Thursday, February 16, 2017

Hamataki in Tin Hau

A while ago I dined at Hamataki at Kowloon City so I immediately recognised the other branch in Tin Hau because of the sign surrounded by lightbulbs.

As it was lunch time, there was a good ramen deal with salad and a drink included.

Ordered a ramen lunch set and the grilled fish again because I remembered it was delicious at the Kowloon City branch.

Black garlic ramen:

When it arrived, the broth was bubbling because there is a pebble in the broth to keep the ramen hot while you're eating it.

The broth was thin but had a really strong garlic flavour that was quite bitter and the slice of pork was soft and fresh.
The salad that comes with it.
My favourite grilled mackerel was moist and silky with a lovely salted taste.
It was so good that I ordered a rice to go with it.

We also had this avocado and cream cheese which went nicely with the crackers.
The silky tofu was a healthy fix as well.
A great joint with nice decor:

23 Electric Road, Tin Hau

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