it is really mysterious and you can’t see inside.

I know you can go in and have a look but I don’t liking going into places and saying the food is not right and leaving hence the reason I mainly dine in restaurants accessible on the street level.

Before this visit, I prepared myself mentally that I was going here because all vegetarian places have a different vibe, which I can’t explain.
Inside it was silent but it felt intense. I love silence but this place was a bit different, again it feels like your being watched or perhaps the regulars see a fresh face so they like to check them out.

The food is collected from the heated trays and one of the signs is quite cute, remain silent when getting your food to prevent your saliva droplets contaminating food when you talk.

I didn't get much but it was quite expensive at $45 because you pay by weight.

The food was ok, my favourite was the bittermelon in black bean sauce, it was slightly bitter with a strong black bean taste.

They also have rice, congee and soup.
The soup was the best because it had a earthy mushroom taste.

Yardley Commercial Building, New Market St., Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Phone: 2542-4788

Sparkling lychee tea and yoghurt at McDonald's

Came here for the new drink and yoghurt but I ended up getting the happy meal because the yoghurt could not be ordered a la carte.

As well as yoghurt and the new drink, they had cheesy fries and cheesy balls.

Sparkling lychee tea:

It had a nice fizz with a light tea taste but after you stir the syrup at the bottom it becomes too sweet.
Strawberry yoghurt:

The yoghurt was really disappointing because the strawberry flavour was artificial and too sweet with the use of artificial sweeteners that taste weird.

I suspect there should have been sweetcorn or fries in this meal but I was full that day to be bothered to complain.

Big bowl feast from 萬里緣盆菜專門店

Big bowl feast is eaten during festivals and this shop serves just that so it makes me wonder if they are only open during big bowl season!!

Traditional Village Poon Choi is served in large metal bowls with a perforated metal plate at the bottom to keep food from burning, as it is kept warm on a portable stove as it is being served.
Poon Choi or Big Bowl Feast, is a traditional type of dish originating from Hong Kong village Hakka cuisine.

Basically each of these big bowls cost $1200 and they contain abalone, prawns, chicken, duck, pork, squid, taro, chinese mushrooms, fishballs, beancurd skin, pork skin and chinese radish.
According to an earlier review it was only $920 but there was a free bottle of wine with it.

Tasted rubbery
The prawns were quite big and the prawn heads tasted really sweet.
Soy marinated chicken:
I picked the drumstick part so it was delicious.
Roast duck:
The duck breast was good.
Braised pork:
Too fat for my liking
The taro was cut into huge pieces, they were about 7cm x 7 cm block with 2cm thickness.
They were quite hard so the other pieces should be eaten later when it gets soft but it depends if they are still there and not taken by others!
Found oyster shell attached to one of them, luckily I had that oyster or someone would have eaten oyster shell.
Chinese mushrooms:
Tasted ok.
The fishballs were quite nice and springy and there were no grounded bones in it.
Beancurd skin:
Very chewy and not soft enough
pork skin:
did not try
Chinese radish:
The radishes were cut into big chunks so I couldn't be bothered to try it.
Overall the food was quite good

Satay Inn is back at City Garden Hotel!

A while ago, Satay Inn was closed but now they have reopened down in the basement of City garden hotel which is bigger and better.

Started off with my favourite young coconut which was sweet and refreshing.

Then we had the Bak Kut Teh which had two tender spare ribs in a delicious meaty broth infused with herbs.

We also had the satays which were a mix of chicken, pork and beef.
All were tender with a touch of sweetness paired with rich peanut sauce.

To finish off, I had my favourite Hainan style chicken which comes with their homemade sauce.
Personally I liked the green ginger sauce which was perfect with the chicken oil rice.

The chicken was tender and silky but it was too skinny!
Satay Inn:
Basement of City garden Hotel.
9 City Garden Road
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