Sunday, November 26, 2017

[Kee Wah Tea Room] Kee Wah's first dine in Tea Room

Kee Wah is a traditional family operated company with modern management that strives to preserve the long tradition of Chinese pastries.
All year round, Kee Wah Bakery is renowned for its bakeries and festive products.
Their products make good souvenirs and comfort treats for overseas Chinese or anyone who wants to try traditional Chinese pastries.

Kee Wah Bakery has unveiled the "Kee Wah Tea Room”, where people and tourists can enjoy local dishes.
The tea room along with the Kee Wah studio is located on 188 Queen's road in a building built in the 1930s which is recognized as a Grade III historic building by the Antiquities and Monuments Office in Hong Kong.
On the ground floor is the bakery shop.

It was a very memorable experience because Kee Wah Bakery was just a bakery to me but now you can dine there and also attend lessons where the tradition is passed on.

The longjing with apple, ginger and honey was fantastic because it was tea to the next level.
It is tea infused with apple and ginger and you can see how much tea leaves are in the middle.

For food, there was the classic Prawn toasts which had a whole prawn and this deliciously soft bun with BBQ roast pork and onions.

On the filling side, there was a local classic baked rice with pork chop dish and Hainan chicken which is very popular and includes soup and rice.

Finished off with French toast and waffles.

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Photos of the menu:

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