Sunday, July 01, 2018

Omakase at HON10

Since my last visit to Hon 10, they are now serving Omakase which is good when you can't decide what to eat. There are two choices, but sadly only in Chinese at the moment. But then what you get is different each time so it doesn't matter if the menu is in Chinese or English because there will always be some appetizer, sashimi, soup, cooked item and sushi.

As I was there early, I got my favourite drink which is made with berry jam puree and carbonated water. It was refreshing and bubbly.

The omakase was a great start because the first appetizer was light and delicious. It was my favourite soybean sheets in delicious soymilk!!! The white sweetcorn was just angelic and sweet.

Next was the sashimi, I loved the maguro and the side of plum jelly which was really appetizing.

Next were the Alaskan crab legs which were juicy topped with generous amounts of truffle.

As a fish lover, the fried fish was good, the texture was flaky.

Next was the star of the show! Juicy cubes of wagyu beef. Each bite was soft and tender.

It was tasty on its own without the yuzu pepper but adding it made it taste even nicer with fiery salty kick to it. The finale was sushi which was a great ending leaving me almost full but with room for dessert.

Dessert finished with this smooth and silky beancurd pudding topped with grounded black sesame!

Overall, it was good from beginning to end and the best thing when you can't be bothered to decide.

Shop 123, 1/F, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway Road, Admiralty
Tel: 29181133

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