Friday, February 10, 2017

[Coffeeholic] Great food as well as Coffee

Recently discovered that this joint served enticing food so decided to try it out.

The decor inside is nice with a touch of French and English, while there are some French/Italian inspired dishes on the menu.

As the ground floor was full, we were seated upstairs.

Ordered the Italian braised beef, All day breakfast, Japanese matcha latte and Pink Himalayan sea salted caramel latte.
Despite the joint was busy, the food came extremely fast!!
All day breakfast:

I was looking forward to this and it was definitely good so I ate everything.

Rarely do I order breakfasts in HK because restaurants just put crap together like fake sausages and other weird stuff but everything on this plate was delicious.There was a hot spring egg, green salad, Pain de Mie, potato truffle salad, tornado wedges and avocado salad. I love potatoes so it was great there was potato salad as well as wedges.
The wedges were fried perfectly so they were not wasted and I even put some egg yolk and avocado on it to make it evilicious.

The potato salad was divine, they were not too soft and starchy with a potato taste as well as truffle.
I loved the way the salad was jazzed up with tasty sundried tomatoes and yummy macadamia nuts.

Italian braised beef:

A nice dish of braised beef in tomato sauce, again paired with these delicious tornado wedges and healthy avocado salad.
Japanese matcha latte:

The matcha latte is served with a side of Okinawa black sugar but it tasted good without so I didn't need it.
It had a pleasant taste without being too grassy or bitter and the sakura flower spoon is so pretty.
Pink Himalayan sea salted caramel latte:

Beautifully presented and the foamed cap was lovely with a decent saltiness to compliment the latte.
Finished with warm brownies.
Both were good especially the chocolate.
Warm matcha brownie:

Warm chocolate brownie:


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