Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Shabu shabu at Kentucky Fried Chicken!!!

KFC serves chicken obviously but at Hong Kong's KFC they have three exclusive dishes that are totally different from the rest of the world!

They have curry with rice, beef rice and shabu shabu. I haven't been to Japan but they could possibly serve it as well because it is Japanese inspired.

Curry with rice:

Beef Rice:

Shabu shabu:

That day, I went there specifically to try the shabu shabu and beef rice.
To my utter surprise I was stopped for taking photos which rarely happens in my blogging experience, not once was I even stopped in UK.

The shabu shabu comes with rice but I upgraded it to DOLLS instant noodles.

There is extra broth if you need it.

The ingredients were fresh and the burner kept burning until we finished.

As for the beef rice, it comes in a nice paper box with the beef separated in a plastic tray.

The beef was in this sweet onion gravy which tasted like oyster sauce.
Compared to Yoshinoya (a chain in Hong Kong that specializes in beef bowls), the beef was not as beefy but the presentation was neater.

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