Saturday, July 01, 2017

[Rustico] “Taste of Moments” Menu HK$880 available from 12 – 14th July

Rustico, helmed by chef Carlos Salvador Asensio is celebrating its 3rd Anniversary with a range of world class dining experiences.
“Taste of Moments” Menu HK$880 available from 12 – 14th July are highlights from Barcelona.

Here was what we had:

Gilt ceviche and tiger's milk, a refreshing start.
Coca “Vendimia” which was Whole Wheat Bread Topped with Garlic, Parmesan and Pine Nut Gelatine, and Dried Fruits', quite complex is taste when you burst the bubble in your mouth.

The Dried Fruits' seed Sticks with Japanese Miso was a fun teaser.

The “Ajo Blanco” Garlic-Hazelnut white Soup, Smoked Eel, figs was unique because you can really taste hazelnuts but there was a cheesy twist in taste.
The Manzanilla wine marinated raw Tiger Prawn served with Cherrie gelatine, mustard and Black Olive paste was too beautiful to eat.

I am personally not fond of sea cucumber because in Hong Kong, it is not the way how I like it but the Spanish sea Cucumber was fantastic because it was served on Potato puree with fresh Zucchini, Parsley-Pesto which tastes so much better.

The French Seabass, fresh lettuce, raisins and cashew nuts, Mango and Japanese curry Sauce was lovely with the touch of curry in the gravy.

For mains, I had the Stewed beef cheek served with red fruit and Daikon ravioli which was soft and gelatinous while the Daikon ravioli balanced the heaviness of the beef.
Dessert was Lemon cream topped with Curry foam and lemon sherbet, crispy coconut and crumble.

D2 Place
Lai Chi Kok

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