Friday, November 30, 2012

Fish and chips under the lovely brit weather

Finally there is a cheap chippie in Hong Kong!

When I got there it just looked like a chippie in the UK, the typical blue and white decoration and even their logo was so chippie style!
It is the same as those Chinese owned chippies in the UK.
They even had pictures of my favourite marmite spread!
If this chip shop was located in one of those shops facing the sea at Kennedy town then it would be even more perfect!
Anyway the location is good enough in Sai Kung and close to the mini bus station.
Camden Town has some serious competition, I am sure expats will know which one to pick.
The best thing was, they had the short chippie forks!
On miserable rainy days just like UK, you get a $2 discount!
Just like the chippies do in UK, the chips are served on paper, but the paper here is folded into a boat and placed on their red post box shaped bowls if you dine in, however there are only two seats.
I practically wanted every item on the menu, but I wished they had deep fried apple, saveloy, black pudding and more.
They have butty on the menu which is comforting to see!

Anyway they also had curry sauce which was great, a standard item in a chippie!
Now that I have found my chippie I am still looking for a real kebab shop!

I ordered a small portion of chips, curry sauce and sausage sandwich to take away.
The curry sauce was in a separate cup and the chips were separate which was good.

When I was carrying the bag, I could already smell the vinegar and the chips.

The lovely chips had salt and vinegar spinkled on and were wrapped up in paper.
I loved the way the chips had absorbed the vinegar and salt during the journey.
The chips were really good, they were soft with the greased smooth texture.
Don't bother coming if you are expecting crispy chips because English chips are not meant to be that crunchy, go to Camden Town.
So hopefully the chips remain like this and don't become Hongkonised!
curry sauce and chips:
On my first taste of the curry taste it was really bland, but dipping the chips in the curry sauce, the curry flavour seemed to come out.
The chips were lovely and wholesome and were very potatoey because they were lovely and soft!
The chips with or without curry sauce was really delicious and I was so carried away eating them I forgot to take a picture of the cross section of the chips!
sausage sandwich:
The sausage sandwich was delicious, although it was not the typical pub sausage it still tasted nice, and the cheese was nice.
I was glad it was not a frankfurter pretending to be a sausage!
I even had some curry sauce left and had it with the sandwich.
After having all that I was satisfied but still hungry!!!
If I had dined in I would have ordered a cup of tea as well!
Anyway I will be back for more!
I can foresee their opening hours extending to 8.30pm.
Shop info: Chip In Fish & Chips
Shop 11, G/F, Ko Shing House, 9 King Man Street, Sai Kung

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