Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A taste of Brooklyn

When you get off the escalators and walk along Staunton Street, you simply can't miss this brightly decorated joint on the corner.

You will find lots of people taking selfies there because it looks really good.

Brooklyn Bar & Grill serves American comfort food but also serves other dishes to accommodate the city.

Sadly I missed lunch because they have pulled pork pie which I will come back for another day.

I had mussels which were just as good!

The sauce looked really creamy but it was not and there were so much chopped vegetables in the white wine garlic sauce which went deliciously with the toasted bread that had cheese on it.

As well as the mussels I really liked the sauce because strangely I could taste cheese and it was so good, I requested for more bread but without the cheese this time to properly soak up the sauce as there was so much of it that I was tempted to drink it like soup.
Finished off with my favourite tea, I was really surprised they had it as most bars don't have tea and they had quite a few teas to choose from.

Coming back for the pie soon!

Brooklyn Bar and Grill
29 Staunton Street, Soho
Hong Kong
Tel: 2801 6280

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