Friday, July 07, 2017

New shipping container style market at Kai Yip Estate

In London, there are Boxparks, where a bunch of shipping containers are made into shops and eateries.
Recently Kai Yip Estate market had a makeover where it was given an Industrial theme with a shipping container outlook so I decided to check it out.
The outside display window had realistic chops and meat hanging.

The location is not exactly convenient because it is a bit of a walk from choi hung MTR station or you can get a bus to Kai Yip Estate Terminal.

As well as checking it out, I was clearly there for food.
There were various stalls from dimsum, fried stuff, noodles etc but 食好啲 clearly was unique because they had these strange looking ricerolls, silver pin noodles which were filled and these items on the menu which I have not seen anywhere else.

It turns out to be Kaiping cuisine after asking the guy there.

I ordered the rolls and a rice, it was difficult deciding between the salted fish rice or dried dace fish but he recommended the salted fish because they salt and sun dry it themselves.
On the counter, there some mouth watering condiments like red and green chili sauce made by them as well.

The rolls were slightly sweet with a strong soybean taste filled with bits of minced meat in the middle but not too much and the chili sauce complimented it nicely.

The not so photogenic salted fish and pork belly rice was amazing because the salted dried fish texture was like fresh fish but slightly firmer like bacalhau, and there were no bones.
It was steamed with pork belly and ginger which releases some oils and goes perfectly with the rice.
Video of 食好啲:

After having some satisfying food, visited the market which was clean with dry floors.
Huge dried fish:


Video of the market:

Kai Yip Estate, 18 Kai Yip Road, Kowloon Bay
Opening Hours: 
(Market) 8:00-20:00; 
(Food Terminal) 8:00-22:00

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