Saturday, July 01, 2017

[Oriental House Arabic Halal Cuisine] Consistently good Arabic food

This restaurant has been here for years serving the best Arabic Halal food in Hong Kong.
I used to eat at Sham Fast Food which was owned by them before this restaurant popped up in 2004.

Went here for dinner because I haven't been here for years and nothing has changed except for the improved decor which gives it a stronger Middle Eastern appearance like Simurgh in London.
That guy who served me a few years ago was still there.

Dinner portions are quite big.

Started with lentil soup which was starchy and creamy with a hint of cumin.

Next was the silkiest hummous which I just wolfed down.
It is too good to be shared.

Also had the mutabal and babbaganoush. The babbaganoush tasted sweet and sour while the mutabal was more savoury, both delicious with their fluffy pita bread.

For mains had the Shawerma which was tasty chicken, lamb and beef.
All were nicely spiced.

The mixed kebab paired with Arabic salad was grilled minced meat drizzled with tahini, again with cumin paired with refreshing salad and tasty Arabic rice.

Finished with the Halawat Al Gibn which tasted like a chewy glutinous rice cheesecake that was not too sweet.

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