Friday, November 25, 2016

Century Celebration in Sai Kung 百年盛事在西貢

Sai Kung recently celebrated its 100th anniversary of the Tinhau and Guandi temple.

This took place from the 17th-22nd November with the Chinese opera kicking off and booths selling local creative and traditional snacks and products on Yi Chun Street.

I was really lucky to tag along and watch the parade on land and at sea followed by the banquet.

Sunday the 21st was the main event with a parade that saw the Tin Hau and Kwan Tai statues being carried along the streets of Sai Kung followed by the parade carried out at sea.

Approximately 50 viewing boats sailed alongside vying for the best view.

After the parade, a Poon choi banquet was held for guests with over 500 tables which took up the whole Sai Kung square and part of the road adjacent to the market and theatre.

建廟百年 在 西貢 西貢慶典
 天后 關帝 古廟 建廟百週年慶典 廟會 廟會2016 市集 街頭小食 百年盛事在西貢

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