Friday, September 28, 2018

Cute joint with affordable Modern dishes at [Sun's Bazaar 茶米]

Discovered Sun's Bazaar as there was a long queue for tea.

It turns out that drinks were half priced so I queued to get one.
The fact that it was half priced meant that I could experiment with different things like adding the milk cap and two different pearls and it didn't cost a bomb. The total was only $22!!!!

I am not a fan of pearls but the taro and Sichuan are unique.
The Sichuan ones really do contain pieces of Sichuan pepper that give the pearls a slight crunch as well spiciness and the taro pearls taste like the dessert mochi balls.

Returned a few days later to try the food as there were so many interesting dishes.

I assumed this was a Taiwanese joint as there was quite an emphasis on the KIKI brand. However on the menu, you will find Hainan Chicken, Rice rolls and even congee.
The decor was young and cute.

Here was what we had: The ricerolls are different as they are served scrunched up because they are made by pushing the sheet to one side.
I liked the one topped with oyster and there was one that came in beef soup that is interesting to try.

On the Hong Kong dish side, they had the popular crispy chow mein topped with vegetables in gravy.

I was surprised the congee was Cantonese style as I thought it was going to Taiwanese. But anyway, it was comforting with chunks of chicken in it.

Next was the Sichuan Dan Dan noodles that star KIKI Noodles.
[A pack of KiKi noodles]

[Sichuan Dan Dan noodles]

The meat sauce and broth had a good spicy kick to it. Moving on to a slight Modern Chinese claypot rice, it was Spanish Chorizo and spare ribs rice served kamameshi style. Chorizo and rice were delicious together.

Last but not least was the Hainan Chicken, a secret recipe from Old Bazaar Kitchen which is why this restaurant is called Sun's Bazaar!!

[Sun's Bazaar 茶米]
Shop 112, 1/F, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty
Tel: 21175903

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