Sunday, November 30, 2014

Purple shock from Maxim's MX

I have always thought that Maxim's MX was boring so when I walked past I was shocked and stunned to see that they had Sweet purple potato juice.
After I ordered it people began to order it because they didn't seem to notice it or they were not brave enough to risk it.
[b]Sweet purple potato juice:[/b]

The juice was quite thick with pieces of sweet potato lumps in it and the sweetness was just right with a fragrant purple sweet potato taste.
It is almost like having a Chinese sweet soup but the sweetness is not so intense.
The drink is good for breakfast because it was very filling but having a cup of it is a bit too much!!
[b]The bill:[/b] $15
[b]Yummy factor:[/b] ok
[b]Sweetness levels:[/b] just right
[b]English Menu:[/b] Yes

Great all you can eat at Daimanki

I really enjoyed the all you can eat here because it was only $197 per person and you can get your table as early as 6:30pm and dine there for two and a half hours.

The seating was comfortable and the staff were great.

At the back, there is a fridge for drinks and a refrigerator for icecream.

The food selection was good with ordering sheets in English and Chinese.
Although it was a Japanese restaurant, they had some Chinese choices as well such as spicy whelks and sweetcorn soup with bamboo piths.
I started with the sweetcorn soup while I was waiting for the others to arrive and the soup was quite impressive because it was light with a nice sweetcorn taste.

After they arrived, we submitted more order sheets and we tried the following.

The potato salad was good because it was similar to Western potato salads in a creamy mayonnaise that was not sweet.

My next favourite was the hotpot with milk soup because the soup was really nice with a savoury taste packed with sweet Chinese cabbages and tofu.

Then we tried stewed beef tendons which everyone enjoyed because it was soft and gelatinous with a lovely soy taste.
The sashimi and sushi selection was good but we felt that the truffle series were exceptional so we ordered them again.

The oil fish sashimi was my favourite because it tasted similar tuna and each slice of sashimi was thickly sliced.
The whelk slices were also good too.

For hot dishes, we had the skewers and tempura which were done nicely.

For dessert I had creamy milk pudding which was delicious so I am definitely coming back!

Some slight improvements needed at Public

Went back again for the curry and the food has slightly improved because they did not serve it with that nasty pearl rice but normal rice.
It was not Indian rice but the texture was certainly better than pearl rice.
As for the fish, it was very mushy and coated in too much flour.
For desserts I had the apple tart which was nice and tart but couldn't taste any almonds or visibly see any because it was labelled as an apple and almond tart.

Anyway, it was a nuisance because the tart was served in a paper bag which made it difficult to eat and the tart got deformed.

Food at your convenience

Stopped by because they had my favourite tossed instant noodles in Sichuan spices which is rare because not places will serve it with instant noodles.
To be precise, it was Indomie noodles which are coarse and not that springy.
The noodles were as good as I expected but they also put the Indomie seasoning which made it too sweet. There was alot of grounded meat and preserved vegetables in it as well.

方便里 Address:
Shop A141, Well on Gardens.

Dessert time at Ice Pop

Went here again because my friends wanted to try the icecream with the syringe which I tried earlier.

There were two more different flavours this time so tried it as well.

The lemon cake which I was hoping to try was sold out so tried the yuzu cheesecake and the tropical cheesecake.

[b]Yuzu cheesecake:[/b] and the [b]Tropical cheesecake:[/b]

Both were dense and creamy, but I preferred the tropical because it had a stronger taste.
[b]Apple crumble:[/b]

It was just as nice as before and the taste of the icecream was milky which went well with the delicious apple pieces.
There was a strong ginger and cinnamon taste but it was quite sweet.

Japanese ricemania

As well as lunch, the dinner here is good.
My favourites were the rice dishes.

Sweet n sour miyazaki chicken tartar sauce
Started off with the chicken which was the usual chicken coated in batter served with tartar sauce.
The coating was a bit too soggy though.
Mizayazaki beef sashimi
The beef was delicately sliced and paired nicely with the grated ginger.
Tofu and avocado salad with homemade soy dressing
The salad was really good because of the dressing, the dressing was not a sauce but consisted of crispy fried ingredients which made the tofu and avocado tasty.
Steamed rice with zuwai crab in mini pot

This was my favourite because the rice absorbed all the sweetness from the crab and the grains of rice were soft but not clumpy.
Prawn tempura and cream cheese roll with bonito flakes
The rolls were nice because of the cream cheese.
Crispy potato salad with roasted sesame dressing
This was another good salad because the crispy potato pieces were really tasty.
Hakata cod roe fried rice
Last but not least, this was my favourite because the rice was soft and fried just right that each grain was coated with so much roe.
Drunken kuruma prawn
The prawn cooked in various of ways before it was served and they have cooked the little legs of the prawn and made them crispy to eat which will definitely go well with beer.
Finished the meal with Dumpling and red bean wafer and green tea icecream on wafer dish.
J Plus Hotel by YOO
Edo Japanese Restaurant
1F, 1-5 Irving Street
Causeway Bay
Tel: 2643 3033

EDO Japanese Restaurant from Macau

Tried the Lunch and Seasonal specials at EDO Japanese Restaurant.

For lunch had the whole grained soba salad from Yamagata in salad style and weekend oyster lemon hotpot.
whole grained soba salad from Yamagata in salad style
The soba was jazzed up with the julienne Chinese radish and carrots which gave it extra crunch, after adding the sesame sauce, the noodles were nice and tasty.
oyster lemon hotpot:

This was delicious, there was oysters in a simmering pot with lemons slices which made the oysters very appetizing.

From the seasonal menu, tried the following:

Seko crab
Thin sliced horse head fish
Suppon turtle in tofu soup
Lobster with truffle sauce
Seko crab:

This was a beautifully presented box with crab and roe in it.
Thin sliced horse head fish:
I thought that this dish was creative because it was thinly sliced fish with the sauce made from the liver of that fish which was rich and creamy.
Suppon turtle in tofu soup:
As I am not an expert on Japanese food I thought that this was Chinese because it had turtle in it, but after looking it up, it turns out they really do have turtle soup.
It was interesting because I have never tried Turtle before and my first time trying it was in a Japanese restaurant.
The soup had a strong herbal taste because this soup is supposed to warm people up in the winter.
Lobster with truffle sauce:
The lobster was mixed in creamy truffle sauce and the texture of the lobster was springy.
The dessert ended with creamy Hokkaido milk pudding and the best Warabi cake I have ever tried because it was really soft coated in delicious bean powder.
J Plus Hotel by YOO
Edo Japanese Restaurant
1F, 1-5 Irving Street
Causeway Bay
Tel: 2643 3033
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