Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Reminiscence dishes of the past

Everywhere in the world, everything is changing and evolving which is the same for the food industry and meal habits.
Old recipes are being used less.

At Jade Garden, they have come up with a selection of dishes so that you can reminiscence the past.
Also available at Maxim's Chinese restaurants (not to be confused with MX) until the end of September.

In the day you will find a selection of dimsums and there are different dishes for the night.

Steamed white sheet dumplings stuffed with pork, mushroom and bamboo shoots:
The dumpling skin is made with grounded white rice filled with goodies.

Steamed layered tofu sheets with pork and mushrooms:
I was surprised to see this because it looked like a Chinese lasagna with layers and layers of tofu skin with pork and mushrooms in the middle.

Steamed minced pork topped with chicken and pigs tripe:

Steamed big bun stuffed with chicken, pork:
This was a giant steamed bun filled with chicken and pork, supposedly ordered to fill up the stomach!

Steamed dumpling stuffed with scallop, mushroom, pork and shredded conpoy:
This is another classic dumpling filled with soup and the dumpling skin was firm and strong which held it together nicely.

In the evenings, here are the dishes that you can order.

Double boiled pigeon stuffed with birds nest in supreme broth:

A pigeon stuffed with birdsnest with its bone skillfully removed.

Sauteed sliced squid and dried squid with Chinese kale:

Roast pork stuffed with salted egg yolk and preserved sausage:
This is similar to the chicken with a pieces of liver and lard but the roll has salted egg yolk preserved sausage.

Deep fried toasts topped with shrimp:
Each piece has a whole shrimp on it.

Roasted chicken in two ways:
The whole chicken arrives intact and the skin and meat is sliced off and put on top of the rice crackers and the rest is used for stir fried minced chicken.

-crispy rice crackers topped with chicken skin, goose liver and cucumber.

-Stir fried minced chicken with lettuce and preserved vegetables.

The smoked sliced butterfish with fruit salad looked like tandoori but it had a smoky taste.

Braised hairy gourd with minced pork, conpoy and dried shrimp in casserole:
A light and healthy dish that is good for the eldery.

Baked fish intestines with pork, tangerine peel and doughsticks:
This was my favourite because it was bitter but not pungent but there may be a few bones in it.

Steamed fish head with pickled ginger and gooseberry sauce:
I was expecting this to be sour but it was quite sweet.

Dessert was a surprise because I really liked the white sugar pudding.
It was a chewy white pudding in the middle that was not too sweet contrasted by the crispy surface.

Steamed egg custard with ginger, topped with souffle:
The egg custard has been made fancy and it reminded me of a lemon meringue.
Jade Garden, Phase three, City Plaza,
Tel: 3692 4499

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