Friday, July 07, 2017

[Mr. Greek] Given a second chance

At the beginning of this year, I was bored so went to MK and discovered Mr.Greek so decided to go the next day but shockingly when I got there it was closed down.
Anyway, it was odd that they were located in MK because there are not much expats around there.

Mr Greek is from Canada and they serve Greek food as well as POUTINE.
Again, I discovered this shop by luck because I was trying restaurants nearby.

There were not many people as they have only been open for two weeks.
Started with spanakopita which was flaky filled with spinach and cheese.
It was flaky and stuffed with lots of spinach, a great appetizer if you like light snacks.

Also had the moussaka which was piping hot loaded with minced lamb and layers of potatoes and aubergines.
Tasted similar to British shepherds pie but the lamb was very strong.
The poutine which I was really looking forward to was disappointing because there was not enough gravy and it was lumpy.
Hopefully they will improve on the gravy and serving it in a bowl might be better.

[Mr. Greek]
45-53 Garley Building,
Graham Street,

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