Friday, December 09, 2016

#OMG the Hashtag era

A while ago # was known as the HASH key on the phone when calls involved pressing numbers followed by the # key.
Nowadays all that has changed and we Hashtag everywhere to get our news and messages across effectively.

I discovered this new modern and chic restaurant #OMG because it was right next to Hong Kong Day.
The decor, tables and chairs in a contrasting white and magenta made it fun to dine there so I went in.

Looking at the menu, all the dishes were affordable with a good range from pastas, burgers, udon, Japanese dishes to All day breakfasts.

The drinks were equally impressive, especially the hot chocolate with candyfloss and some drinks are only half price when you order the main dishes.

Here was what we ordered: Steamed green tea with lemon, Taste of Aomori, Peach Crush, La La Land, Fettuccine with cheese and meatballs in Italian style tomato sauce and All day breakfast.

Started off with the cold drinks and all of them were refreshing but it really depends on what your preference is.
My favourite was the La La Land because I like the combination of orange and passionfruit but if you like strawberries and apple then go for the Taste of Aomori.

Peach Crush:

La La Land:

Taste of Aomori:

Peach Crush is recommended for people who like it sweet without the acidic fruits like citrus and berries.
My friend had the flu that day, so he had the lemon tea with a modern twist because it was lemon with roasted green tea leaves.

It was really hard choosing the mains because the All day breakfast and omurice looked good but in the end I got the breakfast.

For $58, the All day breakfast was really good, you get waffle with jam, egg, sausage, chips, tomato ketchup, baked beans, bacon and mushrooms.
A nice combination of sweet and savoury items on one plate.
The egg was done beautifully complimented nicely by the rest of the items.

The Fettuccine with cheese and meatballs in Italian style tomato sauce came with generous tasty meatballs covered in rich tomato sauce.
I liked the way it was paired with fettuccine because spaghetti can get a bit boring sometimes but saying that I was tempted to order the spaghetti bolognese.

Quite a feast at this place and OMG it didn't break the bank!!

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