Sunday, May 13, 2018

In love with Malaysian Mimi noodles at [Mimila]

There is an abundance of Singaporean food in HK but not many options for Malaysian food.
Discovered this place as I was in Shatin.
What led me here was the escalator that is a travelator to begin with before it ascends into an escalator.

As I was curious, I took them and it led me right into Mimila as it is the first shop that greets you when you get off the escalator.

I loved the baby blue theme and modern bar table by the kitchen.

Mimila is a Modern Malay noodle joint according to the menu and the desserts were captivating as well as the noodles.

Before indulging on the desserts, I had to get a noodle which is the star of Mimila. There are two types, soup or tossed noodles. For May, they are doing Laksa Chicken Rice which looked tempting on the menu as the rice and laksa are separated so the rice doesn't get soggy

I had the tossed noodles with prawn roe dry mimi noodles.

As well as prawn you can choose Spanish white pork slices or White Pepper Ribs for a more Malaysian twist to it.

I was really pleased because I love thin noodles and they serve prawn roe noodles which give it an even more prawny taste. I forgot to take a picture of the hot soy sauce but a few drops to the noodles made them wonderful as the chili in it gave the noodles a lovely spicy flare.

For drinks, I had the Barley Lemon water which was comforting and not too sweet.

Now to the desserts which were equally as good as the noodles. I absolutely love fragrant pandan chiffon cakes and here they serve it with whipped cream and desiccated coconut which makes it taste even fantastic.

The durian Swiss roll was sold out so had the durian cheesecake which was also good.

Definitely coming back again for the other noodles.

Shop 704, 7/F, New Town Plaza Phase 1, 18 Sha Tin Centre Street, Sha Tin
Tel: 24789398

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