Friday, July 07, 2017

[The Night Market] Taiwanese fare in Central

When this restaurant opened a few years ago everyone was raving about it. Finally tried it and the dishes were up to my expectations.
I chose the Central branch because quality is often better and it has more positive reviews than the branch in Tai Koo.
Started with the noodles in sesame soup with chicken.
The sesame flavour was strong and not sickly.

I liked the fried oysters because most Taiwanese joints serve greasy oyster pancakes so the individual fried oysters were much nicer complimented by the chili sauce but unfortunately they were a bit too salty.

The tea was good with a huge block of herbal jelly but it tasted like HK style milk tea.

Finished with the soup which was light and clear.

My friend had the minced meat with gravy which she said was too sweet.

The Night Market:
11 Stanley Street,
6th Floor,

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