Friday, July 29, 2016

The scallop roll is now my favourite

Haven't been to Lobster Central for a while now but found out from 東網生活 that there are two new rolls and a salad.
Lobster salad with yuzu dressing:
Scallop roll:
Pulled beef short rib roll:
A while ago I was going to bring a friend here for their birthday but as this place just opened they didn't open on that Sunday so now that friend was here on this visit.

We started on the crab cakes which were loaded with silky crabmeat in the middle.
They tasted nice without the mayonnaise.
We also had truffle fries which were sprinkled with truffle oil and truffle salt.
The truffle aroma was strong, but if it is not strong enough, there is a side of truffle mayo as well.
Now to my new favourite!
The scallop roll.
I am not keen on scallop but the scallop here is a MUST EAT!
As well as the scallop, it also came with coral (roe) and the colour of that coral was vibrant orange making it look damn delicious.
Not only did it look good, it was divine! I loved it because the scallops were lightly seared so it had that semi cooked sashimi texture and the roe was soft too in this butter sauce that was not too overwhelming.
My friend liked the Pulled beef short rib roll.
It tasted like pulled pork in a sweet smokey sauce.
The crab roll was just as good as the first time I had it.
It was pure delicious crab meat in the soft crispy roll and I was so happy eating it because how often do you get so much crab meat that is off the shell and without the trouble of deshelling it.We finished off with some refreshing drinks.

Lobster Central:
50 Stanley Street,
Hong Kong

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