Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Sunset dinner at Hutong

Hutong is part of the Aqua Restaurant group in Hong Kong.
If you book the Aqua Luna boat ride package you can dine at any of their restaurants after the boat trip.

Aqua Luna experience:

I think dinner at Hutong is the best after experiencing Aqua Luna because it can't get more Chinese than this!!
The decor, music and everything is just amazing that tourists and expats will love this place.
Every aspect of from the ceiling to the menu was totally oriental.
I know it sounds silly mentioning the washroom but that was worth checking out too.

If you don't go on the boat tour, the Sunset dinner from 6-8pm costs $498 per person.

This is what we had.

Bamboo clams steeped in Chinese rose wine and chili sauce paired with asparagus:
A great way to begin dinner with appetizing clams and nutty asparagus coated in sesame.

Northern garden braised fish fillet in Sweet and Sour sauce:
This was the highlight of dinner because I love fish.
It was totally boneless and it was a whole fish with skin and tail attached.
The fish was soft and silky coated in a sweet and sour sauce that was flawless.
I devoured it all except the tail.
Crispy boneless lamb ribs with Chinese pancakes:
This was crispy chunks of lamb that was soft and tender.
Stir fried string beans with minced pork:
I loved the beans, they were spicy with a fragrant cumin kick to it.
Hutong Dan Dan noodles:
The noodles came in this cute ceramic little pot, the broth was quite spicy and thick with a rich peanut taste.

Ginger creme brulee:
I am not a fan of creme brulee but the ginger makes it more palatable and tones down the sweetness and creaminess.

The mandarin was a crispy mochi ball on top of ovaltine and sugar sand filled with delicious egg custard.
My friend got me a lovely Chinese jar of Chili sauce which is so Hutong style!
It makes a great souvenir and gift!

28/F, One Peking, One Peking Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

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