Sunday, February 18, 2018

[Little Birdy] Aussie chicks alert!!

My friend told me about this place so I had to go and check it out because I love chicken.

It is slightly different to Roast chicken and potatoes but they had my favourite chips with chicken salt!
They use free range chicken that are hormone free according to their website.

Since this place specializes in chicken, I had to have chicken with chips but they have the Birdy pack which also includes a salad and chips so I got the pack.
For salads, there were so many choices!
The chicken was roasted perfectly and fuss free while the chips were so good with that chicken salt sprinkled on it.

I purposely paired it with the detox salad which is cabbage and carrots.

My friend had the DG's chicken and waffle with additional small Romaine salad.
Small romaine salad:

Finished with the Iced Tea and Lemonade with Cayenne Pepper.

The lemonade was spicier than I imagined.

Plastic straws are not used here which is quite good.
It is good to see another Aussie joint in Hong Kong!

[Little Birdy]

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