Tuesday, December 20, 2016

J.Co Donuts & Coffee from Indonesia

I am so glad that this donut shop J.Co Donuts & Coffee from Indonesia has landed in HK.

There must be so many other good eateries in Southern Asia that haven't made it to boring Hong Kong yet.

Anyway, they have two types of donuts, the ring donuts and the filled donuts, all with creative names and they are reasonably priced at HKD15 each or HKD88 for a half a dozen.

There were two filled donuts I had to try because one had Kaya and the other was avocado.
The filled ones are lovely but the cream inside is that nasty synthetic cream.

Here were the donuts that I had:

Avocado Dicaprio:
I couldn't taste the avocado but this is a good one to try because it is not so sweet and there is a slight savoury taste to it.
Sugar ice:
It was difficult choosing this one and the glazed one because I wanted to try a basic donut.
This one was quite soft and gently dusted with icing sugar (powdered sugar).
Forest Glam:
I love cherries so I had to pick this one but I wish there were more cherries to give it a more blackforest cake appearance. 
White Desert:
I was looking forward to this because it was covered in shredded coconut and filled with my favourite Kaya but the synthetic cream in the middle ruined it.
As with all sweet treats, I love to enjoy them with a cup of Earl Grey!

I think the sweetness of the donuts are just right because I was able to eat four donuts in one go whereas Krispy Kreme I can only manage half a donut.
It was hilarious when the staff dropped the last box of baby donuts on the floor!

I wonder if this donut joint will cause crazy queues like Krispy Kreme did and whether Michele Reis (leegayan) will come here for a donut or its fate will end up like Krispy Kreme did in HK.


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