Friday, November 30, 2012

Hazelnut chocolates pretty in pink @ Lucullus

The lid was pearly pink and the bottom of the box was silver.
I just couldnt wait to devour them and winter is the best time for chocolates in Hong Kong because they are not melted.

The chocolate on the left was milk chocolate, and the chocolate on the right was dark chocolate made up of four chocolate spheres co-joined together to form a square. Usually I start off with the bitter chocolates first but this time I started with the milk chocolate one first because I wanted to taste the full bitterness of the dark chocolate after.
Crispy hazelnut milk chocolate:
The chocolate was made up of crispy toasted rice pieces and hazelnut pieces held together by milk chocolate.
I really liked it because the hazelnut had hazelnut taste because some hazelnuts these days can taste stale and tasteless yet these hazelnuts still had that crunch too.
Dark chocolate covered whole hazelnuts:
This one was even more likeable, it was made up of four chocolate covered hazelnuts joined together to form a square with white chocolate in the middle.
This one was much simpler compared to the first chocolate that every taste was distinct.
The whole hazelnuts and the taste of dark chocolate formed a nice bitter and nutty taste to complete my chocolate hazelnut experience!

Scrumptious dutch baby - sweet yorkshire pudding

Before I tried this I did not know what these Dutch oven pancakes were.
I was compelled to try them because the product shot looked interesting in the skillet and it was different to a British and American pancake.

The pancakes are only served from 11am to 6pm.

When I arrived I did not know that but since it was the only item I came for I asked if it was still available so she said until 6, but since I did not what the current time was I asked her the time and it would have been good if she just told me simply if it was still available or not.

Sat down and quickly ordered the Dutch oven pancake.
If there was no Japanese on the menu I would not know that this was a Western inspired Japanese restaurant!

I will be back for this Dutch baby and the taco rice.
The decor at this restaurant did not look that Japanese but the chairs reminded me of the Mini Designer chairs collection from Japanese.
I expected this place to be decorated with retro phones or wires but it just looked normal.

While I was there, I was surprised to see a cute little bird hopping about on the floor but my camera was not quick enough to snap it ><

I also wanted to try the currywurst but it did not look German, nor does the other currywursts served in Hong Kong.

Although I have not been to Germany, but the currywursts taught in German GCSEs did not look like that.
They were sliced sausages in paper boxes topped with ketchups, curry ketchups and other sauces.

Dutch baby pancake:
When it came it was quite big as expected, and on the menu there were three choices: one with syrup, one with berries and the other one with cream cheese.
As I have not tried this before I got the most basic one because I was more interested in the pancake.
The texture of the pancake was soft in the middle and crispy on the surface and bottom.
It reminded me of a sweet version of Yorkshire pudding so it tastes nothing like an American or English or French pancake.
I loved this pancake so much, it was soft and fragrant. It so soft and crispy just like a yorkshire and I could not get enough of it.
Although it looks really greasy on the photo it was not.
However just a tiny bit stuck to the pan.
After googling it, it turns out they are served for breakfast and they are similar to Yorkshire puddings.

Although it sounds Dutch, it is actually American and it is more commonly known as a dutch baby pancake or a German pancake, a Bismarck, or a Dutch puff.
They were introduced in the first half of the 1900s, anyway this is the first place in HK I have tried it but there may be other places that have it too that I have not discovered.
The earlier versions of the Dutch baby were three mini ones.

It is made with eggs, flour, sugar, milk and baked in a metal pan and falls when it is taken from the oven.

I wish they had the Baby apple which has apple slices embedded in it served in America.
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